Spy Shots

Odometer:  495,710

It really hit me that I talk too much about my car when a few years ago, my friends started sending me “spy” pictures of Acura Legends every time they saw them on the road. My friend Jeremy’s eyes are so well trained that he can even spot them in his rearview mirror.  I received the following as a photo text message this afternoon:

My friend Matt sent this one this past weekend during a trip to Los Angeles.

And a colleague from work, Jim, goes the extra mile — often sending MULTIPLE angles of the same vehicle.  One day a couple weeks ago I received a series of 9 (yes nine!) photos of this 1994 Legend LS here in Scottsdale that’s a twin to mine.  Jim later acknowledged that the driver appeared to get suspicious when he saw Jim taking so many pictures with his camera phone.  Understandably!

It makes my day to get photo text messages like this.  How disgustingly nerdy is that?

My love of the road is well known among my friends.  This morning I posted a Happy Birthday message on a friend’s Facebook wall who I haven’t talked to in a few months.  His response:  “You are probably road tripping somewhere… hope all is well!”  These people have me figured out.  Speaking of Facebook, have you visited the Acura Legend Owners & Enthusiasts page lately?  I created it in November, 2006 and it’s up to over 660 members today.  Little did I know that so many other people shared my love for a vehicle that’s now been discontinued for over 15 years.

Today, my brake rotors were refinished on the LS coupe for the first time since 89,784 miles.  I also had the front lower ball joints replaced with OEM units.  None of this was absolutely critical – I’m sure the car would have easily sailed to 500,000 without today’s work.  However, as Mr. Preventive Maintenance, whether a car has 50k or 500k on it, I maintain my vehicle as if I’m going to be driving it for the rest of my life.  And that means I’ll have more peace of mind knowing that I’m doing my part to not only ensure my car’s future but my own safety.

The beauty of Desert Mist Metallic paint is that from a distance you don’t see just how bad the front end on this thing is.  Road rash galore.


10 Responses to “Spy Shots”

  1. You forgot the white coupe picture I sent you!

    • I know! 1993 LS Coupe Type II! Sometimes you send me several squirrel pics a day. Do you recall when we were driving in Trixie the TSX Sport Wagon and I spotted a Canterbury Green LS Sedan ahead? SQUIRREL!

  2. Penny~Lady6spd Says:

    Tyson, I think the Acura Legends Owners and Enthusiats Page members are going to triple in number. I didn’t know about it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Penny, glad you’re on the Facebook group now! It’s a great venue for those days when the forums go down for maintenance 🙂 Plus you can upload and share your latest photos on there. I think I speak for everyone on there when I say that we hope to see some more pictures of that beautiful sherwood green GS 6-speed!!

  3. Spencer_C27A1Legend'88 Says:

    I just saw a desert mist metallic coupe today and it reminded me of yours. I was in beautiful shape and I just stopped and stared at it haha. That is one of my favorite colors along with cashmere silver. Only 4K left, keep it up!

    • Hey Spencer, thanks for checking out the blog! You know I have lusted after your red G1 coupe for years now, and I want to be first in line if/when you decide to get rid of that beauty! Next time you see that “imposter” desert mist coupe rolling around up there, snag a picture for me. Yeah… just over 4k left! Anticipation is killing me.

      • So when I see another Legend, you want me to snap a cell phone pic. and send it to you? (other than the three in my garage/driveway of course!) I would get arrrested for using my phone too much while driving!!

        Did you get your GS out for a good leg stretching yet? Better get in the habit of driving that one around a good two times a month.

  4. Yeah Dave, I’m driving the GS regularly! It was pulled out of the garage for daily duty two days this week while the coupe was having some additional front end work (I’ll post about that soon – lower ball joints). Sedan runs like a champ. Still sitting (only) around 141,800. And yes, by all means, (carefully) send me those Legend shots when you’re out and about and spot them!

  5. I turned 198,000 in mine today. Maybe a little weird, but I get 100 miles with each of the 1st 4 digits to think about what I was doing in 1977 (year I graduated high school), 1978, 1979, 1980. Brings back a lot of memories. I always look forward to checking your blog.

    • Duane, you’re getting there! Yeah I find reasons to reminisce when I look at certain sequences of numbers on the odometer too. I remember when the row of numbers looked a lot like my phone number once! Random. Hope you had a great weekend.

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