Metric Concert: Tempe, Arizona

Odometer:  16,801

Rock on!  There’s a good reason why I know that the Acura ILX Premium Audio System volume maxes out at level 40 and still sounds crisp and clear.  I love my music!  And so does Acura, which is why the automaker has partnered with musical group Metric for a tour.  The latest destination in the Metric concert tour brought the band to a venue just 5.1 miles from my home:  The Marquee Theatre.  Easy drive!

I’d last seen the band in June of this year when I drove to the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood.  That event wasn’t a concert, but rather a “listening event” where I interacted with band members, music industry representatives, and Acura folks.  Since then I’ve become quite familiar with the latest Synthetica album.  This week’s event was my first real taste of what the band sounds like live.  Marquee has the capacity to hold about 1,000 people.

Heading across the Mill Avenue bridge to head into downtown Tempe for a bite to eat with my friend Kelvin before the show.

Tickets baby!

Inside the Marquee Theatre.

Kelvin and I await the start of the show.

After an opening performance by fellow Canadian band Half Moon Run, Metric takes the stage!

Lead vocalist Emily Haines started off the setlist with Artificial Nocturne.

My favorite song, Speed the Collapse, was played third.

Great show!  Outside the theatre, a Crystal Black Pearl Acura ILX 2.0 was on display.

Stickers on the rear doors.

Back to my own ILX after the show.

And rocking out to some fitting music on the iPod as we headed home.

A car is a way for people like me to express identity.  For many folks, that means customization.  Even though the Acura ILX has only been on sale for a few months, aftermarket accessory companies like suspension-maker TEIN have already started launching products for ILX tuning.  I saw these pictures posted on the company’s website.

Pretty aggressive stance on this Fathom Blue ILX!

And don’t you think the ILX would look stunning as a 2 door coupe?  AcuraConnected posted a rendering today of a Crimson Garnet ILX photoshopped as a coupe.

This post marks Drive to Five’s 150th entry!   I suppose it’s time to start shooting for 500 posts, just like I shot for 500,000 miles, right?

Have a great weekend!

6 Responses to “Metric Concert: Tempe, Arizona”

  1. That crystal black pearl ILX you are standing next to in the picture looks super sharp. And those rims look beautiful. Are those factory rims? They are different than the rims in your car right?

    • Hi Carlos, that’s correct. The wheels on the black ILX pictured here are the factory 17″ Premium package wheels (5-spokes). The wheels on my ILX are a multi-spoke pattern (also 17″) that are considered the “Accessory” wheels.

  2. Are the Metric shows still invite only? If so its a bummer Acura doesn’t open them up to the public.

    • Dave, the tour shows are fully public. The only event that was invite-only was the “listening event” that I went to earlier this year. Looks like Metric is in Houston tonight. I ended up randomly seeing a couple of my friends at the show last week!

      Also interesting to note – even though there was an Acura ILX on display, there was also a Suzuki Kizashi and a Fiat 500. Not sure what was up with that!

  3. Wow, the ILX WOULD look great as a coupe!

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