Long Beach Weekend: 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) at Marina Green Park

Odometer (del Sol):  89,349

Trip Distance:  777 Miles

This was a fun way to break up the work week:  My friend Chris invited me to meet up and check out / test drive his very rare model year 2000 Acura Integra Type R.  The car had 48,000 miles on it and handled incredibly.  Like many ‘B-Series’ powered Honda cars, the Type R loves to rev.  Its tachometer goes up to a sky-high 10,000 RPM.  I appreciated the opportunity!

I’m starting to become a ‘regular’ at some of the Southern California car scene activities each year.  The Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS), now in its 15th year, has been a tradition of mine since I started going in 2014.  Back then, none of my cars were eligible because the cutoff for model year eligibility was in the 1980s.  It’s since been modified, and anything up through the mid-1990s is permissible.

The Key Lime del Sol made the trip this time.  This was the first time it’s made an out-of-town voyage since I brought it to Phoenix from Salt Lake City back in May.  I’m happy to report that the car did great.  Here are write-ups from my prior trips to JCCS.  With the momentum behind the event (growing so much that it had to change venues last year) I’m confident it will be a “thing” for many years to come.

I had a special guest at the house last Thursday afternoon:  My friend Ken from Pennsylvania rolled into town in his vintage 1981 Honda Accord.  His dedication to the event was impressive – even in the face of a breakdown somewhere in Wisconsin, he was able to put a spare fuel pump to use the following day and be back on the road without much time lost.  Driving with an old car in adventure to say the least.  It’s best to live by the Boy Scout motto:  “Be Prepared.”

By the time Ken and I made it out of Phoenix during rush hour, then completed our trek across the desert, our arrival in Torrance at the Holiday Inn was a little before midnight.  The next day, we toured the Honda Collection open house (which I’d visited just recently in July).  I enjoyed a night out with a few local friends before tidying up the del Sol and calling it a night.  My wake-up call on the show day itself always comes very early – in this case it was 5:40 a.m. so I could be at a meeting point in Long Beach by 6:45.

(Why they had this sign up for the “14th” annual 2018 event from last year, I’m not sure.)

This was the largest JCCS in the event’s 15-year history.  Over 400 vehicles were displayed in organized fashion at Marina Green along Shoreline Drive.  The Honda section, as in prior years, was headquartered on the west end of the park.  Luckily I rolled in around the same time as some of my closest colleagues so I got to park near them.

A few particularly cool vehicles caught my eye throughout the day.  I enjoyed my friend Chris’ 1988 Dodge Ram 50 pickup truck.  A Dodge at a Japanese car show?  Yes.  That’s because his Dodge was technically just a rebadged Mitsubishi Mighty Max.  Which reminds me, speaking of rebadges, I think the SLX will make a JCCS debut next year.

At the conclusion of the show, some friends and I dined nearby at the Islands Burger restaurant and hydrated after a day in the sun.  The del Sol got me home safe and sound to Phoenix later that evening.  Until next year!

Rolling 88,888 miles at 88 miles per hour.  I pictured Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future:  “When this thing hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit.”  Well, I didn’t see any of that, but it was still fun to celebrate.

Visit to the American Honda main office

Inside the museum with David and David

Lineup awaiting in staging lanes

Running into friends from all over

My friend Ryan’s 1988 Daihatsu Charade – love it

My buddy Logan

Dave Heath from Honda who works with Auto Shows & Exhibits

The Honda display was nicely laid out

Ever seen a lifted Lexus LS400 on mud tires?

Primary colors?  I think we were just missing blue

Dinner group before my return trip to Phoenix

Last but definitely not least:  The automotive journalist community is pretty small, and is better described as a close-knit family.  Recently, a colleague of mine named Miles Branman in the Southern California region was injured in an accident.

One of the media organizations (similar to PAPA, that we have here in Phoenix) called MPG (Motor Press Guild) has launched a series of auctions in fundraising support of Miles. Among the items up for grabs are some some exclusive collector items donated by Acura.  Check these out:

These are all one-of-a-kind finds, and they’re for a good cause!  The auctions end next Thursday, October 3 at 5:00 Pacific.

Thanks for looking.

10 Responses to “Long Beach Weekend: 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) at Marina Green Park”

  1. Really fun post, Tyson! All those cars at JCCS looked terrific, and the del Sol is in great shape! That 1981 Accord, though… Oh, man. My family’s first Honda was a 1980 Accord in the exact same color and body style (hatch) as that one. So many memories!!!

    Is the Legend all set for NALM 2019? Any last-minute work to do to it before you depart?

    • I know, it was a lot of fun out there. No, I don’t have anything specific to do with the Legend in advance. I have a few spare parts in the trunk but I’m going to get in and drive.

  2. Hello Tyson.

    May I ask what kind of spare parts you have in the trunk? I have always thought about putting in a spare alternator in the trunk of my 2005 Acura TSX for long trips. That way, if my charging system warning light ever turns on, I can pull over at the closest gas station with a mechanic and get the part changed very quickly. Otherwise, they would have to order part and no guarantee they will find it quickly or find it at all. We have to always consider the needs of our senior cars. 😉

    • I had to re-read my post, I didn’t remember mentioning my FL trip but I guess since the previous commenter asked about it, you were notified too! I have the following parts:

      – Full size spare tire
      – Main relay
      – Brake pedal stopper clip
      – Clutch parts (pressure plate, a couple other things)
      – Clutch slave cylinder
      – Gallon of antifreeze
      – Bottle of power steering fluid
      – Couple of camp chairs!

  3. 88 miles per hour! Haha. Definitely a Top 5 movie for me. Looks like a great time. The del Sol is looking particularly vibrant!

  4. I hope your colleague makes a full recovery Tyson.

    A great post, the Del Sol looked great. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the show. I love that mud-plugger Lexus -that’s just insane!

  5. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Loving that Legends generations shirt you were wearing, Tyson! Sweet!

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