Pics: Holiday Weekend in NV & UT

Odometer (ILX):  80,786



Back to the grind!  Here’s just a quick slideshow recap today from a fun-filled 3-day holiday weekend.  First off, a drive on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday afternoon.


The city was bustling with holiday traffic.


I met up with my (Legend-owning) friend Jessie for a bite to eat at Smashburger.


And got a quick picture at my favorite casino:  Excalibur.


Once I arrived in my hometown of St. George, Utah, I took my brother’s BMW M3 turbo for a spin.


Power to the max.


Lots of custom work here.  And it pays off:  The car has been dyn0-tested at > 500 wheel horsepower.


I also drove another German 6-speed that day:  My friend Buck’s 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor.


This car replaces his outgoing Acura RSX.


Family BBQ at the park.  Left to right:  Bentley (brother), Kyann (sis-in-law), me, Tia (mom), Kali (sis-in-law), Payton (brother).


With my younger brothers.








Love those kiddos!  Sunset from my mom’s back deck in Washington, Utah.


And the song that got me dancing in my seat on the way home to Phoenix yesterday.


Give it a listen here with me.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

11 Responses to “Pics: Holiday Weekend in NV & UT”

  1. I think the Ghostbusters movie came out a little before your time. 🙂 I remember seeing this at the movie theater when it first came out. By the way, you may want to mark June 8 on your calendar. That date commemorates the 30th anniversary of the nationwide release of Ghostbusters on Friday June 8, 1984. Maybe you can do some kind of Ghostbusters themed trip in your ILX or Legend on that date? 😉

    • Oh wow, I had no idea! Odd that of the 15,000+ songs on that iPod, the Ghostbusters theme came on while I was shuffling yesterday, and that I chose to blog about it just a week before the 30th anniversary release! Haha, I LOVE the Ghostbuster movies. Will definitely stay tuned for the festivities around June 8th. And I was young but very much alive in 1984 😉

  2. It was a whole different universe back in 1984. I think the two biggest technological developments that have changed the way people live their lives in the 30 years following 1984 have been cell phones and the World Wide Web.

    If you can think of other technological developments within the last 30 years that have profoundly changed the way people live, let us know.

    Tyson, wouldn’t you want to have that DeLorean car from Back to the Future to back in time to 1984 and attend the premiere of Ghostbusters? That movie was HUGE back then. And that Ghostbusters song would play all day on the radio. “Who you going to call?—-Ghostbusters!.” Awesome song.

  3. Great pix, Tyson! How did the C230 drive? I’ve always wanted to give one of those a try. Too bad they are hard to find in 6-speed form. That M3 looks like quite a treat too!

    • The C230 was so solid. As Buck and I were cruising along at 45-50 mph (I was driving at the time), he reached over and turned down the stereo. “Wanna see why I love Mercedes?” he asked. Then he rolled his window up. The car was quiet as a vault. Very refined feel. The only fault I could find was that the shift knob felt a bit cheap. It needs to be ‘weighted’ like the ILX one. Buck plans to upgrade that.

  4. Your favorite casino in Vegas is the Excalibur? what the

  5. High mileage Says:

    How does paddle shifters on a manual tranny work?

    • You have a keen eye for details, my friend! That M3 originally started out as an automatic. Well, technically as an “SMG” – sequential manual gearbox. My brother swapped it to a traditional 3-pedal manual using all OEM parts last year. I think he just needs to remove the paddles from the wheel. They don’t do anything.

  6. FYI limited edition Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters recently released on a vinyl record!!

    • Oh wow, that’s good to know! I bet that kind of collector item is going to fetch a high price given the upcoming anniversary. I have a few friends collecting vinyl.

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