Weekly Digest: A Marathon, Some Accords, & NSXPO Follow-Up

Odometer (Legend):  563,679

Odometer (Accord):  302,093

I have all sorts of news to catch up on here but I’ll keep the message short & sweet so the photos can tell the story.  There have been a lot of articles coming out on the recent NSXPO in San Francisco, but I’m particularly pleased with how this one came together.  I wrote a short piece on a father & son from Tucson, Arizona who both own NSXs.  It’s here on AcuraConnected.

I took the ILX to southern Utah over the weekend and competed in my 12th St. George marathon.  For about the first half of the 26-miler, it rained.  Adding to the struggle, my meager 3 miles of training didn’t amount to adequate preparation (shocker!) and my pace-per-mile reflected that.  In all it took me nearly 5.5 hours to finish, but my mom was there waiting for me at the finish proudly.

The ILX rolled 208,000 on the way to Utah Thursday evening.

My niece and nephews made a great cheering squad at about mile 25 when I passed by them (slowly).

Mom sat this one out but spent the day volunteering instead.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some ‘car fun,’ including a visit from my friend Michael who has a Fathom Blue ILX.

A couple of fourth-generation Honda Accords made their way to the house (for short- or long-term, not yet known) but I’m doing a bit of work on each one and enjoying getting to know the platform.  This particularly nice one is from a one-owner history right here in the Phoenix area.  While showing over 136,000 on the odometer, it easily looks like a car with < 50,000 miles on it.

Plus, what’s not to love about those automatic seatbelts.  Just like the ones in my two Integras.

This Mulberry Pearl car was featured on my YouTube a couple of months ago and I was shocked how quickly the video took off.  It’s now been viewed over 50,000 times and commented on over 700 times.  People have a lot of love for these old Accords!

The second Accord is this 1993 SE with 302,000 miles on it.  While it runs and drives well and has a very solid background & maintenance history, it does need some cosmetic and mechanical help so I’ll be putting some effort into it as time permits.

My friend Brad and his roommate Richard from Chicago stopped by.  Brad, sorry to post this one with your eyes shut!  But glad you were able to make a fly-by visit in Phoenix on the tail end of your 2,000-mile national park tour!  By the way, our weather cleared up right after you left.

I visited Acura of Tempe yesterday to drop off my NSX for a new timing belt & water pump, and took the time to admire my friend Leon’s 2001 Integra Type-R which is on display in the showroom.  You’ll recognize Leon’s car from JCCS 2018 in Long Beach recently.

My loaner while the NSX was in for service was this new TLX V6 SH-AWD with only 2,000 miles on it.  Do you like it?

I thought this article was a worthwhile read on a guy who hit 600,000 miles on his Accord, if you get time to check it out.

Finally, here are some cool ads someone sent me for the Vigor.  Acura’s marketing agency back in the day really had some skill.

Have a great day!




15 Responses to “Weekly Digest: A Marathon, Some Accords, & NSXPO Follow-Up”

  1. Glad the marathon went well. How was recovery the next day?

    So many cool old Hondas in this post. What are the cosmetic issues with the 93? From the photos, it looked pretty good. Loved the Integra Type-R, especially since it looks like it was kept stock and not modded beyond belief.

    Random question- is there a premium charge for the timing belt and water pump service on the NSX, or is it the same price for every other Acura V6?

    • My legs were sore until last night but today I’m almost back to 100%. Cosmetic issues with the 1993 SE are: clear coat failure on front and rear bumpers, oxidation on the wheels, and ripped leather. The NSX timing belt service is expensive – about double what you’d pay for any other Honda V6. Most of that I presume is labor since it’s a mid-engine layout and access is limited. I am getting a steep price break on the work luckily.

  2. I’m glad we were able to grab some pizza together! Thank you for the tour of your ever-evolving fleet. That Mulberry Pearl Accord makes a great addition to your collection for sure. The previous owner kept it in extraordinary condition! Enjoy the sunny weather that proved to be so elusive last week 😀

  3. I need more 90’s Accords in my life. LOVE those two!

  4. Great weekend! You’re one of the few (thousand) runners who can boast that you’ve run in the rain at a SGM. In the 42-year history of the race, it has only rained maybe 3 of them. That’s one way to look at it… history in the making! I am counting down until I come and visit you again, meeting the newest member of the fleet. Has your blister healed yet?

    • Looking forward to your January visit! And we will do it up big with a pasta party, as has become tradition. For now, looking for a nice low-key weekend coming up. I’m back to baseline post-race now.

  5. Congrats on another successful marathon, Tyson! Great write-up on the father-son NSX team. Good updates all around and fun to read up on the new additions to the garage. I still can’t believe the condition of that Mulberry Accord. I’ll be excited to see it in person soon. Any plans on a vanity plate?

    • Vanity plate is still TBD – I was thinking of getting a new-this-year design that came out with the Barrett-Jackson logo on it. Or maybe just a gold “Historic” plate (not available with personalization) like I went with on the 1992 Integra GS. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks for sure!

  6. I read about the 600,000 mile guy a little while back. Impressive! I appreciate the Honda’s before 2006.

  7. Amanda Moen Says:

    Thanks for the link to that 600,000 mile 2003 Accord coupe. My mother has been bringing up the fact that I should look for a new(er) car, since my 2003 Accord won’t last forever. (I haven’t even hit 190,000 miles yet!) I shared that link with her.

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