Phoenix Junkyard Inventory

Odometer (Legend):  529,702


Odometer (ILX):  81,120


Cheap entertainment:  I decided to make a little run to the junkyard this afternoon to scavenge for car parts for a friend.  The local yard charges $2 for entry.  I should have known by the fact that there was a water cooler at the entrance to the lot, this was going to be a scorching hot experience.

When I’d parked the ILX at Ecology Auto Salvage on Broadway Rd in Phoenix, its exterior thermometer read 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  By the time I got halfway through the yard, taking pictures of Legends here and there, my iPhone had overheated.  Every piece of metal I touched felt like it had been roasting in the coals.  Remind me:  Next time I do this, I need to do it in the morning.  Or take gloves.


I thought it would be fun to document each of the 2nd generation Acura Legends I saw in there.  I saw 10.  Interestingly enough, the lowest mileage Legend in all was also one of the oldest:  a blue 1988 coupe with just 97,079 on the odometer.



Of the 1991-95 body styles, here is the data from the 10 cars:

  • Lowest miles:  139,842  (Canterbury Green 1994 L sedan)
  • Highest miles:  291,566  (Golden Glow Pearl 1991 L sedan)
  • Total miles:  2,013,994
  • Average miles:  201,399
  • Sedans:  9
  • Coupes:  1
  • Manual transmissions:  0
  • Purchases made:  Passenger side interior door handle for $12

Here we go, some photos in ascending order.  This first odometer’s accuracy is suspect for obvious reasons.

1)  1994 L sedan



2) 1994 L sedan



3) 1992 L sedan



4)  1992 L sedan



5)  1992 LS sedan



6) 1994 LS sedan



7)  1993 LS sedan (Rusty!  Must not have been an Arizona car originally)



8)  1994 L sedan



9)  1994 L coupe



10)  1991 L sedan



Bonus finds!  OEM cell phone in the center console.  Prehistoric these days.


There are Acura RL’s starting to hit the junkyards, too.  I saw three.


Also a rare Arcadia Green 1993 Acura Vigor GS.  Always loved this color (when it’s not faded)!


And a Barbados Yellow 1988 Honda Prelude Si.


Seeing the cars in that kind of condition made me better appreciate my 1994 GS sedan when I went to take it for a spin.


A few other random bits of news:

The lobby of my local movie theater had a display featuring a gas pump, promoting a contest to win free gas for a year.  They must have mileage restrictions.  I read the fine print and it said the max value is $5,000.  How many gallons of gas would that buy me?  And, considering my ILX is getting 33.6 mpg on average, how far could I go for free?


Fox News in Washington, DC reported on Friday that the original owner of a 1995 Toyota T100 pickup truck, Nancy Richardson, had rolled over 1,000,000 miles.  Over the years, she says she’s had to drive around 800 miles per week for her work (delivering seafood to restaurants).  Impressive feat!  Congrats to Ms. Richardson!



On the subject of amazing road trips, check out this guy named Ben Oude Kamphuis.  Four years ago, he left San Francisco, California in an orange 1955 Chevy pickup truck and he’s now arrived in Salvador, Brazil.  The article is here.


Finally, congratulations to my friend Tim on his recent acquisition!  Tim picked up a gorgeous Crystal Black Pearl ILX 2.0 automatic.


In the last week, we’ve had 7 new members join the Acura ILX Owners & Enthusiasts group on Facebook.  Currently sitting at 163 and counting!.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

10 Responses to “Phoenix Junkyard Inventory”

  1. I can only imagine the HEAT at that junkyard! Reminds me of the Salt Lake City NALM when the guys from the NW hit a junk yard. It was hot then as well.
    Come to think of it I need a type A coupe interior door handle!

    • I don’t remember seeing any Type A interiors but the next time I go back, I am definitely going to keep an eye open for a door handle for you!

  2. Joe_ArizonaDriverMagazine Says:

    6-2-2014 : 1010am MST

    Hi, Tyson —

    This looks pretty cool…. might you want to repurpose it for print….? (And/or maybe you have a road trip or three you’d like to talk about.) Thanks.

    • Joe, hey, hope your weekend was fantastic! As you can see, I opted to stick around town and putz around with various projects. I’d love to send some of this content your way in any way you see fit for print.

      As for road trips, I’ve got a few recent ones I could share. In coming attractions: I’ve got a big (non-Arizona) drive scheduled for this upcoming weekend. My dad & I are going to Yellowstone Nat’l Park. Plenty of pics to be shared.

  3. that 88 blue coupe makes me weep. How could it be junked with under 100K? I’d guess that the AZ summer killed the timing belt.

    • I know! Makes me wonder what in the world went wrong with it. The interior was actually in better shape than the 88 Legend coupe project car I bought / sold last fall.

  4. Gilberto Rodriguez Says:

    Im looking for a 1991 acura legend 4door trunk lid do you have it? Send me the physical address and phone # please

  5. Hello. I’m looking for a 88~91y Honda prelude Rear side ABS sensor. Do you have that? From Japan car shop.

  6. Quinta Young Says:

    hello would like to order left front window regulator with motor 1988 Acura legend coupe

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