The 90’s Are Back

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  534,030


Odometer (Legend Sedan):


Odometer (Vigor):  104,384


Odometer (NSX):  100,807


Odometer (ILX):  133,489


Total Combined Miles:  1,019,680

Time warp.  If you drove down my street last night at 7:40 p.m., you would have seen me standing on a step ladder in the middle of the street to capture a picture that embodied the essence of 1990’s Japanese car design.  The Vigor, Legend, and NSX parked on my driveway were three of the four vehicles marketed by Acura Division of Honda Motor Company in the early 90’s under the “Precision Crafted Performance” slogan.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors were peeking out from behind their blinds and making fun of me.


Some 20-plus years after they were introduced, each of these vehicles have aged well and are well on their way to becoming classics.


Ranked in order of price here, the Vigor was $28k, the Legend, $41k, and the NSX $65k when new.  That’s $134,000 worth of cars, that I paid a total of $36,500 for.  Did I get a deal or what?


In the background here were two “hiding” Hondas – my neighbor’s black Accord and my 2013 ILX.


Thanks for putting up with my craziness but this was a photoshoot I’d been wanting to do for some time now.


Today I have a grab-bag of features to share – no real “theme” but rather just a a few updates on what’s been going on this past week.

Automotive journalist Jeff Koch who did the photos for my Hemmings feature last November invited me to check out a car he was testing.  It’s this 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat in “TorRed” paint job.  It’s an absolute monster of a car, with a 707-horsepower V8 engine that left me grabbing for a handle when Jeff gave it a little gas on the Loop 101 onramp.


Even just while parked outside the pizza joint where Jeff and I grabbed lunch, the Hellcat drew a crowd of Mopar fanatics.


Sometimes I wish I had 700 horses at my command, but then I realize that my 201-horsepower ILX is getting 34.8 over miles per gallon.  I’ll take the fuel economy.  You all know how much I drive.


On Thursday, my friends Chris, James, and I went over to check out a sweet custom home owned by our friend Shelly.  Look at that lineup of garages!  Real estate goal of mine, for sure.


Meanwhile, I’ve made some great progress this week with my “new” 1994 Vigor GS.  I had to laugh when Chuck from Acura’s Public Relations team in Torrance, California made a comment on my Instagram post about picking up the Vigor.  “You own more cool Acura cars than we do — and we’re Acura, for crying out loud!”  Well, Chuck, come borrow the keys any time!


I had a few visitors this week coming to check out the car.  One was Joe who drives a 1995 Legend LS.


One was my friend Armando who drives a sweet Subaru SVX.


And one was Phil who drives a 1992 Legend LS.  Thanks to all you guys for stopping by!


The Vigor got some detailing this week.  I took to the undercarriage with a high pressure wash so I could clean out 20 years’ worth of dirt & gunk that the car had accumulated during its lifetime in Colorado.  Then I hit the paint with a hand-wax of Meguiar’s carnauba wax and buffed it off with a microfiber towel.  It turned out nicely.


The interior doesn’t need much but I’ll probably condition the leather soon.


Exhaust tip polish:  Before & After


Freshly painted wiper arms in black satin Rust-Oleum.


Oil change and full inspection at Acura of Tempe (couldn’t resist a photo with a new TLX)


And looking pretty shiny now.


Ben from AutoNation where I purchased the car sent me a follow-up email.  It’s clearly a “form” email, but I had to laugh at how he offered to help me understand how to operate the “technology.”  Thanks, Ben, but I can handle 1994 technology just fine!


In other Acura news, my younger brother Payton picked up a sweet ride for his daily driver.  He’s now in a 1993 Legend L coupe 6-speed with just 135,000 on the odometer.  He sent me this text earlier in the week to share the news.


After some fresh window tint and a quick wash, he had it looking great already.  Congrats Payton!


Yesterday, a few friends and I went to Sedona for a day.  It’s a nice escape from Phoenix – only about 120 miles each way – and offers cooler temperatures and nice landscapes all around.  I’ve blogged about Sedona multiple times, including most recently in a Toyota & GMC pickup truck comparo back in May.  James captured this photo of the ILX northbound on Highway 179.





Scenic viewpoint in Sedona


Couldn’t sit here long – parking not allowed along that stretch, and the lot was full with tourists!


Dating back to 1993, this McDonald’s on Highway 89A is the only one in the world with its arches painted turquoise instead of yellow.  The city mandated the color change in the interest of preserving the “desert” color scheme of the town.  Even the homes blend in. Here I’m with Jack and Donald, two of my road trip partners.  Thanks to James from Six Speed Blog for taking the photo.


Rolling back into Phoenix on Interstate 17 southbound


And lastly:  I don’t know where or how this photo was captured (and it wasn’t by me!) but isn’t that new NSX sweet?


Have a great week!

36 Responses to “The 90’s Are Back”

  1. You bachelors & your 5 cars…

    • Haha, seriously. It’s no wonder most of my friends are “car people” because honestly – everyone else just looks at me like a lunatic if they hear about this Acura-ddiction. Hope you had a nice weekend Josh!

  2. Thank you so much for the little photoshoot! Gah! I wish a the 1993 aztec green pearl Integra GS-R was already sitting next to the Vigor though!

    Beautiful garage Tyson. I wonder if anyone else in the world also has one with all the 90’s Acuras? Surely someone with that enthusiasm and collection would have made an appearance somewhere online by now. Still makes you wonder.

    • Dillon, yeah I’m not sure who would have all these cars in a collection yet, if anyone. I know that even Honda HQ doesn’t have the full line-up. Their Honda Collection “secret” museum in Torrance is missing a Vigor. So I guess once I get the Aztec Green GS-R I’ll have to send them a few pics of everything together, haha. Long live the 90’s.

  3. Duane 94 6 Speed GS Says:

    I bet if anyone did have the same set of 91-95 cars you have, there would be no way they would be as nice as yours. NO WAY! Beautiful pictures and even better job at cleaning them up and making them look their best. So you’ve got to get the GS-R Integgie, and the last one you will need to round out the set would be the
    2 door Vigor? When? Most people collect Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars and call it a day. Not Tyson, gotta collect the real thing!

    • Duane, the good news is that there was no such thing as a 2-door Vigor. So technically I’d need a 2-door Integra and a 4-door Integra and I’d be totally done. I think I’ll do a 2-door Teg and call it a day. Let’s not get carried away here 😉

  4. Great shoot, Tyson! And the Vigor cleaned up beautifully…

    • Thank you Mark! It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Roommate went somewhere in his Nissan Frontier, leaving me access to the full driveway. Lighting was decent, and the cars were there, so the light bulb went on in my head and I made it happen. I hope you had a great weekend. Saw a couple of Saabs today while out at the market and thought of you!

  5. I love that shot of the ILX in Sedona with the mountains in the background. I may have to go back up and do a photo shoot up there.

    • Agreed! Sedona is so photogenic from any angle. I’d bet traffic levels are a lot more manageable mid-week. Would definitely be a nice place to do a full photoshoot.

  6. JoeHansen Says:

    You need the new NSX is your life man! I cant wait to get mine in 10 years!!!!

    • Haha yes I do need a new NSX, but that’s a LONG ways out. If you’re looking at a 1st gen NSX then just set a goal and work toward it! My goal was to get one by the time I turned 30 and I ended up making it happen with 2 weeks to spare 🙂

      • JoeHansen Says:

        Yeahhh im shootin to own the new one but id really like the 1st gen. That and the new mustang are the only 2 cars that i can think of right that id get rid of my legend for. Im lucky the prices of the 1st gens are doable for me in the next 3 years are so. If that happens, nsx road trip!!! By the way lovin the lineup of 90s acuras!

  7. Says:

    I know there was no could vivor, but if you could find one or have one made, you’d ba e the only one. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

  8. Charger Hellcat? What we need, is a Grand Caravan Hellcat…. “HOLD ON TIGHT KIDS! We’ll be at school in no time!”

    • Haha now you’re talkin. I actually heard from a friend over the weekend that they’re developing a Grand Cherokee version, so that would be pretty sweet too.

  9. Between this photo shoot and the strong possibility that Bill and Hillary will be back in the White House soon, the 90s are here again! It looks like you had a fun trip to Sedona — so beautiful there.

    • Haha, I’m fine with the 90’s coming back. The cars and the music were good during that era. I guess I could do without the Girbaud jeans, Hypercolor T-shirts, and having to carry a Discman around though. Sedona is one of my fave places. I only wish we’d had more time to take a little hike or something.

  10. Yay, the 90’s! Fantastic post here, Tyson. That Vigor sure cleaned up nicely…though looks like it didn’t need much to begin with. Love the shots of Sedona. You should get that green Vigor up there for a photo op someday…green with the red rocks would make a nice complementary color combo. I loved our company Charger SXT…makes me want a taste of that Hellcat! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure nobody would be satisfied with just a taste of a Hellcat. They’ll want the entire mega-size buffet portion! It is a beast of a car. And YES – now you’ve got me thinking – after I get the Vigor cosmetics sorted out (primarily ditching that purple tint) I’ll take a cruise to Sedona for a red/green shoot 😉

  11. My my. Oh my. I will have to leave my entire inheritance to you in order for you to build a massive garage to store your cars. Either that or maybe you could swing a deal with Shelly….. 🙂

    • Shelly needs to give up the rights to some of that premium garage space for sure! Ha. For now, I have my parking situation squared away but I do want to upgrade to a 3-4 car place in the not-too-distant future!

  12. Very nice acura’s Tyson , love to read your blog.

  13. bbimmer7 Says:

    Great photos Tyson! I’m glad you choose to keep your Acuras original.

    • Thank you Brendan! Yeah, I figure the cars are more desirable from a collector / resale perspective if they’re left alone. Acura engineers had the right idea so why mess with success. (Not that a Vigor will ever be collectible, but you never know, haha). Thanks again for reading and I hope your week is going well!

  14. been very busy lately! Payton SCORED with that coupe thats for sure!!

    • Yeah he seems to be liking it! I happen to have a spare set of GS wheels I might let him borrow if he wants a subtle upgrade. I get the feeling it’s more of just a commuter car for him though, and he’s not too worried about cosmetics. You’ve been way busy for sure! Hope the new car is treating you well.

  15. I’d say it’s car overload but if its Honda or Acura then it’s actually a good thing.

  16. Tyson, do you have a subscription to Autoweek magazine? An article just came out in it about an Acura NSX and its owner.

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