Legend Trail & Kartchner Caverns

Odometer:  496,423

I found my future home location yesterday.  If I don’t end up at the Tyson RV Park in Quartzsite, Arizona, I’d like to live somewhere near the intersection of Legendary Drive and Legend Trail Rd near the Legend Trail Golf Club in Carefree, Arizona.   There is just WAY too much “Legend” going on in this particular photograph.  Way.

Today’s adventure was about 170 miles each way from the Phoenix area.  I picked up a couple of adventurous friends, Jared and Matt, and we headed for the Kartchner Caverns of southern Arizona.

My “standard” stop between Phoenix and Tucson is the DQ at Picacho Peak at exactly the halfway point.  The Legend filled up on 91 octane Shell gasoline and I filled up on a grilled chicken sandwich.

From the visitor parking lot at Kartchner Caverns State Park, the air was so clear that we could see the mountain range about 30 miles to the south that resided just within the Mexican border.  The caverns were discovered in 1974 and to this day are some of the best preserved examples in the world, thanks to a humidification system and a series of 4 air-lock doors that guests must pass through ($28 million worth!) during the 90-minute tour.  Photographs were not allowed but here’s one I pulled off the Internet.

What an eye opener to see formations that have been “growing” for 50,000 years or more.

Exiting the park grounds, I took advantage of the photo-op and made Jared be a part of it with me.

Another road trip completed without a hiccup and the car still moseys right along at 80 mph.

In other news, on Friday night I had the pleasure of spending an evening with my friend Rich who I’d met via the Acura Legend forums.  He hails from the Atlanta area and flew all the way to this side of the country to buy a local black 1994 Legend LS coupe.  After a dinner and some Legend talk, Rich and his friend Matt headed northbound to Flagstaff and eventually eastward toward home.  As of this posting I still believe they’re on the road.  Safe travels, Rich, and thanks for stopping by!

And lastly, a cell phone pic of what is perhaps the most ideal parking space in the world.  What car lover would not love to have his or her baby protected on all sides?  This happened at lunch the other day and I couldn’t help but document it.

Tomorrow the Legend coupe goes in for an oil change at Acura of Tempe.  I received this week two service coupons from that dealership.  I’m also going to have the rear upper control arms redone.  Ever since about 487,000 when I had them changed before, I’ve had a very pronounced creak from the rear suspension.  I’m almost positive the cheaper quality aftermarket control arms that I used are to blame.   Lesson learned – only Acura OEM parts from here on out.  Not that I should need anything at this point –only 3,500 miles to go!  I can practically see the finish line from here!

4 Responses to “Legend Trail & Kartchner Caverns”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    As for me, I’d love to live on Legends Road which I found just south of Brainerd, Minnesota last year. 500,000 miles is creeping up on your coupe. Pull it off on my 11-13 birthday!

  2. I’ll see what I can do, Kevin! I might be creeping up on the miles too fast to hold off until that far into November! I think you need to take another trip or two to Brainerd! Had a great time hanging out with Rich this weekend – he speaks highly of you.

  3. I’d like to order 3 isolation parking places for my coupes please.

    500 is such a great number… I think this Black Coupe will be my car to carry me there. I can’t wait to see the day you turn the half million mark.

    Matt and I pulled into the driveway back home at around 7AM Monday morning after an all nighter laced with sheer determination to make it home without another hotel stay!

    It was great to see you in PHX and maybe I’ll be able to make FLA next month!

    Keep on truckin’


    • Isolation parking spaces — now there’s a solid idea! Seems like parking spaces are getting skinner with time. I’m glad you and Matt got home safe and sound. I know you’ve got a hefty list of “to-do’s” with the new ride – anxious to see where you go with it. I’m especially interested in watching what you’ll do with the projector headlights project. Looking forward to plenty of pics along the way.

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