Dave’s Visit, Vigor Registration, & Upcoming Events

Descending order mileage update time!

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  534,345


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  147,000


Odometer (ILX):  136,629


Odometer (Vigor):  104,540


Odometer (NSX):  100,859


My buddy Dave flew in for a visit this week from the Seattle area, so I had to roll out the ‘Formula’ Red carpet for him.  We took this car to get drinks at Tempe Marketplace.


Dave is a long-time friend of mine who I originally met via the Acura Legend enthusiast community.  This was the airport shuttle.


On Tuesday night, we took a ride in the Legend coupe for some BBQ dinner at “Bobby-Q’s” off Interstate 17 & Northern Avenue in Phoenix.


Cruising to dinner.


The pulled pork was indeed delicious.


Dave also borrowed the ILX for a bit.  He sent me a text message later on:  “This clutch is 180 degrees different than your coupe’s!”  Thanks, my friend, for making time for me in your vacation travel schedule!

Huge thanks are going out to my friend Beau who snagged me some snazzy new profile photos a week or so ago.  I used the pictures for my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.  For laughs, we took this one too.  I couldn’t resist getting the car in just one shot!


That Vigor is now officially an Arizona resident.  First order of business was an emissions test on Tuesday morning at the facility on Evans Rd in Scottsdale, not far from my office.  That test ran me $20.  Results are here:


Summary:  It passed with flying colors!

  • Hydrocarbons in grams/mile:  Standard = .8;  my Vigor = .36
  • Carbon Monoxide in grams/mile:  Standard = 12; my Vigor = 4.25
  • Oxides of Nitrogen in grams/mile:  Standard = 2; my Vigor = .78

I then spent two hours at the Tempe DMV office near my house.  Luckily I’d taken my work laptop so I could multi-task while dozens of other people made their way through the process.  For $92.28 I was issued new tags with a 2-year registration, good until August 2017.  So cheap!  And it would have been even cheaper, but $50 of that total was for my personalized tags which are on order.  I won’t spill the beans, but I’m excited for what they’ll say.  In the meantime, I’m riding around on a generic looking one.


As all of you know, I’m big on “car history.”  I like to know where my vehicles have been – and what they’ve been through – down to every little detail.  That’s the whole reason I track my vehicle maintenance on Excel spreadsheets.  When I purchased my Vigor from an AutoNation dealership in Denver, it came with its owner’s manual inside the glove compartment.

The original owner’s name was handwritten on the inside of the manual’s front cover.  It only took a quick Google search to locate her current whereabouts and contact information.  I sent her over a quick note.  Within 12 hours, she’d responded – gratefully – and was glad to hear that the car she’d driven for 21 years is still in good hands!  Check out her email:


That made my day.  I’ll keep Kathy in the loop as things progress.

It’s been a super busy time here.  I’m still actively engaged in NSXPO planning activities, in preparation for our 250-car NSX celebration the weekend of October 8-11 in Palm Springs, California.  I’m taking a “practice” drive through that area soon.  Here are a few coming attractions.

  • Aug 22 – Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
  • Aug 29 – Palm Springs & Idyllwild, CA
  • Sep 23-27 – National Acura Legend Meet – Houston, TX

A few final pics to close out the week.  I test-drove a coworker’s 2005 Porsche Carrera S.  Loved it!




Drive to Five reader Joe saw this in the local paper.  Someone stole my tagline.


Legends out on Saturday




And the Vigor out on Sunday



The end of the road, and the end of this epistle!  Until next time.

18 Responses to “Dave’s Visit, Vigor Registration, & Upcoming Events”

  1. Hey sorry I missed you buddy!

    The Vigor looks stunning can’t wait to see it in person…

    BTW, the emission test scores are impressive!
    I’m always amazed how low the 93SE comes in whenever I test, guess it’s a “testament” to Honda engines (ouch, sorry about that).

    • Thanks Hy! Sorry for the late notice on being in your area today. Would love to bring the Vigor over the next time I get over there. I was impressed with the smog compliance results as well. I’ll have to see how those numbers compare to my other old cars. How did the rest of your oil change go?

  2. yay! Sedan love on my half birthday!

  3. I am so eagerly excited to see what the new plate is going to be. Give me a hint! 😉 That is super cool that you managed to find the original owner!

    • I know! Somehow I’ve been able to track down the orig owners of all my cars except for the 1994 Legend sedan. I even snail-mailed them some current photos of the car to the street address I found for them, but no response. Oh well. And you’ll just have to wait another 3 weeks to see what my Vigor plate will say 🙂

  4. Nice write up! Good to see all the Acuras out and about.

    • Thanks Nate! Yep they all came out for a little bit of playtime this weekend. It was nice weather for some cruising around. Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. autoscribe74 Says:

    That Vigor door shot is too cool, Tyson.

    • Ha, thank you Mark! Yeah, I liked that one too. I only wish the rear door windows on the Vigor would retract all the way for maximum effect. I see on FB you’ve been doing some traveling of your own in recent days. Keep the photos coming! 🙂

  6. Judging from looks, you and Dave could be brothers — which means I could be Dave’s mom too — which reminds me I am getting old. I recall that Dave was genuinely nice at the Drive to Five event. Tell him we really love Seattle and need to visit.

  7. The Vigor has been an all-around good story. Impressive to see how low the emissions are on an older Honda engine! Kathy sounds like a nice person who took good care of the car.

    • She surely did! Oddly enough, my Legend coupe also was a one (female) owner car when I picked it up. Good recipe for getting a well cared for car that hasn’t been abused, I guess. Hope you had a great weekend Mr. Heffran!!

  8. Tyson, looks like a fun weekend with friends and “Legends”. Wow!!! It also looks like there is more at the end of that rainbow than a just a pot of gold 😉

  9. thanks for being such a gracious host my friend! Driving 4 of your 5 cars was very cool. Let me know when you’re up here in the NW so I can repay your generosity. That BBQ is still pretty amazing.

    • Agreed, loved the BBQ. Hope you can make it back here again soon. Weather’s gonna be real nice after about October so come on back. Hope your week is going well.

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