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As further witness to just how deep this Acura Legend obsession goes, I thought I’d take a pit stop in the 500k blog to post about my catalog of Acura & Legend literature that I’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ve been collecting anything on paper related to this car since I was about 16 years old.  Today I received in the mail from my friend Steve in Missouri a new addition for the library:  a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) brochure for the Legend coupe, including photos and specs (in Japanese, of course) for the super rare Alpha-Touring model.  It’s fun to thumb through and view the accessories offered and recognize just how far ahead of their time these vehicles were.  It’s also amazing the level of detail that went into not only the cars themselves, but the advertising materials that promoted them.

I’ve got some full size 24×36 posters, a VHS promo tape, OEM service manuals, magazine articles, brochures from about every year, original dealership press kits in boxes, and virtually anything else that could have been used to promote the Legend.  Among my collection I also keep a few special items related to my own personal car; I was fortunate to obtain from the original owner the window sticker, purchase paperwork, pre-delivery inspection, and I even still have the California license plate “3KED109” that was issued to the car when it was brand new in 1994 in Pleasanton.

Like any good data analyst, I went ahead and logged my collection a few years ago in Excel and I add a line each time I get a new piece of material, such as today.

Here’s the new piece I got today.  18 pages of fascinating reading!  Thanks Steve.

Just one of the boxes of some of the junk I’ve accumulated.

And some pics from a few years ago when I pulled out a few pieces to reminisce.

I won’t even get into the thousands of Legend pictures I’ve taken over the years – of my cars and of others’.  My best friends know me well enough to realize that it makes my day when they send me random “spy” shots of Legends on the road with their phones.  And they’re quick to quiz me on the year, trim, options, and official color name every time it happens.   I love it!

4 Responses to “My Kinda Books”

  1. Tyson….The magazine article of the Legend GS, the blue background and the white sedan, what magazine (issue date) was that from? I’d like to see if I could find it and see what it had to say. As you already know, I have a 94 GS 6 speed sedan. Isn’t that your backup car as well? Mine is getting closer to my 200,000 milestone. It’s around 194,350.


    • Duane, that’s the July 1994 Motor Trend. You might be able to find back-issues on Ebay. If not, let me know and I’m happy to scan/email a copy of the article to you. Yes I do have a back-up Legend. I’ll post about that one of these days too (it’s only got 141,000 on it). You’re closing in on 200,000! Talk to you soon – thanks for keeping an eye on the blog. Tyson

  2. Hi, Tyson & Duane —
    Do you have images of any Acura Driver magazine covers? I’m checking our library archives but they are off-site and it could take weeks. We are working on the next, newest iteration of the magazine.

    • Hi Ann, I have many old issues of Acura Driver and Acura Style, dating as far back as 1996. I’d be happy to scan the covers of some of them for you! My email address is shown in the “About / Contact” main page of this site, or you can reply here with yours. Thanks for writing.

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