Saturday Lunch Outing to Cave Creek, Arizona; Garage & Integra Updates

Odometer (Legend):  561,449

Odometer (Integra GS):  71,937

After 97 days without rain in Phoenix, the streak was broken last Saturday – on the very day that about 15 friends and I had a group drive planned.  While most car clubs would be devastated by a little bit of moisture in the air, we loved it!

While seated at lunch at the Horny Toad in Cave Creek, Arizona, we peeked outside and saw our variety of vehicles getting drenched.  And a wide variety they were!  From a Toyota iQ to a Mercedes-Benz 500SL, we had all our bases covered.  Roomie James presented us with a vivid blue Kia Stinger.  I rolled in the Integra because, as my daily, it’s usually closest to the ‘exit row’ in the garage and I didn’t mind it getting wet.

Things have been busy here at the Auto Spa.  In anticipation of having the car club folks over, I did some arts & crafts at the local FedEx Office.  I photocopied some of my cars’ window stickers (and made them all a standard size), then laminated them for display on each vehicle.  I’m still missing a sticker for my Integra GS-R but the rest of the cars either have originals or reproductions thanks to help from fellow Acura owners.

I also finally had the chance to hang up an acrylic plaque with the May 2017 article from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car on the Integra.  I was able to make room for it along the west wall of the garage.

The “new” Integra GS is coming along nicely.  Last week I was able to ditch the clunky, flat-spotted, 17-year-old Goodyear 195-60-14 tires and replaced them with new Falkens at Discount Tire.  It ran about $400 out the door and the car rides 100 times better now.

New floor mats are on order (aftermarket, for now) and a friend helped me source a passenger sideview mirror to replace the existing one since it’s a bit mismatched and has the wrong mirror glass in it (it doesn’t say anything about “Objects In Mirror” and the image is distorted).  Stay tuned!  I dropped off the replacement mirror for paint today.

I spent a few hours last week stripping off the dealer add-on plastic wheel well moldings (and all the tape/glue that they left behind).  Time lapse video still pending.  You’ll see it here on the next blog entry.

Wall art – currently awaiting the next picture to go along with the other 5 on my wall from

Hemmings article on display

Window sticker copies!

Also showing off this brochure with my custom aluminum wheelstand my brother made me.

Looking clean after removing the pin stripe and moldings.

Current passenger mirror on the car – mismatched and pieced together with glue I guess?

Lastly – continuing the trend of posting a car here or there when I know of great opportunities, here are a few selections for you today.

If you’re looking to get into the NSX game relatively inexpensively and with a really rare car, check out my friend Todd’s 1996 NSX in Brooklands Green.  It needs some cosmetic TLC but might make a good entry level NSX for someone out there.  The configuration is 1 of only 25 cars produced in its interior & exterior color combo.

Craigslist link here.  Tell Todd I sent ya!

If family sedans are more your thing, you might want my friend Asmar’s 1993 Accord Special Edition with only 50,000 miles on it.  It’s all original minus the tires, so plan on doing a little preventative maintenance.  But the price is right.  He’s located in Seattle.  Message me for details and I’ll put you in touch with him.

And another CB7 Accord, this one a 1990 EX in a stunning burgundy color (“Mulberry Red Pearl,” if you want to get technical).  This one is being offered privately to only qualified buyers as it’s not listed on any sites.  In other words, a “good home” is an absolute must.  Contact me for details.  It’s a 136,000 mile automatic for sale by the original owner, located here in the Phoenix area.

Have a great week!

23 Responses to “Saturday Lunch Outing to Cave Creek, Arizona; Garage & Integra Updates”

  1. The garage keeps looking better and better. “Hugie Acura,” I tell you!

    The new Teg is coming along nicely. Besides the mirror and the tires, what is next on the to-do list?

  2. Greetings Tyson

    Really like how the “showroom” has evolved… nice job!

    Also nice to see the GS coming along. Removing all that old adhesive can really be a pain. The only good part about our excessive heat is how well it softens the glue which should have made the process a little easier…

    I think it’s time you hit your brother up for more display stands, don’t you?

    Lastly you really need to stop showing those great looking cars for sale my garage is maxed out and don’t want to rent storage units all over town 😉

    • I know, time for some additional display stands. I can’t believe all these nice older Hondas and Acuras popping up for sale. Too bad I can’t adopt them all! I just have to wonder if they’ll all someday be as collectible as a 1977 Camaro!

  3. autoscribe1974 Says:

    “NSX Jr.” looks great! Honored to be part of your garage again.

    That looked like a mighty festive luncheon. Funny how, of all those vehicles, just two are actual cheery colors! And Todd’s NSX, wow…

    • I noticed that about the cheery colors too. We need more color in today’s automotive paint palette! And thanks again for your brilliant article on NSX Jr. A handful of friends already commented on it since I installed that artwork on the wall!

  4. We certainly don’t mind getting our cars a little dirty in the rain, gives us an excuse to have to clean them again. It’s always amusing to see the lengths you go on your cars. Laminated window stickers. That’s awesome! And the fans love it! That Accord at the end though… I can’t get over how gorgeous that color is.

  5. No food shots during lunch? You’re letting down all your “foodie” followers, haha! Replacing 17 year old tyres will make a massive difference to the ride of the Integra. Do you have any future planned trips for this car, now that you’ve got it pretty much sorted?

    • No trips planned for the 1992 GS in the short term – I intend to keep the miles low on that one, but it will see some around-town use. I also plan on registering it for either the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California (September), the Los Angeles Radwood show (December), or maybe both, so it will see some highway miles to and from those events!

  6. Wow. That 1990 Honda Accord in burgundy looks amazing!

  7. That GS is lookin’ mighty fine! Does it have the motor mount issue like the LS? Garage is looking more and more like a high end museum. Now you’ll have to get the ILX back for daily duties to keep others pristine. 🙂

    • The idle vibration/rattle on the GS is hardly present, so it appears I’m good to go there. And funny you mention the ILX – I just contacted my brother about that last week. The car will be coming back to AZ in November. Tags are due for renewal at that time. It gives him a chance to find a different daily – it will have been up in Utah for about a year and a half by that time.

  8. I love the diverse group of cars on your day trip! That Lexus Land Cruiser would be a fun addition for the off-road trip I’m taking this weekend. You still need a SLX, even though it’s an Acura in badge only…

    Big fan of those CB7s, too. Not sure why, but those are the quintessential Accord for me. I hated the variant that came after. The gold and burgundy both look good.

    +1 to new tires, they are critical to both ride and safety – glad you got that sorted!

    • Oddly enough, the SLX search sort of re-ignited yesterday when — get this — the Acura west coast Public Relations manager contacted me asking if I know of any good ones for sale. What in the world would he have up his sleeve for that? Lol. Maybe they want to buy and restore one to park next to the next generation MDX when it launches?

      When is your next track event on the calendar?

      • Hah, that would be an interesting display! Could be cool to see the two side by side.

        Next race is in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of July 21st at a track called Pitt Race. Never been before so I’m excited, it’ll be a joint event between our Mid-Atlantic region and the Great Lakes region, so plenty of new faces to meet!

        Heading out of town today for a weekend of trails in the Shenandoah Valley with some friends and their SUVs/trucks, too…

  9. That blue Stinger looks pretty nice! What do you and the famous car reviewer think of it so far?

    • It is nice! It’s the $32k base model (non-GT) but I was impressed overall. A couple of gripes I had during a 40- or so mile drive that I took with it: Halogen headlights were pretty weak, and the audio system didn’t go loud enough for me. I did like how CarPlay automatically engaged when I plugged in my phone to charge. The car seems to have pretty good pick-up and interior accommodations are spacious. Gotta give Kia credit where credit is due! Nice all around sports sedan. I’m sure James’ review will go live here in the next couple of weeks on

  10. Love love LOVE those 2 Accords. I desperately need a 3+ car garage!

  11. I love your post. The garage looks awesome and that blue stinger, i want to take it home with me. I enjoy reading your post as it showcase all those nice babies.

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