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Drive to Five Review: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

Posted in Vehicle Reviews on June 3, 2014 by tysonhugie

Odometer (Legend):  529,726


Odometer (ILX):  81,353



Stare at them.  Those directional 17″ alloy wheels had me hypnotized like spinning pinwheels at first glance.  Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you.


Let’s take a ride in one of the most technologically-advanced cars that Honda has ever produced, which also happens to be one of the most “user-friendly” cars I’ve ever driven:  the 2014 Honda Accord.  I found myself quickly comfortable with its switches and controls.  With the intelligent key in my pocket, I put my foot on the brake and hit the Power button (it’s not a “Start” button, like in my ILX).  A sequence of lights and sounds initiated, and the gauge cluster populated with the text “Ready to Drive.”  If it hadn’t been for the whirr of the climate control system, the car would’ve been dead silent.  The level of refinement, build quality, and tech features made this extended week-long test drive a memorable experience.



Accord Background

I’ve been an Accord fan for quite some time.  Here’s a picture from the year 2003 after I detailed my neighbors’ Accord LX.  Eagle-eyed Acura fans will also spot the silver Acura 2.5 TL in the garage — with which my neighbors were replacing their Accord at the time.


It’s well-known that the Accords of this era are capable of seemingly immortal longevity, as evidenced by “Million Mile” Joe LoCicero’s 1990 sedan (pictured at right below) that went to 1,000,000 on the odometer and (as far as we know) is still rolling:


But where’d Honda’s volume-selling midsize sedan get its start?  The first Accord debuted as a 1976 model year vehicle.


Thirty eight years, and 9 generations of bodystyles later, Honda is still cranking out the Accord.  And the latest iteration (launched as a 2013 model) has been widely beloved:  In fact, Honda has sold an average of over 30,000 Accords per month so far in 2014.  To put that into perspective, that’s 20 times as many ILX’s as Acura has sold in those same 5 months.  You’re going to be seeing these Accords around for awhile yet.  A lot of them.

But here’s the kicker — and the whole reason why I think the Accord Hybrid that I was allowed to evaluate over the past week is an undisputed home run:   In case you missed the fine print on the vintage ad above for the 1976 Accord, it boasted fuel economy as follows:  31 mpg city, 44 mpg highway from a 68-horsepower 4-cylinder engine.

Now, let’s see what what the 2014‘s number look like.


Holy smokes.  And 196 horsepower, which is a far cry from those lonely 68 horses in the 1970’s.  I put the Accord Hybrid through its paces to decide if it’s a vehicle I’d be able to own.  Here’s my take.


I mean, it’s an everyday Accord, right?  Not supposed to “wow” anyone.  This is Honda’s bread-and-butter sedan.  Yet, this car is “handsome” from every angle.  The new-for-2013 bodystyle carries on for 2014 and it’s easy on the eyes.  Hybrid models get some special updates that I especially enjoy:  blue accents in the headlights and fancy LED strips underneath them.  A subtle lip spoiler rounds out the back end and LED taillights add an upscale look.  Let’s talk about that paint color:  Obsidian Blue Pearl.  I’m a big fan, especially when the Arizona sun hits it just right.



“This is a hybrid?” was my first thought as I accelerated up the onramp to Scottsdale’s Loop 101 freeway. The beauty of Honda’s innovative hybrid system is that in low-speed maneuvers, the car glides around in “EV” (electric vehicle) mode, propelled only by its battery power.  Torque from the electric motor is instantaneous and that makes the car accelerate briskly from a stop.  In parking lot maneuvers, the car is peppy and despite being a heavier and larger than car than my ILX in all aspects, it somehow actually feels lighter.

When you dip into the throttle a little deeper, the gasoline engine steps in to assist.  I found performance very good from the 2.0-liter, 16-valve engine.   The best part is, unlike some other hybrids I’ve driven, the engine’s start/stop cycles are virtually undetectable.  Part of the trickery behind achieving those 50 mpg city includes the deactivation of the gasoline engine when the car is sitting idle at stop signs and depending on engine load.  Upon acceleration, the motor fires back up.  During a gentle cruise at 65 mph on the Beeline highway, I saw EV mode alternate off and on depending on the grade of terrain as well as accelerator input.

The Accord’s drivetrain employs a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with no ‘tangible’ gear shifts.  When you stay heavy on the gas, the engine spins at a high RPM but never seeks another gear.  Rather, the acceleration is linear and fluid.  It takes some getting used to, especially for someone like me who’s used to driving a stick shift.  Over the course of the week, I blew my fair share of Toyota Priuses (Priii?) off the line at stoplights.  This Accord Touring is a hybrid that even a someone like me (who isn’t usually a “green car” fan) can still drive and enjoy.




My Accord was outfitted with the Touring package and all sorts of creature comforts including heated leather seats, dual-zone automatic climate control with air filtration system, and rear console vents (important in Arizona!).  The overall experience from the inside is one of Acura-esque quality, right down to the leather steering wheel which has a nice feel to it.  Head room was more than adequate for me at 5’11” in height.  Space in general is found in abundance, with storage cubbies throughout the cabin.  The Accord has two power outlets as well as a USB interface to keep all your electronic toys charged and happy.  All-in, my test car goes for $35,695.



Twenty miles of my workday commute last Thursday were on Highway 87.  The speed limit goes from 65 mph, to 55 mph, to 45 mph as the road gets closer to the metro Scottsdale area.  Just for kicks, I decided to see how well the Accord’s adaptive cruise control would manage my speed & distance in the flow of traffic, without having to intervene and override the system.  Hovering a foot over the brake pedal just in case, I allowed the car to close in on the vehicle in front of me as the speed limit dropped.  To no surprise, the Accord’s speed smoothly matched that of the slowing forward vehicle, even as speeds came to a near complete stop at the McDowell Road intersection.  High five to Honda’s engineers for a flawless job on developing the adaptive cruise system.

Honda’s navigation system has voice recognition and the screen also doubles as a rear-view AND side-view camera.  The camera system is called “Lane Watch”:  A rear-facing camera mounted to the passenger side mirror that clearly illuminates the vehicle’s blind spot on the screen in the instrument panel when the right turn signal is triggered.  It’s like having a GoPro camera zip-tied to your passenger mirror.  I loved it!  So much, in fact, that I frequently clicked the button at the end of the turn signal stalk that activates the camera at all times — not just when the right-hand turn signal is blinking.


Areas for Improvement

There’s a whole lot to love about this Accord Hybrid.  Its shortfalls were few.  Among them, in 105+ degree external temps, the air conditioning did (understandably) take awhile to cool down the cabin (I had it on “LO” for almost 10 miles before I got comfortable), especially in stop-and-go situations where the gasoline engine was turning off frequently.  The instrument panel has 2 screens which are sometimes duplicative in nature (the Acura RLX and MDX employ a similar system).  It would probably just take some training to get used to.  I’d like to see fog lights on the car.  And finally, those wheels… if I bought an Accord Hybrid I’d replace the stock wheels with something like the 17″ alloys from the Accord Sport.

Final Verdict

We have a winner.  All-in-all, the Accord Hybrid is a fantastic car and one that I’d be proud to own and drive.  I feel like it’s an outstanding “bang for the buck” midsize sedan, and I thank Honda for allowing me some time behind the wheel!


Here’s a short driving scenes video – just a few minutes of tooling around my neighborhood in style.

Following are a few more photos of some of the highlights of my week with the Accord.


“Ready to Drive” prompt upon ignition sequence.


Check out that range estimation on a full tank of fuel!  625 miles!


Lane Watch camera system:  First, the button to activate, located at the end of the turn signal stalk.


Camera in operation:


I loved that the navigation interface displays real-time traffic patterns and alerts.


Engine cover


All the creature comforts you’d expect!


Spacious rear seat


A great looking midsize sedan from any angle.






Until next time!


Phoenix Junkyard Inventory

Posted in Arizona, Legend on June 1, 2014 by tysonhugie

Odometer (Legend):  529,702


Odometer (ILX):  81,120


Cheap entertainment:  I decided to make a little run to the junkyard this afternoon to scavenge for car parts for a friend.  The local yard charges $2 for entry.  I should have known by the fact that there was a water cooler at the entrance to the lot, this was going to be a scorching hot experience.

When I’d parked the ILX at Ecology Auto Salvage on Broadway Rd in Phoenix, its exterior thermometer read 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  By the time I got halfway through the yard, taking pictures of Legends here and there, my iPhone had overheated.  Every piece of metal I touched felt like it had been roasting in the coals.  Remind me:  Next time I do this, I need to do it in the morning.  Or take gloves.


I thought it would be fun to document each of the 2nd generation Acura Legends I saw in there.  I saw 10.  Interestingly enough, the lowest mileage Legend in all was also one of the oldest:  a blue 1988 coupe with just 97,079 on the odometer.



Of the 1991-95 body styles, here is the data from the 10 cars:

  • Lowest miles:  139,842  (Canterbury Green 1994 L sedan)
  • Highest miles:  291,566  (Golden Glow Pearl 1991 L sedan)
  • Total miles:  2,013,994
  • Average miles:  201,399
  • Sedans:  9
  • Coupes:  1
  • Manual transmissions:  0
  • Purchases made:  Passenger side interior door handle for $12

Here we go, some photos in ascending order.  This first odometer’s accuracy is suspect for obvious reasons.

1)  1994 L sedan



2) 1994 L sedan



3) 1992 L sedan



4)  1992 L sedan



5)  1992 LS sedan



6) 1994 LS sedan



7)  1993 LS sedan (Rusty!  Must not have been an Arizona car originally)



8)  1994 L sedan



9)  1994 L coupe



10)  1991 L sedan



Bonus finds!  OEM cell phone in the center console.  Prehistoric these days.


There are Acura RL’s starting to hit the junkyards, too.  I saw three.


Also a rare Arcadia Green 1993 Acura Vigor GS.  Always loved this color (when it’s not faded)!


And a Barbados Yellow 1988 Honda Prelude Si.


Seeing the cars in that kind of condition made me better appreciate my 1994 GS sedan when I went to take it for a spin.


A few other random bits of news:

The lobby of my local movie theater had a display featuring a gas pump, promoting a contest to win free gas for a year.  They must have mileage restrictions.  I read the fine print and it said the max value is $5,000.  How many gallons of gas would that buy me?  And, considering my ILX is getting 33.6 mpg on average, how far could I go for free?


Fox News in Washington, DC reported on Friday that the original owner of a 1995 Toyota T100 pickup truck, Nancy Richardson, had rolled over 1,000,000 miles.  Over the years, she says she’s had to drive around 800 miles per week for her work (delivering seafood to restaurants).  Impressive feat!  Congrats to Ms. Richardson!



On the subject of amazing road trips, check out this guy named Ben Oude Kamphuis.  Four years ago, he left San Francisco, California in an orange 1955 Chevy pickup truck and he’s now arrived in Salvador, Brazil.  The article is here.


Finally, congratulations to my friend Tim on his recent acquisition!  Tim picked up a gorgeous Crystal Black Pearl ILX 2.0 automatic.


In the last week, we’ve had 7 new members join the Acura ILX Owners & Enthusiasts group on Facebook.  Currently sitting at 163 and counting!.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!