Dad’s Visit, NSX Configurator Website, & Other Updates

Odometer (Legend):  542,181


Odometer (ILX):  156,073


My mailbox was overflowing with Acura maintenance coupon postcards yesterday afternoon.  Every time they have some sort of promotion I seem to get multiple notices – but hey, I’m not complaining.  Especially when the main featured car is Ludacris‘ 1993 Legend sedan.


Clever stuff, people!


And I might be taking them up on this $28.95 oil change at Acura of Tempe the next time I get over there.


The one thing that does put the enthusiasts in a tizzy is the fact that the tagline for the promotion is “Keep the Acura you Love Maintained for Life.”  And just exactly how are we supposed to do that when so many critical parts have been discontinued?  Thus, us true ” Legend lifers” are left to dumpster dive and go junkyarding every so often to find the parts we’re looking for.

CHECK OUT THESE NEW PLATES!  This’ll go on my Legend sedan to replace the existing set.  I couldn’t believe the plate combo was available when I went to search for it a couple of months ago.  Don’t mind if I do!


Perfect use for this emoji.


It would be selfish of me to keep all 300 days of Phoenix sunshine per year completely to myself, so once a year my dad & stepmom travel down from Utah to partake.  I was happy to share some rays.  Having lived in Arizona now for 10 years, I definitely have my favorite hot-spots that we try to visit each time I have friends or family in town, but every once in awhile I throw a new destination in the mix to spice things up a bit.



Over the weekend, I introduced them to Sedona on a short overnighter (2.5 hour drive each way in the ILX) to explore the red rocks landscape of that area.  Aside from hiking Devil’s Bridge which I’ve blogged about a few times in the past, we also made a visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross – a church built in 1956 directly into a rock formation.


A definite highlight of their visit was our dining experience on Saturday night.  I’d made reservations at Compass Arizona Grill, a revolving restaurant on the 24th floor of the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Phoenix.


My dad’s not big on heights (and for that matter, neither am I) so the ride up to the top in an exterior-facing elevator was just the start of a pretty exciting evening.  The restaurant has fixed exterior windows in a circular form with a floor inside them that spins around, making one complete revolution every hour.  I was slightly concerned about the implications of being prone to motion sickness and having to sit through a dinner while in motion, but it didn’t end up bothering me at all.  Best of all, our 6:30 start time meant we hit the sunset lighting perfectly.



Our high-class ride of choice that evening was my green 1994 Vigor, shined up for the occasion.  We also put a few miles on the ILX (Sedona trip) and the Legend coupe (airport run) over the course of dad & Tanya’s 4-day visit.  Many thanks to them for taking the time to come see me.  I’m extending an open invitation to anyone who reads this – if you’re a fan of road tripping and want to explore the southwest with me and my friends, come on down to visit!

Here are the rest of the photos from the weekend adventures.

Opening night dinner at Oregano’s – our favorite place for a Pizza Cookie.


Meeting up with Chandler and Jack for “Canal Convergence” festival at the Scottsdale Waterfront.


While rummaging through a few old photos, I dug up one taken in 2001 – when I was 20 years old – of me in my Mormon missionary garb standing next to my then-dream car, an Acura Vigor.  I figured it would be fitting to take a picture of that picture, in front of my Vigor!


Putting dad to work on home improvements, including replacement of some trim in the garage.


Quick stop in New River at the abandoned gas station called Jack Ass Acres


Just about to enter Sedona, Arizona on Highway 179 – the Red Rock Scenic Byway


Checked in at the Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona, near the airport


Doing some shopping in the Uptown district


The only McDonald’s in the world with turquoise arches


Midway through our Devil’s Bridge hike


Tanya and me on the bridge.  Dad was a little nervous for us here.


With Tanya at the chapel


View from inside the chapel


ILX in Sedona


Dinner group at the restaurant


Great way to start a Sunday morning:  Brunch at Cafe ZuZu inside the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale


Tyson, Linh, Tanya, Craig


Airport run in the Legend later in the afternoon


A few other bits of news to share with you:

Just days after I posted my recent “Magic Fives” blog entry highlighting my 155,555 milestone on the ILX, my mom upstaged me.  Her 2010 Volkswagen EOS turned over 55,555 miles at 51 degrees at 55 miles per hour at 8:55 in the morning.  Congrats, and nicely done!


Who has $1/4 million I can borrow?  Now’s your chance to get online and configure your dream 2017 Acura NSX.  Mine would be Nouvelle Blue Pearl and loaded to the max with just about every available accessory.  Orders are now being taken!  I’m told there are over 1 million possible combinations of specific configurations of Acura NSX.  There’s a good chance yours will be one-of-a-kind.


And lastly:  Check out this beautiful Legend coupe on Ebay being sold by a friend of mine!  Just 35,000 miles on a 1993 6-speed.


Have a great rest of the week!

13 Responses to “Dad’s Visit, NSX Configurator Website, & Other Updates”

  1. Beautiful photos, as always… and great work, MamaTia!

    • Thank you Mark! I’m lucky to have some pretty photogenic surroundings here. Including the people I hang out with! Mom’s mileage achievement was impressive for sure. The competition is on. Just wait to see what I’m doing for my Legend 555,555 coming up in the not-too-distant future. Take THAT, mom!

  2. Way 2 go on the Acura plates Tyson!
    I too thought those long gone.

    “Putting dad to work on home improvements, including replacement of some trim in the garage.”
    Is this how u leverage so much time for all ur extended rosd trips?
    Seriously if it is I could use him here… 😉

    BTW interesting observation on “maintaining ur Acura for life” campaign when OEM parts get discontinued after so many years. Funny how u mention Ludicris’ ride after I commented similar thoughts & floated the idea for Acura to offer in-house restoration & parts 4 older classics last week.

    I feel ur pain buddy since I’ve have the same issue with the 93SE…

    • At least we are all in the same boat of trying to keep our old Hondas on the road however we can. At this point I’m fairly confident the only clutch I’ll be able to get for my coupe is an aftermarket Exedy unit. And yes – dad is Mr. Handyman for sure. We also dug into a pesky leak in my master bathroom and we are planning on even more extensive projects when he and Tanya come back again for 2017. Let me know if you want me to send him over to your place for anything. Haha

  3. Love the new Acura plates! These pictures make me really want to visit Sedona. I might need to take you up on your offer to visit Arizona and explore the attractions. I would also take a Nouvelle Blue Pearl NSX, looks amazing!

    • Thanks Sunny! The invitation still stands. And maybe you and I should split the cost of our NBP 2017 NSX. Each of us could have it for 6 months of the year. You down?

  4. Bradley Heffran Says:

    A pizza cookie? Interesting! Glad it was a good time for y’all. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Oh man, you haven’t LIVED until you’ve tried one, Brad! It’s like this half-baked chocolate chip cookie (so dough, basically) in a pan, warmed up with vanilla ice cream on it. Sinfully delicious. Let’s get one the next time you’re out here. Have a great weekend!

  5. Being that I reside in Marysville, OH (just a few miles from where the NSX is produced) I see these new models almost every day on my commute. Mostly on OH ST RT 4 between Marysville and a one stop light town called Milford Center. They in fact might be the same black, red and dark blue ones being given out as loaner or as I might suspect being test driven the results recorded/studied. The drivers are almost always in their white Honda garb (or affectionintly referred to as “Hon-droids”). If you ever get a chance to come out this way Honda of North Amercia just opened a extremely impressive museum/technology center. Not only does it house heritage of the Honda line up but you’ll find some odditites such as the Honda Odessey Race Van and an interacive line robot. I need to get some status picutes to you as I am finally making progess on my 94′ GS 5SPD Vigor and I have a 92′ LS AUTO Vigor on standby after this one is complete. The 94′ is a restoration, the 92′ is more a ressurection!

    • Hey Jason, that’s awesome you get to see so many Hon-droids in action around that area. I need to visit the Marysvale plant sometime. Please do send me some pics of your 94 and 92 Vigors! Would love to see how things are coming along…

  6. Another packed weekend! It was great to meet your dad and stepmom! And that view from the Compass Room. Great timing on that!

  7. That Vigor cleans up well. I heard some idiot took it into the mountains in a freak snowstorm and got it all dirty. I want to visit some of those sites in Sedona sometime!

    P.S. Sorry about getting Ms. Cognac dirty.

    • Sedona is on our must-see destination list for January 2017. No problem on the dirty car – gave me a chance to get the undercarriage all detailed up and throw a hand-wax on the body.

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