May 2020 Updates: Car Projects, House Projects, New YouTube Vids, & Upcoming Travels

Can we talk about how cool this little LED sign is?  Found this baby on some random Facebook sponsored vendor’s ad.  Imagine me getting ads for Acura related merchandise.  How dare they think they know my life!

I’m wrapping up about 8 weeks in quarantine as I type this, and if it weren’t for the occasional socially-distant excursion like a couple of weeks ago at my friend’s pool nearby, I might have lost my insanity altogether.  Say hello to Midge the pup there in the lower left.

Car updates have been on the checklist as usual, and I’m pretty satisfied to say that I’ve accomplished pretty darn near everything I wanted to do when I set out to make my isolation time as productive as it could possibly be.  The 1992 Integra got a fresh coat of VHT wrinkle black paint on the valve cover.  It’s something I’d been meaning to do on the engine bay for a very long time.  Check it out!

The RL got a new under-hood insulation pad to replace the one that was ripped before.

The Vigor got some suspension bushings and brake pads at Hon-Man.

The laundry room (aka showroom entry) got a new LED lamp like the one I installed in the garage itself.  Here’s the before & after.

Here’s a video of those updates.

The SLX is getting a brake master cylinder as we speak.  And then I think I’m seriously done for a bit.  Famous last words, right?  Okay so that gets the chore updates out of the way for the most part.

Take a peek at this cool article from a 2001 issue of a magazine called “Velocity.”  It was an Acura/Honda enthusiast mag, and it talked about a guy named Leszek who put 500k on his 1992 Legend sedan by using it as a taxi.

Fast forward a couple of decades.  Leszek got rid of his Legend at 530k and then went into an RL that got 450k.  Then he moved to Lexus, and now he’s with Mercedes.  I found his website – aptly named “Legendary Private Car” – and emailed him.  See his email response below.

In fitting timing, a friend needed airport transport last week so I decided to dress the part and pick him up in appropriate fashion, name tag and all.

This is what happens when you’ve been in quarantine 8 weeks and take things way too seriously.

Check out this cool little info blurb I got from a friend about the original concept for the 1987 Legend coupe.  They almost named it the Legend Climax.

YouTube is still a major source of entertainment for me as I’ve spent quite a bit of time creating videos.

Here are the latest two productions:  A tour of the garage, and then an intro to the assembly of a display rack where I’m showcasing my (100+) brochures in the garage now.

Garage Tour

Display Build

I won’t see much of you all for the next few weeks.  Work is still busy, but going through a state of change as the hospital system I’m with transitions through the different phases of the coronavirus pandemic.  I’ll be taking a mandatory two-week furlough the first two weeks of June.

But guess what – I’m about to make lemonade out of lemons.  I’ve just arranged to get a long-term loan in a 2020 Acura TLX PMC Edition starting May 29th.  I’ll be taking that car on a 6-state, 2,000+ mile adventure.  You’ll read about it here sometime in June.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a little bit of Q&A.  A couple of weeks ago, I was corresponding with Patricia who bought my 1994 Legend coupe when it was new.  I had a few questions for her that I emailed in a Word document.

You might get a kick out of her answers – especially the last one.

1 – I understand you were the original owner of the (now nearly 600,000 mile) 1994 Legend. What did you drive before buying that car?

Honda Prelude

2 – What about the Legend coupe particularly caught your eye or interest when it was new?

Loved the styling and the feel of luxury – it was my first aspirational car purchase.  The color was not my first choice – I wanted the dark green but there were no more of that color in stock in California

3 – What was it like to be in the market for a Legend back then? Was the trim, color, and configuration that you wanted difficult to come by, or was the car already in inventory and readily available?

I answered this question above – the Legend was marketed by Acura as their sporty luxury brand

4 – One particularly cool aspect of your car history is that you seem to prefer a stick shift, since the BMW 530i that you replaced the Legend with was also a manual transmission. What do you drive today, and does it also let you row your own gears?

The last car I drove was an automatic Lexus 250 – I wanted to continue to drive a manual but was later convinced an automatic was better for resale.  I just read a recent article that most automotive companies are no longer offering manual transmissions.

5 – Your ownership of the Legend lasted about 9 years and 90,000 miles, which is longer than many people keep a car. What were some of the road trips or experiences that stand out as highlights during that time?

Difficult to remember but, living in Northern California provides anyone who loves to drive so many opportunities for open roads and beautiful vistas.

6 – When you sold the Legend, did you ever think you’d be interviewed for a questionnaire about it 18 years later?

No – I was surprised when I received your phone call, identifying yourself as the new owner, and wanting to connect.

7 – On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy do think Tyson is?

Off the charts 10+

Take care and stay safe, everyone!

23 Responses to “May 2020 Updates: Car Projects, House Projects, New YouTube Vids, & Upcoming Travels”

  1. Hahaha – yes quarantine has us doing fun and creative things for sure – lol
    The airport courier was the best and in the spirit is Leszke – what a cool dude and he might have more miles that truck drivers I know

    Enjoyed the painting video too – not because I will ever paint – but because in quarantine we take time to watch someone else tape off their car and paint while music with a beat keeps you god company 🎼✌️
    Hope you Have a good week Ty

  2. Wow, this was a content-packed edition of Drive to Five! A good little read (and watch) while most of us are spending more hours at home than we ever have before.

    I take my hat off to Leszek, what an outsanding maintenance routine. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone changing the transmission fluid once a month. Just goes to show that a well serviced car will look after you if you look after it.

    Can I also admit that I’m a little worried about you having the TLX PMC press car? You and I know that it’s going to be tough work handing back the keys to that bad boy at the end of the loan…

    • I know! I’m optimistic about the work situation leveling out to some extent soon so the leave is only short-term, but in the meantime I’ll definitely enjoy putting a few milestone on that red beast in the meantime!

  3. Oh man, so much good stuff in here! It made for a nice break between my morning classes today (although I’m saving the showroom floor tour until my afternoon break).

    Sorry to hear about the work furlough, but it sounds like you’re making great use of the time. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the TLX PMC, as I fell in love with the TLX I saw at the Baltimore Auto Show earlier this year and I want to hear how the TLX does on a multi-state road trip.

    That’s a really cool story about the Legend(ary) Taxi! Geez, I thought I was aggressive with my maintenance… that guy leaves me in the dust!! And living in the Chicago area, I’m sure the FWD Legend was far better in the winter weather than the typical Crown Vic taxi of the day.

    Interesting glitch in the sunroof on the Integra – do you think the motor is going, or is it binding somewhere on the rails?

    • No, the motor is OK, it’s just a weird design. It’s one of the only Honda/Acura cars I can think of that have the sunroof that goes outside the car, over the top of the roof.

  4. Patricia has zero idea how really crazy you are, does she? OMH. 🙂 I love the new light in the laundry room, illuminating the beautiful framed photo there. And in our recent conversations, you did NOT mention the 2020 TLX long-term loan…. what gives? Minor details! You know how I feel about them (details). Shotgun! I will save a prominent parking space for you as you pass to and fro on your travels late May to mid June. See you in a couple of weeks! I will leave the light on for you.

  5. What a great post Tyson – I’m glad to see it’s not just me that is going nuts over all this quarantine business! (I’m on Furlough too). It was really great to see around all of your collection – you’re laundry room is awesome!

    My apologies for not being about over the past few months – I’m going to have to do a catch up on your posts! I am however pleased to report that Ratty clocked 150K last month – I’m really looking forward to getting it to 200!


  6. txaccord Says:

    Love the garage walk-thru. It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of effort, money, and love into that. Looks amazing. I’d love to have a garage that clean and organized.

    The valve cover paint turned out great. I need to do something to my intake like that. I could also use new hood insulation like you.

    Sorry you’re having a furlough, but sounds like it will be short and you have some fun plans. I know and work with a lot of airline pilots. It seems like they were mostly positive about the airline situation until the last couple of weeks. Now a lot of them fear furlough after the end of September.

    Stay safe and healthy.


  8. Here’s a link in case you haven’t seen it already (Ludacris’ 1993 Legend with 255k miles on it):

  9. That’s funny, “ I might have lost my insanity altogether”, especially in light of Patricia’s answer to question 7.
    That 2020 PMC is one seriously gorgeous car, black wheels and all!

  10. Holy engine cleanness. That RL and Integra have pristine engine bays. As if they don’t have six-figure mileage on them.

  11. What happened to updates? 😟

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