Special Feature: Happy 30th Anniversary, Acura!

On March 27, 1986, the Acura brand was born.  On this day in 2016, my friend Josh Clymer of TSX Travels and I are tipping our hats to the brand that got us to the moon and back – multiple times.  Here’s a 2-minute video celebrating our mileage mania.  Hope you enjoy.

17 Responses to “Special Feature: Happy 30th Anniversary, Acura!”

  1. Yay!! This is awesome.

  2. Congrats to u both for ur high mileage achievements and very well done Mr. Speilberg!

    That said there is something hilariously funny about someone kicking a car tire.

    BTW, nice shot of each car sitting on the showroom floor.

    I recall visiting Bell Acura when they 1st opened and test driving the Legend & Tegra hard to believe it’s been 30 years…

    • Tire kicking – literally! The phrase has come to have so many other meanings. The video was done with a great sense of humor. I’m glad Josh invited me to collaborate with him on it. I would love to take a time machine back to Bell Acura in 1986 and buy a couple of new cars, then preserve them in a time capsule. Maybe now we’ll start seeing more and more of the cream puffs coming out of hibernation and hitting the market in time for prices to go up? There’s a 1993 Legend at $11,100 right now with reserve not met…

      • I read recently how Porsche and some of the other Euro brands are now offering in-house restoration using genuine (remanufactured) OEM parts.

        Certainly expensive but worth it for collectors. It would be nice to see Acura offer a similar service maybe starting with the NSX & expand it to the Legend and other models.

        It would be nice to see them protect their heritage and offer something few others do.

        Think how amazing it would be driving a factory restored Legend GS or other rare model. Its not without precedent if u think back recently they did it for Ludacris…

  3. Great vid! Now which one of you will get to a million first? You can’t let the guy with the million mile Accord call you lightweights 🙂

    • Haha, seriously. Million Mile Joe is over there in Maine or wherever rolling his eyes. At my rate I’ll never catch up to him (I’m splitting miles across too many other cars), but Josh seems to still be going strong. I’ll cheer him on!

  4. That video was pretty sick! I got some competition ahead of me. 😉

  5. Both cars look great for their age after all this time!! Love it!

  6. Fantastic video — and a great testament not only to the cars but also to those who own them. In our disposable culture, it’s neat to see the engineering of a consumer item like an Acura being appreciated, respected, and preserved.

    • Thanks Ron! As can clearly be seen in the video, both Josh and I had plenty of chances to say “goodbye” to our cars after they’d been deemed a total loss by insurance companies. Yet we decided to press on and take a chance on the fact that they’d continue providing reliable service in the years to come – which they both have. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  7. Chris Green Says:

    I really love this video! The Dueling Banjos were a great touch!
    And of course, it’s fun seeing Josh’s TSX even with bittersweet memories of mine. The two cars look great as co-stars!

    • Thanks, Chris! We sure had fun putting this one together. Even my mom got involved. In some of the rolling scenes, she was driving the TSX while Josh filmed from the sidelines 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!!

  8. […] the NSX and the unveiling of the Precision Concept, are occurring now is not a coincidence. Acura celebrates its 30th birthday in March, and they seem to know how to celebrate in […]

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