Just Another Legend Post: New Acquisition & Phoenix Meet-Up

Odometer (1994 Legend Coupe 6-Speed):  540,378


Odometer (1993 Legend Sedan):  178,473


Odometer (1994 Legend Coupe Automatic):  167,954


Odometer (1994 Legend Sedan):


Odometer (ILX):


A couple of months ago, I scrawled a note on a scrap piece of paper.  “Nice Legend!  If you ever want to sell it, call me.”  I left it underneath the windshield wiper of a car next to me in the parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was a really nice-condition 1994 LS coupe, Desert Mist Metallic, just like mine.

I didn’t expect to ever hear from that car’s owner – especially since the car had out of state Oregon plates – but I did.  I received a phone call from an unknown phone number many weeks later from “Lee” who’d just taken European delivery of a brand new BMW M235i convertible.  “I’m ready to sell my Legend,” he said.  And the rest is history.

I took delivery of Lee’s car a few days ago and while I have no space or need for the car at my house, it’ll be going to a new home in Salt Lake City with my friend Branson in the next few weeks.  With only 168,000 miles on the odometer, it’s barely getting broken in.  Branson will take great care of it.  I was glad to help find this car a new home!

Lee getting his license plate removed while I took care of paperwork


Traditional key handoff


And the first photos during fill-up at the gas station


Check that interior!  Flawless for the age & mileage


Later that same day, I took the sedan for an oil change.  It’s only a few hundred miles from 150k


And my friend Ian ‘spy-shotted’ me while heading home from retrieving the coupe


I wasted no time in getting a Legendary photo shoot set up in the driveway that evening.  It took a step ladder to get the right angle, but at this point my neighbors already know I’m off my rocker, so it didn’t raise any eyebrows.


Yesterday, I had a few friends over for a meet at my house.  Despite the cold weather (“cold” as in probably 50 or 60 degrees, which is enough to justify a hooded sweatshirt for us Arizonans), we hung out for a little while and got a few more pictures.  In attendance were Joe, Michael, Mirel, Chris, Benjo, and Zach.  A few of us cruised over to the local salvage yard in south Phoenix and scavenged for parts afterward.  The only treasure I picked up was a passenger side headlight for my 1994 Vigor.  Thanks to Mirel for helping retrieve that.  The bumper on that car was a lot hard to remove than it looked!  Here are a few photos from yesterday’s meet-up.


The ‘new’ car was here with missing front plate


Another ladder shot


Back ends


A hint of blue sky


Tyson, Mirel, Benjo parked at the Ecology salvage


Mirel giving me a hand with that Vigor headlight


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Edit, one thing I forgot to include:  Thanks to my friend Tim, I found this really great article about a guy who spent a year as a truck driver.  As someone who drives a ton, I can totally relate to this on many levels.

Link here


23 Responses to “Just Another Legend Post: New Acquisition & Phoenix Meet-Up”

  1. ahhh that coolant leak!! still funny that happened. Let me know if you need me to clean your drive way!! 🙂 it was a fun little meet man, thanks for the invite. I now know a color like seattle silver exists for legends, im totally digging it!

    • Yeah the Seattle is a beautiful color for sure! The driveway looks fine; I think yesterday afternoon’s rain took care of that. I’m more worried about your car – are you going to call Hon-Man this week and get that leak checked out?

      • not yet. because of the christmas season i dont have the deepest pockets right now….so my first stop will be to highline because the radiator should still be within warranty. Im getting an estimate on a cooling system overhaul. im gonna get to the bottom of these leaks!! After i visit highline ill check out hon man and one of the places very close to my house (just for convienence purposes). Ill make a decision at the beginning of the year. every spot it was parked after i left your house, it didnt leak at all. So it literally was jealous and scared of all the legend coupes :)!

  2. So. Many. Legends. At least another one was saved. Looks like it was a nice relaxing weekend after all the travels you’ve been doing. Also, thanks for sharing that Trucker’s Article. It was pretty amazing!

  3. The Legend Whisperer strikes again!
    Sad to see those 3G Accords keeping that poor Vigor company.

    • I know! I was noticing that, too. My friend and Accord guru Tyler advised me that it’s most likely a “DX” model, given the missing passenger side mirror and the non-painted front bumper. Gotta love those pop-ups, though!

  4. Hi Tyson!

    You bought another Legend coupe same as yours? That’s really awesome car. The legend interior looks really nice and brand new. Do you like to drive the legend with automatic sometime?

    • Hi Josh, thanks for reading. Yes it’s fun to have an automatic around from time to time for leisurely cruising! Sure makes it easier on the left leg, but I tend to get bored in a hurry. Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. All I can say is Holy Legend Heaven!!

  6. I’ll take THACURA off your hands, you have too many Legends!

  7. You finally crossed the dark side and joined the AutoMagic crowd. 🙂

  8. WOW I didn’t know you added another Legend! I’m semi keeping an eye out for a DMM sedan 6MT!

    • It’s a little ridiculous for sure. What parts should I pillage off this ‘new’ coupe for my 6-speed? I was thinking of swapping interiors but I kind of like my 2 tone Katzkins.

  9. Really nice find! I love the driveway pictures with all of the Legends! And I enjoyed the trucking article you linked as well. It was very interesting to read.

    • Thanks, Sunny! It’s always a good day when I have a driveway full of nice cars. A couple was out walking their dog while that while photoshoot was going on. They just waved. It’s a good thing I have cool neighbors. Glad you enjoyed that trucking article, too.

  10. Branson is taking possession of that sweet ride you just acquired? Keep me in mind next time. Haha. I have some reading of your blog to catch up on. I wonder what else I have missed in the last few weeks…

    Lee, former owner, took great care of that care. I am anxious to hear about how and when you picked it up from him.

  11. Oh my, Legends galore! I approve. I think you need a first gen in the mix. Hell, just complete the collection with one for each year!

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