Video: ILX 200,000 Mile Celebration & Recap

Odometer (Legend):  554,255

I have a Sunday matinee for you if you have 8 minutes to spare.  The below video is a completely amateur effort that came together thanks to my brother Payton.  I had a few ideas of how I wanted to sum up the 5 years and 200k miles that I’ve driven the ILX.  With the help of our friend Kyle who captured the drone footage, Payton and I filmed this last Saturday in southern Utah and he finished the edits just a couple of days ago.  I hope you enjoy it.

23 Responses to “Video: ILX 200,000 Mile Celebration & Recap”

  1. It’s like watching a sad film – I’m all happy in the beginning and then get sad and heartbroken in the end. Lots of memories you have with that car. Many more to be made. Hopefully the ILX gets passed down to his kids.

  2. Great video! As an aside… I can’t believe it’s been five years already. Time passes so quick!!

    Looking forward to seeing the new adventures with the TL. Does it have a name yet? I vaguely recall the ILX was Alex, right?

    • Good memory, Tim! I’m not typically one to name my cars. I haven’t really gotten to that point with the TL. My friend Ryan calls his “TaLeisha.” That seems kind of fun. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  3. Brad Heffran Says:

    Really cool video! Man, the camera work itself is also top notch. Cheers to the ILX. I hope it treats your brother as well as it treated you over the past 5 years and 200k miles.

    • Thanks Brad! I’m sure it will. The camera work turned out pretty well indeed. The drone was especially cool to watch. It was about a $1,500 unit that has “active track” — you could tell it to follow a moving object (the car) at a predetermined distance. Pretty unreal to be driving away from it and have it following me. Technology these days, sheesh. Glad you enjoyed the vid.

  4. Congratulations Tyson or perhaps we should refer to you as “Mr. Ambassador 😉

    What a great accomplishment and fantastic video I hope this never starts getting old for you…

    Though I wonder do you ever see yourself parting with the first Acura that started it all for you? I often think how difficult it would be to say goodbye to a car you’ve grown fond of for so many years.

    • Thanks, Hy! That means a lot coming from the King of Clean who knows more about keeping an old car on the road in pristine shape than anyone else I know. Funny you’d ask about the old Legend coupe. I had company in town visiting from Virginia for 4 days. He drove all 6 Acuras that are at my house, but we left that car for very last – a trip to breakfast, the record store, and the airport to drop him off. Every journey in that car is a special one. It’s hard to believe that next March I will have had it for 15 years. That’s 41% of my life.

      • LOL…

        Leave it to you to come up with that statisical anomaly. 🙂
        Don’t ever lose that…

  5. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Excellent film, Tyson!

    • Thanks, Mark! I’m glad you enjoyed that. When can we expect to see a high quality video production of something in your fleet? Get on it, buddy! 😉

  6. Blog post of the year. Impeccably done. I am so pleased. ❣️

  7. Great video. This does not look like an amateur effort as you call it. This looks professional all around.

    • Thanks Carlos, I appreciate that! As long as it gets your two thumbs up, I guess we can be satisfied with the results 🙂 I appreciate you watching and I hope all is well in Florida!

  8. Chris Green Says:

    That was a fantastic video! Kudos to you and your story, and also to your brother for the great work on the film! One unanswered question, though — what will you drive most now? Something new or just spilt time with the current fleet?

    • Hi Chris, for the time being, I’m splitting time across the other 6 cars here at the house. This week I’m commuting in the Vigor. It had only been driven 300 miles since January so it’s nice to spend some time in it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of seeing what kind of lease deals are available on a 2018 TLX. Depending on trim I’m seeing them as low as $329. Might be fun to get into something new. We shall see! Bottom line I was just craving a change after 5 years and 200k with the ILX as my primary, but it’s not going too far away. My brother will send me some mileage updates from time to time.

      • Chris Green Says:

        That’s exciting! I should check out the 2018 TLX. Also I wonder what else Acura has coming soon that might be worth waiting for…

  9. Cool video, where is that drive you shot for the intro? That looks like a sweet area to drive and ride

    • I know, I love that area. It’s at Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah, just outside my hometown of St. George. We had to get over there at 5:45 in the morning to get the drone and video shots before sunrise and before traffic started picking up. The cool thing was how we had almost the entire park to ourselves while capturing all that footage. It’s a neat little destination if you’re ever in the area (about 90 minutes NE of Las Vegas, Nevada). There are sand dunes, hiking trails, and caves to explore. It’s $6 per car to get in. Check it out sometime. Thanks for watching the video.

  10. Tyson, I’m beyond words to describe how cool this vid is! I’m very thrilled I have shared the ride with many of the ILX adventures. Hope to see it again soon. Fairwell, good friend. Fairwell. 😊

    • Thanks Jason! You played a lead role in a lot of the clips that made it to the video. Looking forward to more adventures. As for the ILX, it ain’t gone forever. I’ll still get mileage updates and pics from time to time :). Have a great weekend!

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