Acuraholics Anonymous: Readers’ Rides

Odometer (Legend):  531,316


Odometer (ILX):  90,485


Let’s reposition the spotlight today on some OTHER people besides myself who love to drive fine automobiles.

First off, Mirel.

You’ve all met Mirel before when I introduced his 1993 Legend LS coupe 6-speed to you last August.  Now, he’s taken on a new project.  A few days ago, he took delivery of his 5th Acura Legend.  This time, it’s a 1994 LS coupe automatic that’s had only 2 previous owners and logged a mere 122,000 miles since its birth.  Mirel is planning on performing some necessary body work on the car but it runs and drives like a new ride.  I took it for a spin myself.  Best of all, the car is equipped with all sorts of fun add-ons like the OEM spoiler, factory keyless entry with leather pouch, and CD changer.

I feel right at home when I arrive at a house that has two Legends and an RL living there.


Cayman White Pearl is stunning in the Phoenix sunlight.  It’s a good thing I was wearing shades.


The interior is all original and smells amazing.  Even the original floor mats are well preserved.


Just a baby.


His and Hers Legend coupes.


Congrats on the latest acquisition, my friend!


Moving on to our next contestant:  James.

You met James back in February when I featured his pearl white 2005 Acura TL on the blog.  Now, he’s upped his game and moved into a 2007 TL Type-S in ultra-rare “Moroccan Red Pearl.”  James’ Acura ownership history dates back a long time to when he had a 1994 Legend LS coupe 6-speed in pearl white.  Prior to that, he was a Honda driver, having owned Preludes.  Apparently he and I have similar taste in cars!


This new TL-S arrived on a transport truck from Kentucky a few days ago after James had sealed the deal online sight-unseen.  Now that’s a great looking pair of cars in the garage!


The Type-S has a 286-horsepower 3.5 liter V6 that scoots this sports sedan up to speed at a rapid pace.  I took the opportunity drive both James’ 2005 TL and his 2007 TL.  While they share the same foundation, the cars have distinct personalities.  I found the Type-S to be more nimble-handling and a good deal quicker.  Both have silky smooth shifting transmissions.  From a tech perspective, the Type-S is far superior with its integrated navigation system.


Nice looking trio of Acuras in the driveway.


2005 TL, 2013 ILX, 2007 TL


Check out those two-tone leather seats.


2005 TL gauges at 186,000 miles


2007 TL gauges at 106,000 miles.  The Type-S version got special red accents as seen here.


“Moroccan Red Pearl” was a 2007-08 offering only.  It’s a stunning color in person.


What a nice looking car that is!


Thanks, James, for letting me take your new baby for a spin!


Next up, Jeff.

Jeff in Las Vegas is one of my longest-term “Acura friends.”  He and I first met in 2003 when I bought my Legend.  At the time he had a 1993 L 6-speed coupe in Canterbury Green.  I shared a little about his story once before.  (photo here from 11 years ago)


In 2006, he traded that Legend in for an ultra-rare black 2003 Acura CL Type-S 6-speed which he still owns today.  Now, as of a couple of weeks ago, Jeff is also the proud owner of a 2008 Acura TL Type-S 6-speed.  He sent me these pictures of his black cars together looking shiny and fresh.  Not shown:  Jeff’s Acura MDX.  He is a true fan!


Congrats, Jeff, on the new ride!  I want to take that TL for a spin the next time I’m cruising through Sin City, Nevada.


Now, Walter.

Who could forget Walter and his beautiful “2015 Legend Concept” that debuted on Drive to Five back in January?  Walter needed a parking space for his pride and joy for a few hours yesterday so I was honored to have it in my driveway.


Those Vossens are just a perfect match for the lines of this beautiful coupe.  The car has undergone a full brake upgrade since its first feature here.


I’ve had a couple of friends join the NSX family in recent weeks, too.  JT from New Jersey picked up a beautiful Spa Yellow, and Hass from Detroit picked up a Berlina Black.  Congrats to both of you guys!



Thanks to any of you who have ever shared your car purchase stories with me!  Keep them coming.

Also a quick thank-you to my friend Kyle, the detail master, for spending some time with me today and shining up the ILX.  Kyle’s beast is a 2005 Pontiac GTO 6-speed with a growl that’ll set off a car alarm from a block away.


The ILX got a full wash & even some tire dressing.


Still door ding free at 90,000 miles.


Now, something fun to close out today’s epistle.

As you all know, my friend Alex is on his way home to Florida from NALM in California in his 1994 Legend LS coupe.  He’s been keeping us all up to date on his status via the Legend forums as well as the Legend Owners Facebook Group.  It appears Alex has decided to take the long way home (but who could blame him, in such a sweet car?).  A few days ago, he posted this picture taken at the Colorado/Nebraska state line on Interstate 76.


Well, seasoned NALM attendee Ben immediately recognized the location and remembered that he’d stopped there on his way to NALM 2011 in Morristown, New Jersey in his 1992 LS coupe.  This was the photo he’d taken.


After seeing this, the wheels in my mind got spinning.  “Haven’t I stopped there before, too?” I thought.  So I went rooting through my archives.  Well, sure enough, I stopped at that same Nebraska line in July 2012 on my way to NALM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the ILX.


The world is just too small.  Now, my readers, a challenge I give unto you.  Someone go take a picture of your car at that same sign.  Send it to me.  I’ll think of a prize to reward you with.

12 Responses to “Acuraholics Anonymous: Readers’ Rides”

  1. Love those type-s 6 speeds. I wouldn’t mind having one for sure. Just need more garage space 🙂

  2. NEW CARS FOR EVERYONE! I like the idea of multiple cars pictured in front of the same signage! Especially if you can get the vehicles in almost the same angle.

  3. So many nice Acura’s 🙂 It’s hard to say Acura made a best-all around sedan, but the TL Type-S with a 6-speed and Navi does indeed rank the highest among the 1st Generation 6-speed Navi TSX and 2nd Generation Legend Sedan GS 6-speed. Maybe the TLX can make that list when a 6-speed is finally offered?

    Enjoyed the Blog Tyson!

  4. WOW! Moroccan Red Pearl is amazing **AND** 2-tone leather seats . . . come on PowerBall!

  5. Can you tell I’m catching up on some reading? Haha. For the TLs…*drool*

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