Two Integra Feature Stories: The Truth About Cars, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car

Odometer (Integra):  239,106

Odometer (ILX):  197,837

Happy Friday!

My little green machine is getting more than its fair share of time in the spotlight, thanks to its feature on “The Truth About Cars” written by Steve Lynch, who joined for our recent escapade up Mount Lemmon near Tucson.  The comments that spilled in were nostalgic in nature, with over 70 people chiming in to throw in their $0.02 or more about the “glory days” of Honda and how they had this memory or that regarding the sport coupes of the brand’s yesteryear.

The car also got some publicity in a magazine.  After 12 years and 140 issues, collector car publisher Hemmings has announced that its “Sports & Exotic Car” magazine will be retired.  Many of my readers will recall that I had the honor of getting my Legend featured in the November 2014 issue.

Now, the Integra is representing as well.  The May 2017 issue (yours for only $6.95!) contains a Buyer’s Guide for the 1992-93 Acura Integra GS-R, and the feature car for the story belongs to yours truly.  Power team Jeff Koch (photography) and Mark McCourt (prose) delivered a top-notch, educational piece for potential GS-R owners.

Cover feature even!

“NSX Jr.”  I like it!

A couple of weeks ago, I snapped some photos in the Melrose area of central Phoenix – roughly 7th Avenue & Indian School Road.  It’s an “up and coming” part of town but still has a few original mid-century era buildings that haven’t yet been restored.

One example is this dry cleaning shop.

I’ve already had the article made it up into an acrylic plaque for my garage – now to find a wall space large enough to hang it!

Speaking of mag features, my ILX got its moment in print recently as well.  The May-June 2017 issue of Arizona Driver Magazine contains the story on my recent trip to the Nellie E Saloon in western Arizona.

Thanks for the feature, Editor Joe!

Couple other last news bits before you start your weekend:

What do you think of my new TL plate?

My friend Matt came over last night in his ’03 CL-S and brought some DVD-Audio discs.  Have you ever heard of such a medium?  The sound quality is phenomenal!  Fleetwood Mac on max volume!

Joint milestone with my friend Chris.  Making history in our twin cars.

This was a jaw-dropping high-miler I saw the other day.


22 Responses to “Two Integra Feature Stories: The Truth About Cars, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car”

  1. Can I get an autographed copy?! I STILL HAVEN’T MET GREEN MACHINE!!!!

    • I know! Sheesh, you haven’t met the TL either! Come to think of it, I haven’t met STWOK. It’s high time for a family reunion. Happy Friday, my friend!!

  2. Very nice that the old gs-R is getting the deserved attention. And again I still wish I owned mine 😦
    That is amazing as well on that high mileage MDX. Wonder how many transmissions it’s been thru

  3. Very cool to see your vehicles getting the recognition they deserve! I’ll pick up a copy of the Hemmings imprint next time I’m at Barnes and Noble. I read the Prelude vs GS-R article when it first came out, but I read through it again on my lunch break. The best Hondas are 90’s Hondas!

    Thumbs up on the plate choice.

  4. Steve L. Says:

    Love the new plate!

    • Glad you approve! One of my next posts will probably contain a visual summary of all the plates I’ve ad over the years. Some fun ones in the mix! Have a great weekend.

  5. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Hey, I like the KBP TLS in the picture!!! Dang, that ILX is getting some miles on it again… My RDX is at 197,125!!! I’ve been taking day trips a lot…

  6. I’m very pleased to see the little green Teg getting it’s overdue moment in the sun. Also, I like the plate choice for the TL-S.

    But it’s distressing to read “After 12 years and 140 issues, collector car publisher Hemmings has announced that its “Sports & Exotic Car” magazine will be retired.”

    So what’s next “CUV & Appliance?” If they do I certainly hope the comparisons won’t involve a Tesla, a Cuisinart and a Wi-Fi toilet 😉

    • Wi-Fi toilet! There’s some innovation I’ll embrace when it comes! Agreed it’s too bad to see a cool print magazine like HS&EC get retired. I also miss Honda Tuning, and it’s been gone for years.

  7. Jake Thiewes Says:

    I LOVE that lead photo of the Integra with the colorful wall! Where is that?

    Never heard DVD-A but really want to sample it a bit. Did he leave the discs with you or take ’em back?

    • That painted wall is in a part of town not far from my place – artsy fartsy district – I think the building itself houses a secondhand store or something. Cool stuff for sure.

      As for the audio system: DVD-A is considered now a bit defunct but without digging too deeply into the tech talk, I think it uses more ‘channels’ and has a higher quality listening experience than a CD would. We previewed a couple of albums including Sting, the Beatles, and Fleetwood – it rocks! Matt is leaving one DVD-A disc with me permanently and the rest are on loan. I sought out one online and bought it: The album with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” You and I are going to rock it out in a few weeks 🙂

  8. Gotta say, I’m a massive fan of the colour of your Integra. The hardest part about finding one of that generation here is that they’ve all been hacked apart by boy-racers over the years.

    Love the article on the MDX – that’s some impressive mileage! I read the following article in the Mazda magazine that we get in at work quarterly. It had a feature on high-milage MX5s. Pretty interesting reading!

    • Thanks for the link on the MX-5 story! Great features in there. I took the Integra out today for a ‘meet’ with some friends over in Tempe and I got a thumbs-up on the freeway from a random driver, so that kind of made my day. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Adam!

  9. Brad Heffran Says:

    That Aztec Green Pearl really is a great color. It’s time for it to make a comeback!

  10. Great write up as always! Love the plates on the TL!

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