Drive to Five Celebration Video

Odometer:  504,500

For each of the many milestones that I’ve celebrated with my Acura Legend, I’ve had plenty of photo & video documentation.  When I rolled 500,000 miles last month on-site at Acura’s corporate office in Torrance, California, though, I didn’t even have a camera with me.  Thankfully, there were plenty of other people in attendance to capture the moment and share it with me and everyone else later.

Tonight a video was released on Acura’s Facebook page which captures in fewer than 3 minutes an achievement that took my Legend almost 18 years to accomplish.  Thanks to the skilled folks who put this together (and again to Acura for throwing the party!) so I can remember this memorable day for many years to come!

12 Responses to “Drive to Five Celebration Video”

  1. I think I just watched your vid a dozen times Tyson! I can’t believe I’ve neglected reading your blog lately… time to put it on the feed I guess.

    Thanks for putting your valuable time into what is certainly a very enjoyable stop on the netz.


    • Hey Rich, thanks for checking in and definitely keep tabs on the blog going forward. I plan on continuing to post once every couple of weeks since the coupe (free maintenance!) is still my daily driver.

  2. i cannot believe i didn’t know you have a blog!! must now follow.


  4. Nearly 5000 additional miles in the last 6 weeks? Okay, so at that rate, you will be adding 43,350 miles by this time next year, bringing the total to 547,850. CAN YOU DIG IT???!!! 🙂

  5. P.S. I wish money in my savings account would multiply that quickly….

  6. That is a great little video they made for sure! Keep the wheels rolling Tyson!

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