Top 25 Countdown

Odometer:  475,007

Today on my way home from work I rolled past 475,000 which officially puts me in top 25 mode.  It’s all downhill from here!  The coupe continues to faithfully get me to work and back each day and I look forward to where my weekend travels will take me in the next 25,000.  Today’s achievement happened on Arizona Highway 87 southbound, between Fountain Hills and Mesa, Arizona.

Here’s a picture of the scenery where it took place.

Here is a video of the turn-over.  Poor quality due to the sun’s position and the fact that I was trying to drive at the same time.

Nothing new to report at this time, mechanically.  No news is good news, as they say.  Next oil change is due at 476,000.

Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend after I gave the car a much needed quick bath.  From a few feet away it still looks pretty dang good.  It isn’t until you get up close that you notice the peppered front end, missing clear coat on the trunk, misaligned bumper, and a few inevitable door dings (though, like most any car lover, I am an extremely careful parker!).

When I washed the car I also took note that I’ve been wearing a hole in the floor mat with the heel of my left shoe!  Good thing I have a new-in-the-box set of floor mats for any special occasions still.  And notice I’m rocking “dealership” adhesive plastic on the entry sills.  Love it!  I bought a 200′ roll of this stuff on Ebay years ago and may never use it all.  Comes in especially handy during the (short) Arizona rainy season.

Finally I thought it would be interesting to post a chart I threw together which shows the Legend’s mileage accumulation over its lifetime.  Since I have service records from its birth, it’s easy to plot everything out for a visual.   The line very visibly steepens when my ownership takes place about halfway through.  And my rate is pretty consistent too.  There are only two blips on the radar:  a section in winter 2004/05 when I drove a “winter beater” for a month or two during my college degree in northern Utah at USU, and a section in mid-late 2007 when the car spent a month or so for repaint after I hit two deer in Austin Texas.

Onward to 500k!

2 Responses to “Top 25 Countdown”

  1. Tyson…..In California, you can get a ticket that will cost you about $155 for the 1st offense of driving while talking on a cell phone. The police are looking even more for people while texting and driving. Not sure what they would think of if you got caught videoing your odometer while driving. (I got one of the $155 tickets…sucked, I was driving my 6 speed in heavy traffic in town, lights, changing lanes..etc) I’ll be looking for your updates on the next 25K, but make sure you don’t get any updates that include traffic violations or insurance claims. Do I sound like a Dad? Sorry. …………………….Duane

  2. You’re absolutely right! Distracted driving, no excuse for it. Texting while driving is illegal here, but talking on the phone is still okay. Here’s to a safe upcoming 24,XXX miles to my final destination.

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