Hollywood, California

Odometer: 499,964

It’s “500k Eve” – as I settle in for the night in Hollywood on the verge of a very big mileage accomplishment for my old Acura.  The car sailed along Interstate 10 westbound from Phoenix just as smoothly as it has probably 50 times before.  This stretch of road is a familiar one for the old Legend. We did sit through about 45 minutes of construction delays near Palm Springs.

I’ll do my best to bring you some of the day’s festivities via photograph and video after the big occasion.

See everyone tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Hollywood, California”

  1. Very excited!!!

  2. Congrats Tyson, wish the weather would have been better but a big milestone anyways. Drive home careful 🙂

  3. Adam Stewart Says:

    Absolutely freaking awesome. You did a wonderful job, and while I’m no longer a Legend owner it is great to see you’ve hit that milestone. What are the plans for now?

    • Thanks Adam! Glad you enjoyed following along, and you were definitely a part of making this milestone happen. Not sure on the plans for the immediate future. I’m still driving the car and enjoying it just as much as in pre-500k days 🙂

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