December Drive

Odometer:  504,418

There must be something special about vehicles made in 1994.  My friend Ryan shared a link with me to a fellow high-miler’s success story that I wanted to share.  Brian Greenslade from the U.K. recently achieved 500,000 miles in his 1994 Audi and there’s a great article here.  I congratulate Brian on his accomplishment and welcome him to the 500k club!  🙂

Speaking of high mileage in the global realm, through my WordPress blog’s “dashboard” utility I can readily view the sites that are linking to my site, and I noticed this week that Drive to Five is even getting some international exposure now.  An Acura Club forum in Russia appears to have been discussing it.  Here is the link to the site.

And on the opposite end of the mileage spectrum, last weekend I visited my good friend Chuck who’s had his pristine 1993 Acura Legend LS coupe since 2004.  It’s only got 29,000 miles on it and the leather looks absolutely brand new underneath the sheepskin seat covers.  You can also see Chuck’s 1981 Civic CVCC wagon in the background – pretty incredible condition for a 30 year classic car.

This weekend, the Legend stayed tucked safely into its warm bed while I hopped on a flight to San Francisco to see a concert for one of my favorite bands, Metallica. I got my ears blasted by some of the loudest music I’ve heard in a long time — an impressive performance by a band that’s been together for as long as I’ve been alive, since 1981.  Prior to leaving Phoenix, a last farewell to the sleeping beauties.

View of San Fran from my hotel in Japantown.

At the SFO airport, I couldn’t help but capture the following picture at a restaurant right next to our gate.  Legends!  The Bay Area was also the first home for my Legend and where it lived for the first 9 years of its life under the care of its original owner.

I received a very special gift from my mom.  She found online a place that specializes in converting blogs to books.  A package arrived this week containing my blog, from its inception in March of this year, through my 500k achievement on 11/4/2011, printed in hard copy book that’s 272 pages long!  Pretty awesome.

This afternoon I pulled the old hot rod out of the garage for a quick Sunday drive.  It’s days like today that remind me why I choose to live in this beautiful area:  67 degrees, full-sunshine, weather perfection.  I rolled out of the neighborhood with the windows down in shorts, a T-shirt, and flip flops.  Not your typical mid-December attire in many other parts of the country or world.

Here’s one of the entrance signs to the city in which I live.

I rolled over to the Phoenix Zoo area which is near Papago Park, home to many of the desert’s most famous plants, the saguaro cacti, as well as some interesting sandstone rock formations estimated to date back millions of years.  Papago has a nice little one-lane loop that makes for a nice scenic drive.

Next oil change is coming up sometime after the 505k mark, so not too far away.  Until then, This Old Acura (my favorite show growing up was Bob Vila’s “This Old House”) just keeps going and going and going and going…

10 Responses to “December Drive”

  1. I have had many people tell me they have been following this blog as well, people I had no idea were even aware of it. I am anxious to see how the book turned out and expect it to be on your “coffee table” for all your future guests to enjoy.

    See you soon — very soon! The countdown has begun. 🙂

  2. Sounds good – and thanks again!

    • I want a copy!! On second thought… I think I have enough internal memory images saved up in my cerebral hard drive to suffice. My Acura is covered in dirt and being put to good use!

  3. I drove down to SF and back today. Were you there on Saturday?

    • Yes, Duane. I stayed at Hotel Kabuki in downtown and I made a side trip to San Jose on Saturday morning just before catching my SFO-PHX flight that afternoon! Would have been great to meet up with you. I’m possibly going back this coming weekend – will you be in the area?

    • Thanks. Yeah I believe you have seen enough pictures of this Desert Mist Metallic LS coupe to last you a lifetime… you could probably describe its every detail as well as I could.

  4. Good call on the book Tia! Hopefully your son has mailed off your shirts.

    Glad your trip went well Ty. Keep us blog readers posted!

  5. Dave! Wearing the shirt(s) proudly (one at a time) and smiling as I do so! How are things in your neck of the woods? The book will be passed around for all to enjoy, and cherished greatly. Ride on!

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