Visitor from Philly, Bartlett Lake, Car Updates, & Upcoming Trips

Odometer (Legend):  552,450

Odometer (ILX): 198,657

Odometer (TL):  97,286


Here’s a short and disorganized update as we get ready to kick off the 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend.  I was lucky to have my friend Derek visiting from Philly for a few days this week so I did my best to introduce him to Arizona life.  We took a Saturday drive with several friends to a small reservoir about 50 miles northeast of my house called Bartlett Lake.  It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  On Sunday, we stopped by Papago Park for some hiking, then later cooled down with some gelato at a place called “Frost” in the Biltmore Mall.

I’ve had to cycle through a few cars for some maintenance needs.  The Legend sedan got an A/C recharge at Hon-Man in Tempe last week.  There’s a small freon leak and it had lost its charge over about a three-year timeframe.  The ILX got an oil change in preparation for an upcoming trip to my brother’s cabin in southern Utah.  And the Legend coupe is scheduled to get a replacement vehicle speed sensor (VSS) next week so it’ll be ready to go to Sacramento for this year’s NALM (coming up the second week of June – roughly a 2,000 mile round-trip adventure).  The VSS has lasted since 319,000 miles in 2008 so I suppose it’s time.

I finally got the NSX washed from its trip to Las Vegas for WestFest.  The Vigor came out for Sunday brunch at NCOUNTER on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  The Integra went to a small meet recently in that same area.  And the TL continues to impress me with its fun to drive attributes every time I take it out.  I installed some OEM color matched splash guards (amazingly, still available new, and with a < $100 pricetag for all 4) and a set of all-weather floor mats on the interior.  Perhaps my favorite update on that car was that I picked up a Queen album on DVD-Audio.  Can you imagine how good Bohemian Rhapsody sounds on max volume 40 with that media?  Concert hall.

Does that cover all of the cars?  Haha, I think so.  Here are a few pics to hold you over until my next adventure.

Integra meet pics.  Club member Dillon parked alongside me with his ‘rust’ colored hood.

Great group of enthusiasts!

I’ve driven by this sign a lot but never taken the time to stop.  I finally had a reason.

Honestly not even sure what “TL” business is but they didn’t seem to mind me parking there.

What do you think of those new splash guards?

Photo by my friend Jim who stopped by.

Jim’s 2008 base TL automatic – only 50,000 miles on it!

ILX loaded up and headed toward Bartlett Lake last Saturday.

The lake gang.  And my shockingly white shoulders.

Setting up camp

With Derek, hiking around Papago Park

Tempe’s historic Mill Avenue Bridge

Brunch with Lance

Vigor out and about at my former office.  This building was once home to US Airways.

My friend Matt stopped by this afternoon in his 1994 Legend LS.

Suuuuuper-duper clean, 110k-mile Sirius White Pearl.

Even the engine bay was spotless

Photo from reader Tim of a 1986 dealership.  I like it!

Finally, check out this Redline Reviews feature on the 2018 Acura TLX.  The last 4 or so minutes are an impromptu dialogue with host Sofyan Bey from when I visited Maryland a couple of weeks ago.  Have a great holiday weekend!



15 Responses to “Visitor from Philly, Bartlett Lake, Car Updates, & Upcoming Trips”

  1. I’m totally jealous about the trip to Bartlett Lake. We’re ramping into the beginnings of winter & that weather – combined with the scenery makes me insanely jealous. The ST is getting prepped for winter this weekend. The colour-coded splash guards on the TL look spot on. I prefer them. Hope you have a great long weekend!

  2. I was watching Sofyan’s video a few days ago, but it took me several minutes to connect that video with your post a few weeks ago when he was shooting it at your Legend meet-up. Duh! I’ve gotta start getting more sleep!

    TSX looks terrific, and the body-colored splash guards are a nice accent. The splash guards on my Accord are black- I wish there had been a color-matched option.

    And I’m telling you, man… you totally need a giant “HUGIE ACURA” sign in red, with 80’s Acura font for your garage.

  3. I assume the Type-S included the body kit if so it’s interesting Acura offered the splash guards color keyed no less. That’s one frustration I’ve had with the TSX, the only way to fit the splash guards was without the lower body kit…

    Happy to hear Tait was able to take care of the AC issue on the Legend. This time of year he’s swamped with ppl in the same boat. Guess that’s why it’s hard for him to squeeze me (& others) in for more labor intensive work.

    Nice to see you enjoying the DVD-A discs. Have you figured out what to do about an iPod interface yet?

    Hope your planning fun this weekend…

    • Right – in the case of the TL, you can have the A-Spec kit or the splash guards, but you can’t have both. Tait did a great job as always. I’ll be seeing him again on Tuesday. I haven’t figured out an iPod solution in the TL quiet yet. This weekend will be about an 1,100-miler in the ILX to my brother’s cabin near Beaver, Utah. Temperatures will be between 25 and 55. Brrrr! Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Man, I saw the TL in your last post, I must have read it wrong, I didn’t know it was yours!!! Nice!!! Sounds like a nice trip you had, and I need to watch the video about the new A-Spec TLX!!!

    I finally caved today and had to see what the buzz is about with the TL, just because everyone has one, I drove an 08 base… My god, nicest car ever!!! I have a lot more respect for the TL, and Acura now!!!

    The RDX is at 198,074 now, your doing a number on that ILX, looking good, can’t wait to see you roll 200k!!!

    • Thanks Wes! Yes I picked up the TL on 4/12 and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it ever since… even though I think I’ve only put about 500 miles on it, haha. Keep racking up the miles in your RDX. Hope you had a nice weekend.

      • Midnight Mystery Says:

        The RDX is in for some electrical repairs, and I need tie rods and ends soon… The dealer in Metairie, LA is difficult to deal with, so I just want to fix the electrical stuff and the suspension/steering work will be done in MS… I have a 2016 Jeep Patriot rental which I have a strong dislike for… But I love the TL, it’s a six speed, right?

  5. Brad Heffran Says:

    Looks like 200k for the ILX within days! Have a great holiday weekend 🙂

    • You are correct, my friend! I just got home from a southern Utah trip with 3 friends and the ILX is at 199,700. Time to start getting the champagne ready!

  6. With personal regrets, I will not be able to attend the NALM this year in Sacramento. I was looking forward to driving home via the Southern route and stopping by your house to see the Acura collection you own. The TL-S looks sharp with the splash guards installed. Two thumbs up!!

    • We’ll miss you at NALM for sure, but I’m glad I at least got to sign your car’s trunk in 2017 thanks to my recent Maryland trip. The Hugie Acura collection will be here for a while yet so we’ll schedule a VIP tour for you whenever you’re able to make it out this way.

  7. BEST week, in a long time. Will keep coming back…Queen DVD-A in a TL on way to brunch? Such a hard thing to deal with…lol;) I now love Phoenix, thanks to Tyson’s incredible intro!

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