SOLD: 1992 Integra GS Sedan 5-Speed with 73,400 Miles

** Update 1/21/2020 **

This car was picked up today and is going to a great home in Florida.  Thanks for all the interest!

Hello friends!  I’ll have more updates in an upcoming post, but this one’s an ad.  It’s time to clear 1 of my 10 cars out.  Do any of my readers have interest?  I had a local offer that fell through so it’s up for grabs.

Detailed info below.

Maintenance snapshot.  I’ve spent $3,000 on maintenance and only driven it 2,000 miles in 2 years.

1992 Acura Integra GS Sedan 5-Speed

Torino Red Pearl on Black Interior

VIN:  JH4DB1562NS001367

  • Factory 1.8 liter 4-cylinder motor with 140 horsepower
  • “DB1” chassis with post-midcycle refresh to front bumper & rear trunklid / taillamps (1992-93 specific only).
  • 73,400 Miles
  • All original WA & UT car (Seattle area until 2000, then southern Utah until 2018

Link to Google Drive with about 80 Photos

4-Minute Video Walkaround:

I am the second owner, purchased May 2018 from original owner named Maxine (Steckler) Cook. She is 74 today.  She was 46 years old when she bought the car.  Maxine lives in Ivins, Utah currently and travels via RV with her husband Jim.  She was so proud of the car that she had pulled it onto the front lawn for photos for her classified ad, and she had a tear in her eye when I drove the car away.

Clean Carfax and title.  No known accidents or paint work.  Passed Arizona emissions.

Maintenance spreadsheet in Excel:   Includes recent timing belt, water pump, tires, fuel pump, radiator, upper and lower hoses, spark plugs, battery, and valve adjustment by Stephen Wade Honda and by Hon-Man Automotive.  New (aftermarket but custom fit) high quality carpeted floor mats.

RADwood car show participant in December 2018 Los Angeles at the Petersen Museum.

Includes window sticker (car had a $2k markup when new), all available records, owner’s manual w/ radio code, photos, and documentation.  I’ll include the Arizona copper “Historic” plate as well as the original Utah plates the car came with.  I even have screen shots of when I was FaceTiming with a friend who was checking out the car for me before I flew to Utah to purchase it.  The car is all original as Maxine had it, right down to the Utah Sheriff’s Association 1999 sticker in rear window.  I did remove the pinstripe, the Jesus fish from the trunk lid, and the gold license plate frames.

Noted:  Vibration at idle, especially with A/C on.  My 1992 Integra LS sedan had the same.  Defrost turns on by itself randomly sometimes.  There is a small, hard spot on passenger seat like glue that I haven’t tried removing yet. The check engine light came on once during (800-mile) Dec 2018 trip to LA but not since.   There is a small scuff on the left rear bumper.  Windshield wipers don’t work on the middle (intermittent setting).  Everything else is showroom fresh, and works.

Additional Videos:

13 Responses to “SOLD: 1992 Integra GS Sedan 5-Speed with 73,400 Miles”

  1. Sad to see this beauty leave, but I know you’ve got plans. 😉 It’s BaT worthy, but hopefully you get a quick sale locally there. Best of luck!

    • Thanks Jason! I elected not to BaT this one because it “looks” nearly identical to one I already sold on there 2 years ago, aside from having about 50k fewer miles and a higher trim level. That car sold for $4,500. This one is TOTALLY worth the $1,400 more than that one that I’m asking. I’m sure someone will step up to give it a good home. I need the garage space ;).

  2. sixspeedmiata Says:

    Correction, I removed the pinstripe!

  3. I was present when you acquired this beauty! Really — was it two years ago?? I can still hear Max’s voice as if it were yesterday. I hope this gem finds a great home. I am still sad that the Honda del Sol is gone…. sigh. However, I am certain that your new blue will have a place for me behind the wheel. Wink.

  4. That’s got to be the most in-depth classified ad for a car I’ve ever read! Someone is going to give this Teg a good home, I’m sure.

  5. Looks super sharp. That dashboard is identical to dashboard I had in my first generation 1987 Integra I used to have.

  6. Victor laguna Says:

    Cash offer 4300

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