ILX Drive: Pinnacle Peak Hike

Odometer (ILX):  53,959


STILL 105?  Let’s get past summer, already!

It’s a relatively low mileage weekend, but I’m making up for the fact that August was an 8,000 mile month.  I feel like it’s okay for me to put the breaks on my hyper-mileage tendencies once in awhile.

This week, my friend Tom is in town from Branford, Connecticut for some training for his work.  It’s been fun to show him around the desert a little bit.  This morning, we headed out at 6:30 in the morning (when it was “only” 83 degrees) for a hiking trail in northeast Scottsdale, Arizona called Pinnacle Peak (red marker in the below map):



My other friends Paul and Brad came along for the ride, and we met up with my coworker (another Paul) for the 4-mile round-trip hike up this scenic mountain.


The parking lot at the trailhead was on the east side of the peak, and as we got closer to the mountain, we saw hikers zig-zagging up the face of the mountain.


It didn’t take long for us to start working up a sweat.  Paul J led the way at a pace that pretty aggressive!


We passed a lot of other hikers, some who were even running up the mountain.


At the highest point in the trail (2,889 feet), we paused for a group picture.


Look at that enthusiasm!  Paul J is up top, and the bottom row is (L to R):  Tyson, Paul W, Brad, and Tom.


From here, the trail dipped down a thousand feet or so, then started climbing back up again as we circled the peak and started up another one.  All the while, we were surrounded by gigantic saguaro cacti like the one pictured here.


Brad feeling victorious as we neared the end of the hike.  In all, it only took us about an hour and a half.


And finally, after having finished the hike, we were glad to get back into the ILX and rest our legs.  Brad is 6 foot 3 and commented that he still had ample head room in the back seat.  Way to go, engineers!


We took Brad’s car to breakfast at US Egg.  This is a 2013 Audi RS5.  It’s a 450-horsepower beast, powered by a 4.2 liter V8 engine.  I took my place in the back seat (which was snug, but not uncomfortable).


The exhaust note on this car is simply awesome.


My other friend Brian came over this weekend to show us his “new” 2008 G37 coupe 6-speed.  It’s just about the cleanest vehicle I’ve ever seen with 100,000 miles on it.


My Legend sedan came out to play for a little bit yesterday.


Out & about on Saturday night.


Tom took the wheel for a little while.  He is very accustomed to the Legend, having spent a great deal of time driving one back home.  He just recently got out of the Legend game and moved into a 2006 Acura TL 6-speed which he loves.


Stay tuned for a full review this week on the ILX that Tom has written up and submitted to Drive to Five.

7 Responses to “ILX Drive: Pinnacle Peak Hike”

  1. Do ALL your friends have nice cars? I am beginning to think that is a prerequisite to being your friend. Just kidding! The nice is in the friend, not as much the car….

    Here is to hoping your temperatures drop into double digits soon, and that the annual January trip to Phoenix will offer me some pleasant 60’s and 70’s. 🙂

    Write on!

    • Nice cars aren’t mandatory, but you’re right – my friends have good taste! I can relate to just about anyone who takes pride in his or her vehicle, whether it’s a 2013 Audi RS5 or a 1988 Acura Legend coupe! 🙂 I’m betting the weather in PHX will be absolutely PRIME for you in January.

  2. Seeing upper 70’s to mid 80’s here in NC. Loving the drop and just cannot wait for Hoddie and sweatpants weather! Love the fall. It’s a perfect time for photo shoots. Besides, who doesn’t love the Halloween Holiday?!

    Would be nice if Acura had something other than a future NSX to compete with the RS5 and G37’s alike! CLX please!

    Love that Side profile picture of the Legend Sedan and Coupe. Ageless designs.
    Nice write up, Tyson. 🙂

  3. Tyson, looks like a fun hike and yes, a little break from the hyper-mileage mode can be a good thing. As long as it’s not too often. 🙂 Legends are still looking good! I’m drooling over Brian’s G37. That is on my list of cars that could possibly replace the Accord…if I ever wrecked it or if it’s stolen. I have to admit, I just would like a little rear-wheel-drive action every once in a while.

    • Jason, I assure you, my high-mileage-accumulation days are not yet over! But I’m enjoying the little break in all the action. Those G37 coupes are really hot. Nothing quite like the handling dynamics of a RWD vehicle when you really want to have a little bit of sporting fun. The chrome wheels on Brian’s G were blindingly shiny.

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