Happy 2020 – Blog Stats, Mileage Updates, & Visitors

Let’s get this year started off right with some proper automotive updates!

Some data on the blog you’re reading:  Launched in spring 2011, Drive to Five saw its all-time highest traffic in 2014, presumably because I put a lot more effort into it back then than I do today.  I was also on a crusade to get max miles out of my then-new Acura ILX as I accumulated miles in a variety of weekend excursions to share with my readers.  I posted 128 blog entries that year.

This blog saw 60,957 views in 2019 from 26,535 unique visitors.  I posted 52 times, so on average once every week.  There are 78 of you who receive an email every time I publish a new post.  You must be out of your minds.

Sometimes I wonder if “reading” is a forgotten pastime.  Consider the fact that my YouTube channel over the last few months has seen unprecedented subscriber traffic.  A video that I uploaded about my new-to-me 1999 Acura Integra surpassed 50,000 views and 600 comments in its first 12 days.  In those 12 days, the same video made me $250 in ad revenue.  That’s gas money if nothing else (but I won’t quit my day job any time soon).

This blog nets me $3 a month by delivering ads to you all.  That doesn’t even offset what it costs me to pay for the domain name rental and the 3.6 gigabytes of storage it takes to archive the 19,000 images I’ve blogged over about 9 years.  But I’m not into blogging for the money.  I’m a writer.  This is my travel journal, and even if one person reads it, or for that matter, if nobody at all reads it, I’ll still keep publishing with some sort of regularity.

A lot more people are interested in just clicking a “Play” button on their YouTube browser than actually reading a blog, but if you’re still reading this, then to you I say, “Thanks!”  Your loyalty means a lot.

While we’re on a ‘stats’ kick, this grid is a tradition I’ve kept up for 4 years now.

I drove (or my cars drove, rather, because I’ve loaned them out plenty of times) 30,403 miles in 2019.  That was down from 36,053 in 2018.  My most expensive car to maintain last year (shocker) was the rust-bucket SLX which cost me over $2,600 in maintenance.  But I got an Acura video feature out of it, and I still love driving that stupid thing around town just for the reactions.

The ILX saw 10,000 miles and the Legend coupe 7,500.  But remember that 5,600 of those Legend miles were in one single trip:  Driving to southern Florida & back in October for the National Acura Legend Meet.  If NALM stays close to home in 2020 (I’m dropping a major hint here prematurely) it might not see that many this year.

I’ll let the below pics tell the rest of the recent updates.  I’ve had so many cool guests over the last couple of weeks, including a friend named Shaun from all the way in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  We connected via social media – isn’t it crazy how that works?  He’s a “garage” enthusiast.  Check out his Instagram:  @gullys_garage.  I also received visits from my Legend friend Jimmy, from Gearbox Magazine’s Brian Driggs for a Podcast, from author and friend Steve Lynch, and from a California based friend named Dani who just recently moved to Phoenix.

New Year’s Eve 2020 at ‘Flannel Ball’ in downtown Phoenix with friends

A friend sent me a Chilton’s manual for the GS-R

Library is coming along.  (And the GS-R will get a blog update in due time)

I’ve been picking up some cool magazines, including a coupe comparo where the 5th gen Honda Prelude reigned supreme against 6 other cars back in the day.

This was another interesting find.  December 1993.

A full 3 model years before the SLX debuted, Automobile nailed it.  They had an article discussing the potential for Honda to market a Trooper-based SUV.

Jimmy’s visit in his pristine Legend GS 6-speed

Received a 2020 calendar from my friend Pavel in the Czech Republic

Pulled out the Integra sedan for some photos since I’m selling it

Steve from Tucson stopped by.  He spent time working for American Honda back in the early 1990s and was fortunate enough to get the keys to a then-new NSX for a cruise to the hills.  A 4×6 photo from that occasion was given to me for feature in the display case.

Ken from SFO paid me a visit too.  We went out to dinner.

And while I had the sedan out, I commuted in it today.  Nice sunrise.

My sights are on this now.  Looks like you can guess what my next 2 cars are going to be.

Here’s to another year!

14 Responses to “Happy 2020 – Blog Stats, Mileage Updates, & Visitors”

  1. Looking forward to those updates on the new Integra!

    • I have a draft “Episode 2” video underway. So far the updates have been pretty small: emblem install, brochure purchases, exhaust tip polish, shift knob replacement, key reproductions, owner’s manual replacement, things like that. But one step at a time it’s getting there! Thanks Elvin.

  2. Great summary, Tyson! I’m one of those crazy ones that get the emails but didn’t know you sold the del sol? When was that?

    • Yes! I sold the del Sol back in October to a collector / friend who’s located in New Jersey. It went to a very good home, and last I heard he’s doing restoration on the few things it needed like re-adhering some areas of the door panels that had delaminated. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks for reading!

  3. Very cool post to start the new year! Like you, I find that keeping a blog is fun, and a nice way to practice the art of writing things beside work emails. You keep writing, and I, for one, will keep reading!

    Cool car updates. Looking forward to what possible acquisitions are in store (fingers crossed for a CL). Love how the Vigor outpaced even the ILX for lowest cost-per mile 😁. Just out of curiosity, what maintenance did the Legend coupe need that it cost almost $1k?

    • Oil and filter, change MT fluid
      Clean EGR valve base & pipe, inspect EGR port, replace EGR valve and green EGR vacuum valve canister. Replace both EGR pipe gaskets and EGR valve gasket.
      Replace 2 Michelin tires 215-55-16
      Replace all 4 taillamp bulbs
      Oil and filter
      Replace battery

  4. The ILX continues to show just how reliable and hassle free it’s been, even though it’s hardly moved in 2019. I was reading a copy of Evo from January 2019 the other day and there was a section about a Lotus Elise owner in the UK who has driven his car 260,000 miles. He purchased it in 2001 and uses it for his 95 mile commute every day.

    • That’s pretty amazing about the Lotus owner! My commute is just a fraction of that, and my annual mileage has taken a dip in recent years because of it. But I’m perfectly fine with slowing down a bit 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you for making blogs great again! Videos are nice, but some of us like to actually read about stuff and not have to spend time watching and listening to something that might have a bunch of fluff and distractions. One of my pet peeves has become the practice of news sites and others where I click a link thinking it’ll be a written article, but a video starts playing instead. Anyway, keep up the good work, and Happy New Year!

  6. If i could daily a NSX for 6c a mile, I’d buy one tomorrow! I know that’s unusual though. . .

    I hope you still have the Teggy GS on the 7th!

    • Haha I think it was a relatively inexpensive NSX year because 2018 was so expensive ($2k in ABS work, I think). Anyway we’ll see if the DB1 Teg is still around next month! If not there are plenty of others to entertain you with.

  7. The one time you thank the loyal readers, and I drop the ball on catching up. lol. Thank you for keeping up with this and all the posts! I really enjoy the Hugie adventures. Looking forward to what 2020 brings!

    • Haha, no worries! I have 2 blog posts marinating but I’ve had zero time, so it’ll be a little bit before I get the next chapters published! Thanks as always for reading and participating!

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