I’m Selling Three Cars

It had to happen at some point!

Time to clear a little space now that I’ve had my fun finishing out the 1990s fleet. Below are the links to my 7-day, no-reserve listings on AutoHunter for the 1999 2.3CL, the 1996 2.5TL, and the 1993 Legend L coupe.

I have something fun up my sleeve in the next few months for a new toy, so stay tuned for that.

CL: https://autohunter.com/Listing/Details/4074774/No-Reserve-1999-Acura-CL

TL: https://autohunter.com/Listing/Details/4084023/No-Reserve-1996-Acura-TL

Legend: https://autohunter.com/Listing/Details/4865597/No-Reserve-2Owner-1993-Acura-Legend

Also, NALM is back on track! Here are details on the meet October 6-10 in Phoenix, Arizona:


13 Responses to “I’m Selling Three Cars”

  1. If only! That red one speaks to me. I will follow the bidding and maybe impulsively go for it.

  2. Considering the shape it was in when you first got it, the Legend coupe’s transformation is really impressive. And great news about NALM!!

  3. I LOVE that coupe!

  4. Chris Miller Says:

    The CL. brings back memories of a friend gone too soon. That TL body style seemed so bland for a few years but that color with the spoiler and interior upgrades really shows nice even in 2021. I want both. I’m sure the misses would kill me.

  5. txaccord Says:

    I thought the CL would go for more than it did. Looks like the Legend is doing very well.

    I’m excited to see what’s next!

  6. What part of country is Legend coupe going to? Maybe I can see it sometime. These cars are a rare sight on the road. And I don’t exactly live in a small town with few cars. 😉 Last time I saw one was when I met you in October 2019.

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