Trip to San Diego, California: Beach Time, Car Time, & 250k Integra Milestone

Odometer (Integra):  250,279

Trip Distance:  801 Miles

I seriously have the worst luck with losing sunglasses.  I’ll never forget the time I left a pair sitting on the trunk lid of my car near Bryce Canyon in Utah a few years ago and drove away.  I realized it a few miles down the road, looped back, and ended up finding them but they were missing a lens that was nowhere to be found.  So I plunked down another $80 on a replacement pair, which I’m sure I lost again.

The most recent casualty was from a massive wave in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday afternoon.  I think I got a little ambitious with how far I wanted to immerse myself.  Next thing I knew, I was overtaken and ended up with eyes and mouth full of saltwater as I went completely underwater momentarily.  The shades were a lost cause, but I’ve learned my lesson:  This time I bought replacements for $14.99 from a convenience store.  At that price, they’re disposable anyway.

Losses aside, this trip was just what the doctor ordered for a few days of reprieve from a busy schedule and some toasty summer temperatures in Arizona.  Some friends and I spent a couple of days in the Hillcrest neighborhood, celebrating a birthday and enjoying the sights and sounds that the city had to offer.  I took the Integra GS-R on this trip – knowing that the Legends will see plenty of use in the next week or so for the upcoming NALM trip to Colorado.  I stopped by the Imperial Sand Dunes, which were completely empty.  Go figure, nobody wants to burn their feet in July out there!

One of the ways I always like to dig up nostalgia when I’m in San Diego is to stop by some of the areas where I lived during the 2001-03 timeframe when I was a missionary for my church.  Even back then, I was eyeballing NSXs.  This one, spotted on June 15, 2001, is evidently still owned by the same person 17 years later.  I just today ran the plate using a smartphone app called MyCARFAX.  The car had 30,000 miles back then, and it has 50,000 today.  It’s a 1992 “Grand Prix White.”

And speaking of digging things up:  The first place I visited this weekend was Ramona, California, where my assigned partner and I lived in a converted horse stable, pictured below, that we lovingly called the “Shack.”  In January 2002, we buried a time capsule there with intention of digging it up 5 years later.  It’s now been over 16 years and I have no idea if or when we will ever exhume it.

The property as it sits today:

Christmas 2001 looking mighty festive.  I was standing in the doorway.

I paid a visit to the temple on Interstate 5 at Charmant Drive – a grand, white, castle-looking structure that is as striking from inside as it is out.  It was built in 1993 and has 72,000 square feet.  The grounds are always immaculate too.

Just a couple of miles away, I met up with a handful of “car friends” at a parking structure on the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus.  Included were a nice lineup of Legend GS models owned by my friend Jacob, Mike’s 1989 Prelude, Ryan’s 2018 Accord, Jay’s 2008 Mercedes, and eventually Jorge’s 2011 BMW wagon.

We shot the breeze over burgers & fries at Rock Bottom Brewing on La Jolla Village Drive, and by then it was time for me to hit the highway and make my way back to the desert.  The Integra performed well, achieving its 250,000 mile mark just as I descended the grade from Jacumba to Ocotillo on eastbound Interstate 8.

Enjoy some photos and 2 videos from the weekend below!

Imperial Sand Dunes

Heading up Highway 67 toward Ramona

Lineup of mailboxes in buckets of cement, in Ramona

Roaming around the hills east of Ramona

Arrival at the temple

Jacob’s 1994 GS Legend in Sirius White

Eyeballing Jorge’s 2011 BMW

Ryan headed out on Interstate 5

250k milestone!  (Of course, with the ABS light permanently lit!)

Always liked this old hotel – “Stout’s Hotel” in Gila Bend.  It dates back to 1927 but hasn’t been open since the 1980s.

Lastly:  Continuing the “List your car here” trend.  I have a local contact with a 54,000 mile 1995 Legend L sedan automatic pictured here.  It has been neglected, to be quite honest, but runs and drives well and has super low miles.  Does anyone want to bring it back to its deserved glory?  Contact me.

19 Responses to “Trip to San Diego, California: Beach Time, Car Time, & 250k Integra Milestone”

  1. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Thanks for the plug!

  2. I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane from your missionary days. Do you remember where you buried the time capsule?

    Cool trip. That Prelude is in phenomenal shape! I’m starting to warm up to the new Accord, after not initially being too fond of it- your friend Ryan’s car is nice. The 10G shape looks good in white.

    Congrats on the 250k milestone! Is the GS-R now the official daily driver for you?

    • Yeah the Integra is pulling daily duty for now but the ILX is coming back to AZ later this year so it will get put back into service. As for the time capsule, yes I know exactly where it was buried, but the property is under new ownership and I didn’t want to go trespassing beyond a chain link fence! Someday…

  3. Great post here, Tyson. Those black Legends are looking mighty tasty. Congrats on the 1/4mil! GSR looking great as usual. Hope we can get a few more good drives in with that little guy before something in Silver Moon comes back. 😀

  4. Just gorgeous Tyson! Thanks for stopping to make the video, it was a bit of a struggle to hear you over the wind noise. Haven’t we all been in the situation where the highway gets off but not back on? How many times have I been there over the decades haha?

    You’re a brave man to leave the keys in the car with the windows up in that heat…. although I certainly understand why you have to leave it running. I’ve never been locked out of a Honda but I’ve seen friends with Toyotas and other brands who locked their keys in just by walking away. It looks like a lonely road too.

    • I know, the audio is not very good in any of my videos – it’s what I get for trying to shoot with an iPhone. One of these days I’ll get some decent camera gear (and figure out how to use it!). But glad I was able to capture this milestone. I have thought the same thing about walking away from the car with it running. Especially on a deserted road like that, haha. Thanks for following along, Pam!

    • You won’t believe this, but for the first time in 2 years, the car did lock its keys in it with the car running today! Luckily I had just stopped by the house to grab the mail, and I was able to run inside and get a spare key, but that could have been bad! Lesson learned. Haha. Such random timing since you mentioned it!

      • Oh that’s crazy! Thank goodness the timing was right for learning a lesson without serious consequences haha! 🌞🌞🌞

  5. Cheers to the green machine! At 250k, is that now the second highest in your fleet (behind the Legend coupe)?

    • Right you are! In order they are: Legend coupe, Integra GS-R, ILX, Legend sedan, Vigor, NSX, Integra GS. And for the time being, that 136k mile 1990 Accord is at my house too.

  6. What a fun weekend escape to cooler sandy beaches. A nice milestone tribute to the Integra. Ryan’s Accord looks soooo good in White!! One of these days you guys should go back and dig up that time capsule! Do you even remember what is in it?

    • Yes the time capsule was at the end of a horseshoe pit. I have pics from when we buried it. From a 35MM film camera, even. It was a large popcorn tin. I remember there were things from around the house, maybe some photos… and definitely I remember speaking on a cassette tape and putting it in there. That will be the best part to listen to that if it still plays (and if we can find a cassette player…)

  7. 250K is quite the accomplishment, can’t wait to see the ILX make it’s return to the blog later this year…. The integra still looks amazing which is no surprise! Can’t wait to see the post on the legends meet later this month.

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