Porsche-Inspired Coffee, New Wheels, & Upcoming Detroit Trip

Odometer (Legend):  540,492


Odometer (ILX):  152,358


Happy 2016.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work.  “Welcome Season” at the office is an annual window of time when I’m one of 225,000 employees at my company putting in some extra effort to make sure things go smoothly in the new calendar year.  Somehow, though, I’m going to skip town for the next 3 business days and head to Detroit this coming week.  Think anyone will miss me?  We’ll see.

This afternoon I’m typing this entry from a new coffee shop in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona called “Fourtillfour.”  3:56.  As in, the Porsche 356, a sports car produced from 1948 through 1965 that still today has a strong enthusiast following.


Only half of the 76,000 356 models originally produced are estimated to be in existence today.  But one entrepreneur decided to launch a themed coffee joint in Scottsdale that was inspired by Porsche – complete with a Snap-on tool chest and plenty of automotive memorabilia on the walls.  Seems like my kind of place.  The hot chocolate’s not bad either.




About the only automotive news I can share from the last week or so is that 3 of my 6 Acuras are wearing ‘new shoes’ now.  I took the opportunity while I had the Vigor in the garage at home to throw it on jacks and pull the tires off.  Ever since I got the car last July I’ve been wanting to have the 15″ alloy wheels refinished.  Sans a few bumper bruises, the body of the car is pretty dang mint, but those wheels endured 21 years in Colorado and had a few scars.  Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists in Phoenix got that taken care of for me.






I also put a set of refinished wheels on my Legend GS sedan, and I put my 1992 NSX back to its factory original setup.  While the car looked really nice on its 17″ wheels all around (those were from a 2002-05 model), I think it handles much nicer on the staggered 16″ rear / 15″ front setup that it left the factory with 24 years ago.  The older I get, the less I care about how it looks and the more I care about how it drives.  Besides, there’s a sheer sense of satisfaction the purist in me gets by having the car look the way its designers originally intended.



I need to extend a quick congrats to two friends who made excellent automotive purchases in recent weeks.  First is Scott with his 2014 Jaguar XKR.  This thing is a looker!  He met up with me today at Fourtillfour and took me for a ride.


The second is my buddy Chase in Utah who picked up his dream car, a 1991 NSX.  Chase, we’re twinners now!  Congrats guys!


And I haven’t shared any Legend “Spy Shot” posts in several months, but I’m still collecting them.  My friend James had a good one today from a TV episode.  Thanks for keeping an eye out everyone.



So I’m off to Michigan bright and early tomorrow and I’ll bring you updates from the Auto Show if / as time permits.  Otherwise tune in later in the week for a recap!  Talk soon

14 Responses to “Porsche-Inspired Coffee, New Wheels, & Upcoming Detroit Trip”

  1. Nice wheels, man.

  2. omGOSH! I made it on the blog today!

  3. All those restored wheels look fantastic! Finishing touches on primo automobiles.

    • Thanks very much, Mark! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend. Catching my flight at Sky Harbor airport in PHX now. I’ll keep an eye out for Volvo memorabilia…

  4. Lance Phillips Says:

    Those wheels look awesome, Hugie! Your whole Acura “fleet” looks pretty mint! Have fun at the Auto Show and I may need you text me some pics of the new G90 from Hyundai! 🙂

  5. Nice spotting with the Legend, @James Lee! Even with the NY plate!

    And the Vigor looks minty! 🙂

  6. Loving the ”new” wheels! The OEM wheels definitely not a bad choice.

  7. Vigor rims look FANTASTIC, Tyson! Soon enough you’ll turn her into a minty fresh showroom example. Have fun at the NAIAS! 🙂

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