Thanksgiving Travels

Odometer:  503,806

Lots of seat-time for the Legend driver and its passengers this weekend as we made the trek as far north as Ogden, Utah, some 757 miles away from my home in Scottsdale.  The drive, though, was totally worth it.  I got to see my new niece & nephew and have a great holiday with my family.

Wednesday afternoon – heading northbound from Phoenix after a short & sweet day at the office.  Quick stop for road treats in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Friday morning, St. George, Utah at my brother’s place.  Legend gets dwarfed by my brother’s 2011 Ford pickup with 40″ tires

Northbound Interstate 15 in central Utah.  Yes, I yielded the driver’s seat to my friend Jeremy for a 2.5 hour stretch of the drive to Salt Lake City!

Central Utah scenery.

Saturday morning, Salt Lake City, Utah.  A very chilly & frosty 25 degrees Fahrenheit and the Legend cranked right up – well, on the second try at least.  It’s a tired old motor!

My friends and I again went to see the steam locomotive, Union Pacific 844, which is nearing the end of its journey of the southwest United States and returning home to Cheyenne, Wyoming soon.  This picture taken at the train station in Ogden, Utah.  A legend meets a Legend (again).

Heading back to St. George, Utah on Saturday evening.  This is my favorite time of day to drive.  Interstate 15 southbound, taken near Nephi, Utah.

Earlier this week I redeemed my first “complimentary” oil change on the Legend, thanks to the folks at Acura Parts & Service in Torrance, CA at the company’s headquarters.  My receipt from Acura North Scottsdale from 502,050 miles states “Extended Warranty.”  That’s one great extension!  I definitely intend on getting the car’s upper front control arms checked out as well as taking a look at the EGR system.  We got a code 12 check engine light a couple of times on this trip – probably just something that needs to be cleaned out & reset.

All in all another successful voyage for the now-seasoned Legend.

Hope all my readers had a great holiday!

5 Responses to “Thanksgiving Travels”

  1. I know that guy driving your Legend! She still drives great after all of these years. I do wish that there was a bit more space for a 6’6″ mammoth like me.

    • If we could just get a permanent fix for that wind noise from the driver’s side window we’d have a pretty smooth highway cruiser! No more throwing chewing gum out that window at speed.

  2. Don’t forgot to charge your Camera fully before going out, Always better to take a call taxi for safe and pleasant journey. Have a great day.

  3. Keep that Legend rolling Tyson. My two coupes live vicariously thru yours as they don’t get nearly as much ‘exercise’! LOL

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