Weekly Updates & “Serial Number One” – 1967 Honda N600 Restoration Project

Odometer (Legend coupe):  543,021


Odometer (Legend sedan):  150,233


Odometer (Vigor):   105,477


Odometer (ILX):  159,320


It was 39 years ago when Honda made its entrance into selling passenger cars in the United States.  The company’s first model, a simple (and teeny) “N600,” was cute and efficient.  Little did the world know that it marked the beginning of an automotive power-player that would sell over 123,000 units in the month of March 2016 alone.  Honda is big.

One special car – the first – is currently in the hands of “Merciless” Tim Mings, a southern California-based mechanic who is heralded as THE subject matter expert on Honda’s early cars like the N600, Z600, and S600 models which were the precursors to today’s Honda lineup.  Some of you may recall the special little Z600 that I test-drove last year from my friend Scott’s collection in Palm Springs.

I’ll be following this restoration project very closely and hope you’ll do the same!

I have an assortment of updates from the last week or so to share today.  It should come as no surprise that I’ve been playing with cars as much as time allows, so I’ll let the photos tell the story and keep this week’s blog entry short and sweet.

My friend Armando and his pup Sable visited from California.  We took the NSX to breakfast.


Armando is the proud owner of two Subaru SVXs, a Mazda, RX-8 and a Mazda RX-4


My family members from Utah visited and soaked up the sun for a few days.


My friend Jeremy visited from Utah as well for a few days and picked up a ‘new’ BMW X5 diesel here.


I made an attempt at installing some spare “A-Spec” wheels on the ILX but found out they were the incorrect bolt pattern (5 x 120 instead of 5 x 114.3), which means they came off an Acura RL instead of a TL.  Shucks, no new wheels for me!


Night drive in the NSX


“Cars & Coffee” in Scottsdale, yesterday.  This huge event draws hundreds of high-end cars, every first Saturday of the month.


Quick pic with automotive spy photographer Brenda Briddy who was there


After C&C I took the ILX to explore a remote area called Rio Verde, northeast of town.


Most of Rio Verde’s population lives in the 55-and-older golf community.


I made a quick stop at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  It has over 80 miles of hiking trails so I’ll need to plan another visit back soon.


Stopped by “Legends” automotive repair shop.  (Notice the sign)


Fun fact:  This location at 2412 N Scottsdale Rd was once the Valley’s first Acura dealership, 30 years ago.


I have to wonder if the people who currently own & operate the business even know that history.


Mom’s G35 is still awaiting its new owner.  She’s flying down a week from Wednesday to pick it up.


I went and grabbed the Vigor.  This car will probably go in for a timing belt change in the next few weeks.


At the grocery store, I happened to park next to a 1992-93 Honda Accord in my same paint color, code BG-30P “Arcadia Green.”




That’s it for now.  Have a great week everyone.

13 Responses to “Weekly Updates & “Serial Number One” – 1967 Honda N600 Restoration Project”

  1. The story of the Honda 600 is remarkable. A piece of history for sure! Somewhere in my S2000 there must be a little fraction of the 600’s DNA – HA!!

    Regarding the Subaru SVX… I remember when they came out and I actually went to a Subaru dealership to check them out. Vintage Subaru’s had some avant garde interiors. I remember the SVX and also the Piazza (Impulse here in America) had some awesome dash layouts.

    Awesome pictures Tyson!

    • Hey, thanks! And that reminds me — let’s see some S2000 content on your blog soon 🙂 I want to see the beast getting some drive time! Haha. The SVX draws a stare everywhere Armando takes it. You’re right, the dash is a very futuristic layout (as is the rest of the car). I remember noticing that the bottom half of it was covered in a suede material.

  2. Thats a bummer about the wheels… was hoping to some fly shoes on the ILX.

    • It’s for the best. I need to keep that car looking stock, I think. Plus, like we mentioned last night, when you start playing with wheel and tire size changes it can just throw off the whole intended driving dynamics in a bad way. Guess I’ll just order some new Michelins soon and call it a day.

  3. Great Arcadia Green comparison shots of the Accord and your Vigor! And storage units… so that’s where you keep your overstock of Acuras 🙂

    • Hey Brendan! I know – I had to get the side-by-shot as soon as I saw that clean old Accord (oddly, sporting WA plates which is a long way from here. Maybe belongs to some snowbirds?). As for the storage units – yeah, sadly. I’m renting two 10×20 units, one in Glendale and one in Ahwatukee — NEITHER is convenient. Sometime soon I need a storage solution that allows me to keep all the cars closer to home. Which means I need a job that pays a heck of a lot more. Ugh! Haha

  4. Another new vehicle for tall Jeremy? He must have a bigger fleet than you at this point 🙂

    • Oh, he buys and sells like crazy! I give this white X5 all of 3 weeks before it’s pawned off on its next owner. Right now I think he’s also peddling a very clean White Diamond Pearl 2005 TL automatic with only 80,000 miles, if you know anyone! Haha. Thanks for reading, Brad. How’s IL these days?

      • Haha. If he was peddling a very clean ’07 or ’08 TL Type-S (preferably 6-speed), I definitely know someone who’d be interested! Other than ongoing cold and snow here in northeastern IL, all is well. I hope your week in sunny AZ is off to a good start, Tyson!

  5. When I come visit (one of these days) it’s going to have to include a first Saturday of the month!

    • Yes please! Only drawback is we need to get up there pretty early — the parking lot was brimming with people by 8:00 a.m.! These early risers got all the good spots at Cars & Coffee. I ended up parking the ILX a block away and just walking over. Looking forward to your trip out here whenever we’re able to make that happen.

  6. Too bad on the A-spec rims…I bet they would have looked slick!

    • I know, seriously! I was kind of craving a new look for the ILX. It’s been 4 years that I’ve been driving it as-is. Maybe after Alaska I’ll look into a way to customize it a bit (newer ILX wheels?). It’s probably best that I roll up to the north country on my stock 17’s and matching spare anyhow.

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