Odometer Photo Phrenzy

Odometer:  495,700

Blog reader “Scott” in Dallas, Texas today said he thought it’d be cool if I shared some of my odometer pictures from over the years.  The total photograph count of Legend pics in my archive is well into the thousands, and odometer shots are a good chunk of those.  In addition to the standard 1, 2, 3, 400,000 shots which I shared in this blog’s first post here…


…. here are a few of the other memorable occasions:





Below are a few that I can actually peg dates & locations to.

111,111.1.  Yes, at 111 mph. October, 2003, somewhere between Las Vegas and Primm, Nevada on I-15.   The road was closed to the public at the time, obviously.

222,222.2.  May, 2006.  Alaska Highway, southbound, in the Yukon Territory, Canada, coming home from Fairbanks, Alaska.  My dad was actually driving at the time.

333,333.3.  July, 2008.  Interstate 40, westbound, near Memphis Tennessee – coming home from that year’s annual National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) in Chattanooga.

444,444.4.  And:  BONUS points for also getting 444.4 on the trip meter!  Yes, this one took some pre-planning.  October, 2010.  Valencia Rd, west of Tucson, Arizona.

Tonight, I dropped off the Legend with my friend & side mechanic Wes to have him to do an assessment on the brake rotors and upper control arms in the front.  We’ll see what the verdict is.  I caught a cab ride home from a cheery guy in a lime green Prius (with 170k on it – yes I had to ask him).  He’d seen that I was dropping off my car for maintenance and asked what I was having done to it.  I told him I had 495,000 miles on it and he exclaimed, “That’s not a car, that’s a SUPERcar!”

I totally agreed with him.

11 Responses to “Odometer Photo Phrenzy”

  1. Yet another very interesting post. After you reach 500,000 (did I add enough zeros there?) I say you go for 555,555.5.

  2. Thank you for spelling frenzy with a ph. I love doing that.

    It’s sort of crazy how your little (ha!) journey to 500,000 is influencing people. My husband has decided to put some work into his jeep, give it some love, and keep it forever. My sister has decided that it’s stupid to try for a new car with this one ONLY has 100,000 miles on it. You said that cars these days are built to last longer than we let them and your faithful readers have listened. You have influence, man.

    • Megan, it warms my heart to hear how people have heeded my counsel, if I gave any! Yay for keeping old cars on the road forever & ever. Thanks for reading the blog and for sharing it with others!!

  3. 111 mph at 111,111? Love it! You were speeding to the outlet mall in Primm, no doubt. It sounds like you’re already planning something new…safe to assume it will be an Acura?

    • Scott, I’m absolutely sure I had shopping on the brain at the 111 time. As for “new” – I’m not so sure. It’d be great to have the technology & safety benefits of an off-the-showroom ride, but ever since I got my driver license I’ve lusted after an exotic car called the Acura NSX. My true hope is to pull the trigger on an early 1990’s model with relatively low miles and some detailed maintenance and ownership history.

  4. I tried to go 200 at 200,000 but the lights were just too close!


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