Readers’ Rides: Trevor, Shaun, and Dave – Acura Meet in Utah & TL-S Update

Odometer (Legend):  560,191

Odometer (Branson’s Legend coupe):  182,633

Big Bear Park in Sandy, Utah was the site of quite the parade on Sunday morning:  Six Acuras rolled in and parked at a 45-degree angle looking as photogenic as possible.  Four of the six belonged to family members of the Kinzer family – surely one of the most devoutly loyal Acura-owning families I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.

What started as the purchase of a 1979 Honda Prelude, and later a 1985 Honda Accord, has snowballed into Trevor and his wife Michelle owning not one, not two, but a total of 11 different Acura products, spanning a 1992 Legend sedan to a 2008 TL.  If you know what you like, why branch out?  And that’s exactly what’s kept this family’s driveway looking a bit like a broken record over the years – and I mean that in the very best possible way.

Capping off an exceptionally busy weekend of making family & friend visits in northern Utah, I set aside a few hours to devote to “car stuff,” as I always do.  And this time I had the real treat of meeting several great people including Trevor and his family.  We overtook Trevor’s front yard & driveway initially, but decided to head to the city park nearby for a little more wiggle room for photo opportunities.

Along the way came Shaun, in his immaculate Desert Mist Metallic 1994 Legend LS sedan, and Sunny, who rode along with me in a (borrowed) 1995 LS coupe.  I wasn’t about to show up to an Acura meet in my rental Nissan Versa; I’d be shunned.

In attendance were the following:

  • 2006 TL
  • 2008 TL x 2
  • 2006 MDX
  • 1994 Legend sedan
  • 1995 Legend coupe

Shaun’s car is a story of dedication in itself:  Starting with a relatively rough, 200,000+ mile sedan in the Seattle area, Shaun made the drive home to Utah about a year ago (“running on 4 or 5 cylinders,” he says) and then began what was to become an extensive teardown of the Legend mechanicals to get everything updated – and I mean, everything.  The motor received an overhaul with new head gaskets, belts, hoses, just about anything he could get his hands on.  And it shows.  I took the car for a spin later in the day and it runs, drives, brakes, and handles like a car with one-tenth of the miles.

The Acura meet-up, meanwhile, wouldn’t be complete without the presence of “Kyng” – the friendliest pup around.  He thinks the MDX is his, but Michelle would say otherwise.  Thanks to the Kinzer family and to Shaun & Sunny for being a part of a pretty exciting Sunday morning Acura-entourage.  Here’s a short video from our meet-up.

All aboard Southwest Airlines, with a great view of the Rocky Mountains from seat 13F.

My wheels for a day in Logan, Utah – dad’s truck.

Lunch with grandma

Being from Arizona, seeing this in my rental car was a bit of a shock.

My mom’s old 2000 Acura RL, now being driven by my cousin and with around 190,000 miles.  I picked up this car in the San Francisco Bay area in 2005 with 22,000 miles on it from the original owner.

Branson’s coupe (and my loaner for a day)


Photoshoot at ‘Legends Boxing’ – this seemed fitting.

Thanks Shaun for the test-drive!

Since this post is heavy on 3G TL content, it’s worth mentioning an update now on my formerly-owned Kinetic Blue Pearl TL Type-S.  Dave in St. Louis has now owned the car for about the same length of time I owned it (roughly 6 months), but he’s been putting on the miles at a much faster pace than I did.  The car today has over 113,000 miles on it (I sold it at 102,500 or so last November).  These are some photographs he took on his 1,500+ mile drive home from Phoenix.

Keep on rolling, Dave!

10 Responses to “Readers’ Rides: Trevor, Shaun, and Dave – Acura Meet in Utah & TL-S Update”

  1. Next time I go to Hertz, I’m TOTALLY asking for a Legend coupe. Talk about a great car to borrow!!

    Absolutely love all the 3G TLs in this post! I think in a decade or so, that model will be spoken of in the same breath as the Legend and the Integra. Have to love a family that thinks enough of the car to own three of them!!

    • Haha, I know, I felt pretty classy rolling around in that Legend coupe. And the 3G TL has such a strong enthusiast following even now, 10 years after being phased out. Trevor and his family definitely know what’s up!

  2. Thanks for the invite on Sunday! It was so much fun hanging out and joining the Acura meet. Also those pics of the TL-S are gorgeous. Hope our paths cross in Vegas later this month. Where is that parking lot that you did that short tour of Shaun’s Legend at? It’s beautiful there!

    • Thanks for coming to hang out! I should have taken a little more time to get acquainted with your iM since I haven’t really taken a look at it yet. Honestly I can’t remember how we got to that parking or where it was located, haha. It was east of Trevor’s up toward one of the canyons.

  3. Dave looks like he’s enjoying the TL plenty, it’s pretty neat that he’s still sending you updates – with pics and everything it still feels like it’s just another update straight from your garage, haha! I too love the plate that Shaun has on his Legend Sedan. He’s got that car looking really sharp!

    • Thanks Adam! Yeah the TL definitely went to a good home – I’ve known Dave for about 13 years now and I know he takes good care of his cars. Shaun’s Legend has come a long way. Gotta hand it to him for going all out on that restoration project.

  4. Looks like your former TL found a good home for sure! That kinetic blue pearl really pops in those photos.

    • I know! He took some great pics. Making me want a road trip to see some red rock country. I miss the stereo in that TL. I gave him one of my DVD-Audio discs to include with the sale, haha. Hope your week is going well Brad!

  5. Playing catch-up here…always enjoy a good 3rd gen TL post. The Kinetic Blue is looking sharp as ever. Those photos Dave shared are garage wall-worthy!

    • I know, seriously. I’m thinking it’s time to hit up Kinkos for some 24×36 prints and plastering the walls. Spam the comments section all you want! Glad you’re playing catch-up.

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