Travel News Bits: St. George, Prescott, Canyon Lake, & Upcoming Monterey

Odometer (Legend):  563,514

Odometer (Vigor):  111,707

Hours (Boat):  4,000

Trip Distance:  225 Miles

Let’s get up to speed on some of the last few weeks’ activities as summer winds down here in Arizona.  In late July, some friends and I traveled to southern Utah for a few days at my brother’s newly-remodeled home. The pool was pretty inviting!

Headed northbound in Kyle’s 2008 Pontiac G8 GXP 6-speed.

James drove up in his tester of the week, the 2018 Accord.

We also took a quick jaunt to the mountains of Payson, Arizona a couple of weeks ago with 8 attendees and 6 cars, including 3 Acuras, a Mazda, a Pontiac, and an Infiniti.  Leading the pack in power and presence was Vlad’s 2017 NSX, recently customized with performance exhaust downpipes from Science of Speed.  I was happy to bring up the tail – my 1994 Vigor is a fun and nimble machine, but its tired suspension, old Michelins, and 176-horsepower motor were no match for the others in this group.

Lunch at Prescott Brewing Company.

Fueling up at the Mobil in Wickenburg.

After 3 years of ownership, I finally had the Vigor’s upholstery worked on.  The driver seat “Cognac” leather was torn along the side bolster, so I had Naro from TrimFit in Phoenix clean it up for $250 last week.  He succeeded masterfully.

I also got around to having a lot of small dings removed from the 1992 Integra GS.  Jorden of Anytime Dent had the car for about 4 days and cleaned up every panel.  It came out looking perfectly.  I snagged a pic while at Starbucks parked next to a 1989 Legend.

This past Saturday, we took Kyle’s new (well, 1993 model year) boat out to Canyon Lake which is about an hour away from my place.  Contrary to popular belief, Arizona does have its fair share of lakes and waterways.  This one is a reservoir formed by the Salt River which is Phoenix’s primary water supply.  The spot is noted by the red marker at top right here.

I tried my hand at riding the tube.  Two days later, I realize I must have been clutching to it pretty aggressively because my arms are realllllly sore.

And yesterday, I took the Legend GS to church and it rolled 160,000 miles.

My Integra GS-R is getting ready for a trip to the California Coast.  It will be featured as one of about 40 cars in Pebble Beach at the inaugural “Japanese Automotive Invitational” show this Saturday 8/25 and Sunday 8/26.  The space belongs to Infiniti, who has partnered with Motor Trend to bring everything together.  Participating vehicles are being brought in from across the nation, including an exceptionally clean 1990 Legend LS coupe from Florida with only 54,000 miles on it.  Pick up is anticipated for sometime this week!

I’ll be attending part of the ‘car week’ activities as well, as I’m scheduled to attend an Acura private reception this Thursday at the Carmel Valley Lodge.  I’ll be flying in and out of San Jose.  I’ll bring you a full report next week.

That’s a wrap on recent news for now!

Check out this plexiglass magazine display that I picked up!  Soon to be fastened to a wall inside my house or in the garage.

Looks like a car-party at my house.

Beautiful Payson, AZ summer afternoon.

Evening meet-up with Michael (ILX) and a few other folks at Tempe Town Lake Marina.

10 Responses to “Travel News Bits: St. George, Prescott, Canyon Lake, & Upcoming Monterey”

  1. First of all, the view from your brother’s pool is jaw-dropping. I remember you had posted previous photos of his place – looks like something that should be featured on HGTV.

    Great updates. I enjoyed the trip overview- and your friend’s NSX looks amazing. Someday I’d like to get behind the wheel of a G2 NSX and see if it lives up to the hype (I’m sure it does). The Vigor looks really good. I remember your initial posts when you got the car- it’s come a long way (and the seat repair came out well).

    Congrats on passing 160,000 with the Legend sedan… and the Accord is only 48k away from that! 🤣

    • At your current rate, I expect to see 160k on your Accord fairly quickly! Thanks for reading – it was time to catch up on a few current events so I can archive pics and videos and move on. Quite a bit going on this Fall so stay tuned! Thanks Tim!

  2. Boy, you DO get around! You could have written this entire post on any one of those destination spots. Your cars are looking brand new, and I am somewhat excited to have my G35 touched up in another week. Troy’s in Ivins will do a great job, as always. It looks like you’re California bound this weekend. That will afford you some quality run training along the beach! As if…. 🙂

  3. Many grand adventures! Thanks for sharing, Tyson. Perhaps my favorite feature here is your GS-R’s upcoming Cali trip and the other Teg’s PDR work. That thing looks amazing! I’ll be dropping Pam off soon for a full week, hope my guy is as successful as yours. Happy Taco Tuesday!

    • Yeah I’m still awaiting transport notification, hope the GS-R makes it to Pebble by the time they do load-in on Friday! Tacos, yum. Thanks for the reminder on TT 🙂

  4. Been a busy last couple of weeks. So many adventures.

  5. Chris Miller Says:

    Should I record my 160k rollover? Should happen next spring or summer. Will it see 175k before we retire?

    • Most definitely record it. We could piece our footage together. The timing for 175k on mine depends on how many future NALMs other people drive it to… I personally don’t drive it enough to hit that milestone any time soon!

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