Back from the Moon

Odometer:  477,877

Today the mighty Legend coupe completed its journey to the moon and back.  The average distance to the moon is 238,857 miles, so as of 477,714 at around 7:00 p.m. this evening on Interstate 10 eastbound near Quartzsite, Arizona, the mission was completed.  Step aside, space shuttle!  If I’d been getting 26 mpg (hwy rating per the window sticker) for the entire 477,000 miles, the car would have burned just over 18,300 gallons of fuel during this excursion.  Reference on lunar distance:

If I could have placed an ACURA flag on the surface of the moon while I was there, I would have done so.

Today’s adventure took my friend Matt and me to the site of the Chrysler-owned “Arizona Proving Ground” in the town of Yucca, which is literally nothing more than a few ghost town-worthy buildings, a post office, a bar, and the expansive proving ground facility which is both heavily gated and closely monitored.  In stopping at the entrance to the grounds just off Interstate 40 for a picture, a voice came on a loudspeaker, “Can I help you?”  I responded (aimlessly looking around for where the voice had come from) that we were only there for a picture and would be on our way.

Interestingly enough, I was watching an old “MT TV” (Motor Trend) spot from 1998 and noticed that this same facility, once Ford-owned, was used in a high speed shootout and appears in a YouTube clip online.

I (carefully) snagged an odometer shot on I-10 as we neared the Phoenix metro area once again this evening.

Lucky sevens!

Only issue we had with the car today was an intermittent problem I’ve noticed with the climate control system.  Every once in awhile, I’ll start the car and hit the AUTO for the A/C to kick on and not get any fan speed – even when I manually override the system and set it to “high.”  This issue happened once today when we drove a good 5-8 minutes before we got any airflow from the vents.  Otherwise it was a trouble free drive.

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