Hello from Key West, Florida

Hello!  Let me blow the cobwebs off this keyboard because I’ve been too busy driving to focus on the blog.

This evening I completed the first portion of a massive cross-country road trip from Phoenix to Florida and back.

As I type this, I covered 2,743 miles over 7 states in the last 5 days.  I reconnected with friends in every stop.  I drove across the Guinness world’s longest continuous bridge over water in Louisiana.  I drove under Mobile Alabama in a tunnel.  I had to buy 2 new tires in Tallahassee.  I got soaked in a thunderstorm in West Palm Beach.  I fought Miami snowbirds in traffic.  And now, I’m at the southernmost point in the United States.  In fact, on a map, it looks like I could damn near throw a football and hit Havana, Cuba.

And don’t worry, I have about 400 photos and video clips of it all happening.  You’ll see some of them in due time.

Now, time for bed.

Ending mileage 569,312

25 Responses to “Hello from Key West, Florida”

  1. Sounds epic! Can’t wait to read your full report. I’m about to head east as well, leaving on Friday for Pittsburgh and then Boston Saturday. After that I’m not certain, but I’ll probably head north a bit and then loop back west for a Tuesday or possibly Wednesday return. Total drive should be around 2500 miles. Be safe out there!

  2. Props to your Legend coupe for getting you across the country without any major mechanical issues. Looking forward to reading your future entries! Have fun at NALM!

  3. Another masterful marathon road trip Mr. Hugie!
    Really looking forward to the pics off the full journey.

    LOL but why would anyone in their right mind go to Florida Keys during hurricane season?

    We’re heading out in about 1/2 hour to go snorkeling I’ll call when (if) we return….

    BTW watch out for the sun even with the clouds i got ‘lobsterized” yesterday. It must be the closer proximity to the equator or something.

  4. I can’t wait to see the full write-up of this coast-to-coast adventure! Over 2,700 miles one way – wow! Tires aside, how is the coupe holding up?

    Enjoy your time in the Keys!!

  5. Great picture. At what time was this pic taken? I have been here a number of times. Usually this place is always packed. Did people clear out just so the Legend could have this spot all to itself? It is like the seas parted when your car arrived. 😀

    • Yes I think that was around 7:30 p.m.! There were a few folks wandering about, but I moved quickly and took a few shots without blocking much traffic. I ended up going back this morning at sunrise and got a couple more. I’m telecommuting from the hotel today but about to head a few blocks away for lunch. Great meeting you yesterday!

  6. That sounds awesome Tyson – I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  7. My, my. I waited ALL day for beach photos and…. nothing. Did you forget about me? 🙂 In other news, my hind end is only good for 5 hours in the driver’s seat (or shotgun) at a time. I don’t — DO NOT — know how you handled 2700 miles, and that’s just HALF. Regardless, happy trails!

  8. I wanna know more about this bridge and tunnel….

    • Here are the deets. I found out about it from some friends in Texas. There is only a toll collected on the southbound lanes. From the middle of the 23-mile bridge, you’re so far out that you can’t see land in any direction. It causes some people to freak out and have a mental breakdown so they stop their vehicles and the emergency personnel have to come drive their cars across. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Pontchartrain_Causeway

  9. And how many Buc-ees did you stop at?

  10. I just realized I didn’t comment here. Haha. Been a blast following your adventure! I’ll be looking forward to the subsequent posts. Safe travels back home!

    • It’s good to be home! I’m not yet sure when or how I’ll share the complete story of the NALM 2019 epic journey but it will show up here in due time. Thanks for being a gracious host (times 2!).

  11. Eager to hear how the whole trip went! I did Key West with some friends the first New Years’ out of college. We drove a 5-speed Hyundai Sonata from the DC area to Key West. It was cramped and not super comfortable but we made it. KW itself was super fun.

    Two tires… did you have a blow out or just wear them down?

    • As for the tires, I’ll comment more on this in part of the upcoming 4-part video series on my trip, but the front tires on the Legend have always worn prematurely on the insides – despite rotations, alignments, and suspension work. It’s sort of a ‘known’ feature of these cars. When I had the car parked with the wheel at full-turn at a gas station in Tallahassee, I noticed they were were down to the wear bars. So I had them swapped in a “better safe than sorry” moment. They were likely well worn before I even left on the trip.

  12. Wesley Adams Says:

    Just getting over here. You drove over the Causway? I haven’t been on it in many years.

    You know that area at the south part of the bridge, where the big silver/gray building is?

    That’s where I’m from!

    That’s a lot of miles!

    I really can’t believe you drove that far.

    My sister was in Key West for work a couple of years ago. My mom also has a friend that lives there part time.

    I’ve never been though.

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