SoCal Adventure

Odometer:  477,043

Looks like it’s already been about 10,000 miles since I started the blog and I’m creeping ever closer to the half million mark.

Life is a highway!  And I spent this weekend riding that highway.  Specifically, Interstate 8 which parallels the Mexican border all the way from Phoenix to southern California.  I trekked to San Diego for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  The trust old Legend made the trip without a hiccup, including a steep grade on the westbound leg that rises from sea level to about 4,100 feet within a matter of 15 miles or so.  There are places alongside that stretch of interstate with signs marked “Radiator Water” for any unfortunate automobilers who might need it.

I took the chance while in the area to zip up the I-5 and say hello to my friend Tom and his mom who are visiting that area from Connecticut for a week-long vacation.  Tom is a long-time friend and fellow Acura fanatic, so we snagged an obligatory driveway photoshoot at the beautiful home in Lake Forest (Orange County) that his family is renting during their stay.

Aside from some expected traffic delays dealing (and parking headache!) with the marathon event and its 20,000+ participants in downtown San Diego, travel throughout the weekend was painless.  It did hurt a little to pay $4.49/gallon for premium fuel at Shell in Jacumba, CA on the return leg.  Just for kicks, I checked my fuel mileage and had only been getting 25 mpg or so, but this was with windy conditions, 80 mph on the cruise control, and A/C full blast.  Maintenance wise – nothing noted since the last oil change.  For convenience’s sake, I had the last one performed at Acura North Scottsdale which is right near my office.  “My” service advisor there, Summer, always incorporates a coupon into my total bill even though I’ve never had to print one off the website.  $36.35 including tax and I was out the door and on the road.

Here’s a shot from Fountain Hills after work today on the way home.  Buggy front end but she still looks decent from a distance.

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