Quick CO Trip: NALM 2018 “Pre-Meet” in Colorado Springs

In a little over a month, the 14th annual National Acura Legend Meet will kick off in Colorado.  As a member of the 5-person planning committee, I attended meetings there this past weekend.  Unique to most other NALM events, this one is being planned almost entirely with efforts from “outside” the local area so it was critical for us to visit the sites and make sure they will work for our group.  We achieved success!

I flew to Denver on Thursday evening and spent 2 nights in the area, arriving back in Phoenix last night.  Sorry, no road trip write-ups to share this time!

The NALM event will kick off on July 18 at the Country Lodge in Woodland Park, Colorado, about 20 minutes up Route 24 west of Colorado Springs.  It’s a scenic, twisty highway that gains elevation in the pine forests to over 8,000 feet in elevation.  Our host hotel has a nice back deck with plenty of space for soaking in the views and scenery.  On Thursday, we have a scenic drive to Breckenridge with lunch at Legends Grill.  Fitting, right?

Friday, we summit the almighty Pikes Peak at over 14,000 feet – one of the country’s most famous and picturesque highways.  That afternoon, we’ll be exploring the historic mining towns of Victor and Cripple Creek.  We have a pizza dinner planned for that evening.  On Saturday, Pikes Peak Acura in Colorado Springs will host us for an open house and food, including the chance for a few “feature” Legends to be parked inside the showroom.  That afternoon, we’ll have our judging for the awards and later on, a closing dinner, awards, and raffle prizes at the Country Lodge.

We are greatly looking forward to this year’s event and have attendees coming in from 9 different states.  Here are a few photos of how our planning activities went this weekend.  Registration is still open here.

Chris enjoying the deck at Country Lodge

Our rental was a 2018 Nissan Altima SL.  Not too bad!  611 mile range!

View of the peaks from Highway 24

Pikes Peak Acura in Colorado Springs

Evan, Chris, Alex, Alan, Tyson

The RealTime Race Team happened to be prepping the TLX-GT for this year’s hillclimb event, slated for June 24

Riding back up the mountain in Adam’s 1988 Toyota Celica. Adam is a local Toyota / Lexus owner but former Legend owner, and he’s been giving us a hand with local insight.

Turnoff to Pikes (and the North Pole, it seems!)

View from Country Lodge deck

Back of Country Lodge

Exploring old mining towns

Adam’s 1999 Lexus LS400 was a posh ride for this portion of our activities

It’s a sweet car for the 198,000 miles it has on it!

Someone showed me this commercial the other day and I dug it.  Michael J. Fox selling the Integra sedan!

Have a great rest of the weekend.

16 Responses to “Quick CO Trip: NALM 2018 “Pre-Meet” in Colorado Springs”

  1. Chris Miller Says:

    In line now A33 heading back to Baltimore.
    For a change I’ll be driving more miles to NALM than you.

  2. Adam Stewart Says:

    I had a blast lending a hand, and can’t wait for the meet! Safe travels to everyone headed back today!

  3. Loving the classic Integra commercial with Michael! Did you manage to go through a really sketchy mine with no health and safety? Haha. Looking forward to reading about your drive up Pike’s Peak in a few weeks.

    • Thanks Adam! In this case we didn’t take any mine tours – maybe when we are back next month and have little more time, we may look into that. I also wouldn’t mind hitting up some of the other local attractions like a red rock park called “Garden of the Gods.” We will see how our schedule works out!

  4. I’ll be eagerly following along with this year’s NALM adventure! Will you be taking both Legends to the top? It makes me think of my drive up Mt. Washington in the Accord- such an amazing drive, and the view was phenomenal!

    Any maintenance or repairs for the cars before the NALM trip?

    • Yep, we are planning on taking both of my Legends up to the top. At this point I think they are road-worthy, so no immediate maintenance needs prior. I remember your post about Mt. Washington! That’s still on my must-see list.

  5. What an amazing place to have this year’s event. I went past Pikes Peak on my way to (and through) Colorado Springs last year. I should’ve timed it better, but I got there too late in the day to do the drive up to the summit. Taking that highway for sure next time!

    • Yeah, that’s what we’ve learned – the summit parking fills up and then they only allow you to drive up to a certain point and shuttle. So we were told to make sure we are the first group of people lined up at the entrance around 7:00 in the morning to make sure we can all do it. Adding to the challenge, they are building a new “summit house” and the construction is encroaching on the parking lots even more.

  6. Looks like you guys got everything all planned out. Looking forward to this event! But man what a coincidence to see Acura prepping for the hill climb event. That’s kinda cool to see. Did you chat with the crew or team members?

    • We did! They were prepping to take the racecar back to Wisconsin for a week or two, then bring it back to Colorado for the actual event which will be 6/24. That’s a long ways to have to transport a race vehicle!

  7. Man, you must not like being home! Haha! This sounds like it’s going to be an epic NALM. You will LOVE Pikes especially in the tired and true coupe.

  8. Tyrone Sanders Says:

    Wasn’t able to attend the one in Colorado this year hoping to make the next one does anyone know where it will be

    • Hi Tyrone, it’s not yet decided where 2019 will be. Bidding will open up in the next couple of months, and usually ends around the first of March. Then it will be announced. I am thinking most likely the event will go a little further to the east coast since this year was in the west. Stay tuned for more updates!

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