Rock & Roll Marathon Weekend – Future Classics Car Show – & Special Visitors

Odometer (Legend):  550,387


Odometer (ILX):  190,476

It’s been a full house at Hotel Hugie this week.  I’ve had company cycling in and out for the past week or so and I’m happy to play host!  Visiting from Palm Springs, California was my friend Scott who came to town on business AND to market his bright yellow 1977 Honda Civic which went up for sale at a collector car auction later in the week.  It brought $14,000!


Last Sunday, I ran the 14th annual Rock & Roll Half-Marathon in Phoenix with my mother who had driven down from Utah.  Race day weather couldn’t have been better:  even though the forecast had called for a 30%+ chance of rain, things stayed dry and the overcast skies kept it from getting too warm.  In the end, I somehow pulled off a 2 hour, 22 minute finish time with mom sneaking past the finish line at 1:58.


Darn it mom, I’ll beat you someday.


On Monday evening I attended the second-annual “Future Classics Car Show,” sponsored in part by, Hagerty, as well as other names in the collector car industry.  It was open to all years, makes, and models, but I opted to take my 1994 Legend GS sedan since it hadn’t seen the light of day in a few weeks.  The car didn’t exactly fit in — most vehicles in the show were more of a ‘tuner’ variety, with big wings, decals, and racing wheels.  But I was happy to represent the all-stock Japanese luxo-sedan.  Parked next to me was my friend Kyle in his 2005 Pontiac GTO, which incidentally ended up winning a trophy in its class.  Congrats, Kyle!


On Wednesday, I made a trip to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to pick up my good friend Chris who’d just flown in 5 hours from Baltimore to spend a few days with me.  Chris and I have been ‘car friends’ since the late 1990s when we were both dabbling in Honda Prelude circles.  This week, he became the first of my friends who has driven all 6 of my cars.  There you go Chris, the proof is in writing!  You win the grand prize!


It was an action-packed few days complete with highs and lows.  Mother Nature dished out lots of rain which put a damper on Chris’ travel plans, but it didn’t keep him from taking a trip to Sedona in the Legend sedan and hiking 7 miles in the mud to Devil’s Bridge.  Getting there was an adventure in itself.  He’d intended to take the NSX but only made it 15 miles north of town when the car left him stranded thanks to a faulty ignition switch.  A $195 tow and $101 (parts & labor) repair later, the car was back on the road the next day thanks to Science of Speed in Chandler.  First time that one has seen a tow truck in the five years I’ve owned it!


On Friday, I telecommuted and supervised Chris while he did some ILX maintenance for me, including replacement of rear brake pads, the engine air filter, and the serpentine belt.


I introduced him to my favorite Mexican place, “Lose Dos Molinos,” on Camelback Road later that evening to compensate him in part for his labor efforts.  A couple of other special guests made their debut at my home including Mark McCourt and Jeff Koch from Hemmings, then Jonathan Klinger from Hagerty.  Talk about friends in high places.  I was honored to have such automotive elites checking out my home and garage.  I thank them for helping keep the car collecting community alive.


Speaking of car collecting, you’ll soon read more about my trip to the 46th annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction which was our source of entertainment all day Saturday.  Watch for an upcoming post on that.

Which brings us to the final chapter of Chris’ visit, in which we took a 250-ish mile round trip to Tucson & back in the Legend coupe to tour the Pima Air & Space Museum, a collection of hundreds of retired aircraft.  My favorite was getting to see the Douglas VC-118A that served as Air Force One for Presidents Kennedy & Johnson during the early 1960s (pictured below). On the way back, I introduced Chris to In-N-Out Burger, a favorite fast food chain in this region.  He said the shake wasn’t half bad.



That puts a wrap on what you’ve missed during the last couple of weeks.  Now, make the most of the few minutes of the weekend that remain!  I know I will!  Until next time.

Interior of Scott’s 1977 Civic.


Some literature my friend Richard sent me.  Love this old stuff!


Scott gave me a huge “A” for my garage.  It used to adorn an auto show display booth.


Also had a visit from my friend Ryan and 3 of his 4 kiddos.  The guest book is filling up nicely!


Not to mention this crowd of troublemakers I hosted for pasta dinner the night before the half-marathon.


Another shot from the Future Classics Car Show


Grabbing a bite with Sam and Kyle


Headed to pick up Chris from the airport and my friend Lance happened to be right behind me!  He snapped this shot!


Chris’ arrival.  He’s come out at least 3 times now from Baltimore to visit.


Shots Chris took with the Legend sedan on the Red Rock Scenic Byway in Sedona, Arizona.



Maintenance underway!


Mark from Hemmings gave me these awesome VHS promotional tapes from the 1990s!  I can’t wait to put them to use!


This postcard was inside one of them.  “The question isn’t whether to lease an Acura, but rather which Acura to lease.  We understand what a difficult decision it is, and we recommend you seek professional help.  From your professionally helpful Acura dealer.”  Love that!  I’ll take one of each!


Visit from Hagerty’s main man in Traverse City, Jonathan Klinger.


Hitting up a mecca for airplane geeks


The SR-71 Blackbird, this example from 1964, maxes out at over 2,100 miles per hour and flies at 85,000 feet.  This is a serious aircraft.


Double-double, animal style!  If you know what that is, you’ve been to In-N-Out Burger.


12 Responses to “Rock & Roll Marathon Weekend – Future Classics Car Show – & Special Visitors”

  1. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Tyson! The pleasure really was mine.

    • Thank YOU, Mark, and I hope the rest of your visit went well! I sure enjoyed having you over. The next time I’ll schedule you for a longer chat or a bite to eat. You have a place to stay any time you make it out to AZ.

  2. Massive post! Very cool collection of events for you recently. I’ve added Pima to my list of must-visit places. There’s a similar museum near D.C. that might be a road trip in the not-so-distant future for me. And that shot of the SR-71 was cool.

    How is the fleet of Acuras holding up?

    And I love love LOVE that Civic! MOAR PICS PLEASE!!!

    • Haha, I did take a few more Civic pics but I’ll have to email them to you. The fleet is all doing well. I realized it’s time to get a couple of the cars in for an oil change soon. And annual registration fees will be due soon. I usually renew for 2 years at a time and it’s dirt cheap on the old cars. Hope your weekend went well!

  3. Wait. Hold it. Did I spy that SADIES hoodie on Chris? That thing belongs only at a footrace starting line! Ha! Chris must have been desperate to layer for the winter weather in Phoenix.

    For your next birthday, I will get you a revolving front door. Oh, and how is that bowl of fruit holding up? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good times had at Hotel Hugie, for certain. Make memories! It was great to mingle with some of Phoenix’s finest.

    • I knew you’d notice that Chris was wearing it. I told him to grab any hoodie from the cardboard box in my closet, and that’s what he ended up with. The bowl of fruit is holding up well! Rob had some of it yesterday!

  4. I need to get down there and visit you sometime, as opposed to just passing through every couple years. There’s so much I haven’t seen in that part of the country. I’ve always wanted to goto the Pima museum!

    • Yeah, any time you’re in the area! Guest quarters are fully equipped. Would love to show you around. Pima museum is definitely worth the visit. There are also other airplane ‘boneyards’ in the state that are open to the public. Pretty fascinating stuff.

  5. Another awesome post Tyson. Looks like you are having a lot of fun.

    A few things…

    * The trip to Pima was something I missed when I visited Tucson. I bet that would be an awesome place. I was luck enough to see an SR71 in the Air Force museum in Dayton – now I know where to check another one out!

    * Speaking of SR71’s… If you ever come across a copy of Brian Shul’s “Sled Driver” you will gain a deep understanding of that bird. The book is out-of-print and hard to find though.

    * Sorry to hear the NSX had issues…

    * Sedona – my wife and I visited there a few years ago. That was a great place.


    • Thanks Joe. I’ll take note of that info on the SR71’s because I’m very intrigued. The overall shape and design of the aircraft is striking to me and the fact that it can travel in excess of 2,000 miles per hour boggles my mind. That’s coast to coast in fewer than 2 hours. Nutso.

  6. Good time running the half marathon Tyson, even if your Mum did it quicker! Go Tia!!! Poor Chris didn’t seem to have the best of luck with the NSX, but guess it gives him a good story to tell when he gets back to work. It’s amazing how drastically different the Legend and Vigor are in that postcard – something you don’t quite appreciate until you see them both side-on in the same photo!

    • I know! Mom is speedy. I’m glad the NSX repair didn’t end up being a very big deal. Now to start saving up for a few other maintenance items on the other cars. Hope you’re having a great week!

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