December Updates: Cabin Weekend, Christmas, & Coming Attractions

Odometer (ILX):  212,097

Odometer (Something New):  178,351

Trip Distance:  210 Miles

Time once again to play catch-up on current events.  I’m turning 37 years old in 3.5 hours, so if I don’t wake up tomorrow morning due to old age, I at least want the Drive to Five community to know how I spent my final weeks, right?  Oh and the odometer teaser above – more to come on that.  I might have bought myself a 4,615-pound birthday gift.

First of all, I ended up being featured on Hello Road‘s YouTube channel with a quick feature from the Radwood show a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles.  Check out this video at about 6:42 on the clock.  Huge thanks to Ethan Tufts for the feature!

A couple weekends ago, I joined 6 friends and headed for the hills northeast of Phoenix.

Our destination was a cabin in Pine, Arizona.  Pine is only a little over 100 miles from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it has a woodsy culture, far cooler temperatures, and lots of wildlife.  I took the ILX for this trip which made light work of the grades rising out of town on Highway 87.  The climb goes from about 1,000 feet above elevation to a little over 5,000, making it a popular way to climb out of the boiling hot valley in summertime.

2012 road tripping:

2018 road tripping:

Among our destinations were the Early Bird Cafe above – which I’d visited six years prior – for a hearty and delicious breakfast.  Unfortunately, employee Katie (pictured in the 2012 pic in orange) no longer works there.  After that, we checked out Tonto Natural Bridge, the “world’s largest natural travertine arch.”  Most of the trails within the park were closed for construction this time, but we were able to hike down toward the riverbed and see some of the mossy waterfalls.

Sam, Adam C, Kenny, Adam S (back), and Tyson, Riley, Chandler (front)

I was delighted to have my friend Brandon from Las Vegas visiting for several days, and then today had another visitor – this time it was my buddy Alaeldeen from all the way in Edmonton, Alberta.  Fun fact:  He owned the Clarion Legend coupe for about two years.

Here’s Brandon:

The gang at brunch:

Here’s Alaeldeen:

I’m also playing caretaker for my friend Branson’s Legend coupe which will spend a few months at my house whilst his home in the Salt Lake City area is getting some garage upgrades.  It’s a sweet ride.  My backyard looks like a bit of a parking lot (or junkyard?) as I’m awaiting the cure of an epoxy sealant on the garage floor.  That story will get its own blog post in the coming weeks.

This past weekend, the ILX ‘front-wheel-drive sleigh’ took me to Christmas festivities in southern Utah, where I got to meet my youngest niece who is named Ava Mae.  She’s a real cutie.  I also reconnected with a few friends including my friend Shaun who recently picked up a 1997 Acura 3.0 CL that drives like a real peach for having 206,000 miles on it.

Cute baby up above, cute babies right here too:

Following I’ll share a hodge-podge of the rest of the pictures from these recent adventures.

NSX roller shot by my friend Michael

And the coupe at the same time

Checking out my buddy Travis’ new-to-him 1995 LS automatic – it needs work, but it’s a start!

Michael’s new 1993 Integra LS at right.

Out at the Pavilions car show and an RSX-S joined me.

Couple more shots of Branson’s coupe:

Literature swag update:  Special thanks to my buddy “on the inside” at American Honda (you know who you are!) who hooked me up with these amazing items.  This first one is an actual binder dated 2001 which shows approved paint & interior finishes for dealerships.  Like actual dealership showroom carpet samples!

Couple pics of the ever-evolving showcase:

New 2008 TL spiral booklet added, too.

Finally – My brother has just as many toys as I have, and here’s his latest.  This 1954 Ford truck is powered by a supercharged GM “LT4” V8 engine with around 650 horsepower.  I know, a Chevy engine in a Ford.  He’s going to tune it for another 75-100 ponies.  Watch out.

Have a great weekend and New Year celebration if I don’t post here before!

17 Responses to “December Updates: Cabin Weekend, Christmas, & Coming Attractions”

  1. Uh oh. That gauge cluster looks like a SLX! Finally!

    Jealous of your baby time with Ava Mae!

  2. Many happy returns “old man” and congrats again on being an uncle once more…

    Hope you have some cool plans to celebrate #37!

    • It’ll be a fairly low key day, actually. I’m working (mostly from home) for the day and then doing dinner this evening at Blanco Tacos by the Biltmore mall with a few close friends. A lot of people are out of town since my birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years.

  3. First of all, a big happy birthday! I hope you have an enjoyable celebration of another year!

    Very cool post. The shout-out on the Radwood video was awesome. Your brother’s truck looks like a beast. Will you keep up posted what the final numbers on the dyno are?

    How’s the fleet of Acuras holding up? Looking forward to getting a proper introduction to your next vehicle. I’m sure it’s going to be a real trooper for you. 😀

    • Oh yes, it’s a Trooper for sure haha. Kind of funny, the labels & placards inside the engine bay make no attempt to disguise the “Isuzu” stamped everywhere. That’s fine by me; it’s just a play toy for a little while since I’ve always wanted one. Proper intro soon. Hope you have a great day Tim!

  4. So much good stuff here and cars. Can’t wait for the play toy official reveal! I also bet the garage will look slick with the new epoxy treatment. Baby Ava Mae is just too adorable. Happy B-day and New Year!

    • I know, it feels like I’m getting all my exciting celebrations in at the end of the year. Happy Christmas, birthday, new niece, new car, new garage floor, and new year. Sheesh. Thanks Jason!

  5. Happy Birthday Tyson, sounds like it’s been a pretty busy December! No need for anyone to guess what the new purchase is, we’ve been expecting a Bighorn to join the fleet for a while, haha!
    Interested to hear how your garage turns out with the new floor covering.

    • Haha yes. Man that platform was branded so many different ways! Just this morning I finished washing and re-parking all the cars in the garage. It looks great. I’ll be getting pics & a video up on the next post. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      Just for kicks I looked up all the versions of the Trooper: Isuzu Trooper II, Caribe 442, Acura SLX, Chevrolet Trooper, Subaru Bighorn, SsangYong Korando Family, Honda Horizon, Opel Monterey, Vauxhall Monterey, Holden Jackaroo, Holden Monterey and HSV Jackaroo

      • It’s like all the different manufacturers wanted something in that market and happily badged it as their own. They’re dime-a-dozen over here, with just about all of ours being badged the “Isuzu Bighorn”.

  6. Happy Birthday! A new niece and an SLX are pretty good presents for sure. And thank you for slipping a Christmas Vacation quote into the post. Lol. Happy New Year!

    • Haha, of course. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if I saw Christmas Vacation from start-to-finish this season. No matter – I have it memorized anyway!

  7. Hi Tyson, I haven’t seen your new post for a long time since 4 weeks. I’m glad that you had a good time hang out with your friends and family during holidays. You got Acura SUV with 4WD for first time? I hope you are doing well and Happy birthday! 🙂

    • Thanks Josh! I had a great birthday celebration yesterday with friends. The holidays have been busy but a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to more adventures in 2019, including maybe some off roading now that I have a capable vehicle.

  8. Happy birthday, old man! 😉 Congrats on the new play toy, among all of your other fun goings-on. Looking forward to the posts about the garage and the new vehicle in or near it.

    That dealer finishes brochure is pretty sweet. Definitely a unique one to have in the collection instead of “just” a bunch of car brochures. Will you be updating your home decor to better match the showroom aesthetic of the garage?

    • Thanks Jake! Embracing my late 30s as best I can! The garage floor is one of just many projects I’ve had in mind for a while. A friend suggested I mount a TV on the wall in the garage and have it be constantly looping 1990s Acura commercials. Now that would be taking things to another level!

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