Pre-NALM Maintenance

Odometer (ILX):  88,482


Odometer (Legend coupe):  530,082


Odometer (Legend sedan):  144,615


I heard a crackle of thunder on Sunday afternoon from inside the house, and I thought my ears were playing tricks on me.  I’d been outside earlier in the day and it was absolutely cloudless at the time.  Then the sound came around again, and I decided to investigate.

What I found when I looked out the windows was a torrential summertime “monsoon” downpour.  First thought:  “Crap, I left the ILX moonroof partially ajar and windows vented!”  Second thought:  “WHERE IS MY CAR KEY?” as I frantically looked on the kitchen table and then ran to the desk in my bedroom where the key was sitting.  I bolted outside shoeless and rolled up the windows, then sought cover and recorded this video.

The past week has been busy for getting the cars up to date on service needs.  I am preparing, along with 27 other registered participants from across the country, for a road trip to this year’s National Acura Legend Meet which kicks off in 10 days in Los Angeles, California.  Here is a thread on the Legend forums where people are talking about their preparatory activities.

Legend coupe:

  • Replace steering rack & pinion (remanufactured) – first time this has been done
  • Replace passenger side inner axle boot – second time this has been done
  • Replace spark plugs – third set including the originals; went with NGK
  • Perform alignment – multiple occurrences of this

Legend sedan:

  • Change oil & filter with 5W30
  • Replace burned out 3rd brake light bulb
  • Perform full inspection – all looks good!
  • Recharge a/c (pending this Wednesday)

NSX (not going to NALM, but still getting some attention):

  • Change oil & filter with Castrol GTX 10W30
  • Recharge a/c

ILX (not going to NALM, but still getting some attention:

  • Change oil & filter with 0W20
  • Rotate tires

The sedan’s oil had last been changed on January 4th, just 209 miles prior.


Ready to rock and roll.


Desert Mist Metallic:  Paint code YR-506M.


Where to this coming weekend?  Well, I’m expecting company and we’ll depart in the ILX on Friday afternoon to a national park in California.  That’s all I’m going to divulge for now, but stay tuned because this is going to be a hot ride in some hot Acuras.  Have a great week!

5 Responses to “Pre-NALM Maintenance”

  1. If you’re getting that kind of rain where you live, the end of the world has officially arrived. The only real shame is that I was looking forward to the TLX.

    • Seriously. The storm took out a few trees and killed power for part of the city as usual. And need I mention the way people around here drive when the roads get a drop of water on them? Let’s just say it’s a good thing I stayed home.

  2. Tyson, as you know I won’t be able to make NALM this year. But hopefully next year. I know you will be bringing us all some MAAAAAD pictures and fun back from it. Tell everyone hello for me and hope to catch them all next year if its out here in the West again.

    • You know it! I’m sure there will be plenty of pics and videos to document the occasion. It won’t be the same w/o your super clean cashmere silver sedan in attendance, but we’ll have a “mini-Acura-meet” at your new house in Little Valley once you guys get moved in later this year. Haha

  3. No where for that water to go! I bet the streets and parking lots filled up real quick!!

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