I’ve Driven to Five!

Odometer:  500,032

Red carpet?  All the way!

I can’t even start to convey the excitement and enthusiasm that were overflowing in today’s 500,000 mile event held at the Acura headquarters in Torrance, California.  A day of recognition for an incredible car, its loving driver, and a network of friends and family who have each played a huge role in making this very long journey a success.  It’s been an exhausting day but I wanted to at least quickly update my loyal readers that the day has in fact arrived.

As soon as I can find my laptop AC adapter I’ll begin to sort through the many pictures that were captured today and share some of the memories, but in the meantime, coming to you from the Business Center at the W Hotel in Hollywood:  the Drive to Five has now crossed the finish line!  In fact, the alignment of the odometer, timing, and predetermined location were absolutely & unmistakably perfect this morning.

I’m overwhelmed by the support from Acura and from my friends who traveled from near and far to share this occasion with me.  Stay tuned as I’ll share some of today’s events in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, you can view a few pictures at AcuraConnected.com and my friend Kevin’s album on Facebook if the link works.

TONS more here too. Thanks Efong for the great documentation!

Thanks for riding along!

10 Responses to “I’ve Driven to Five!”

  1. Hey, I beat Jeremy to the first comment!

    The album is set to public, so it should be visible to all. Today was a lot of fun, and definitely worth being at. Even the weather held out at the right moments for the Legend.

  2. Oh Tyson. My weirdly voyeuristic self has so enjoyed this journey. You, my friend, are, shall we say, unique! Way cool.

  3. Congratulations Tyson! From all of us at Acura of Wichita!

  4. a truely LEGENDARY event! Thank you Tyson for the invitation.

  5. Congratulations Tyson! This has been a great blog to follow.

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