Company from CA, SLX + NSX Pics, Legend Matching Odometers, & Other Car Updates

Odometer (ILX):  219,230

How was everyone’s weekend?  It’s been busy around here as I’ve been getting back to my routine.  Just two days after returning from the mega Florida trip, I had company in town from San Diego and San Francisco for a few days.  My guest book is spilling over onto page 41 since I bought my house in September of 2016.  Let me know when you want to book your reservation (rental cars are available).

I’ll let the photos tell the story below because there’s really not much else to elaborate on.

Ryan and I took the ‘homeless’ white Legend that I’ve been storing for about a year to brunch.

He has his sights set on the Vigor.  At 6-foot-6, he barely fits in that thing.

We also took the 1992 Integras out for a spin.

I’d like to introduce my friend Michael’s new 1996 Prelude Si.  It’s beautiful!

Ben and Smiley arrived on their way back to the Bay Area from Florida on Saturday evening.

Ryan’s Accord 6-speed was looking extra juicy.

I took the Legend for its emissions test last Wednesday.  It passed the test without any challenges.

Here are the recordings for pollutants since I first registered the car in Arizona about 12 years ago.  In some cases the numbers are questionable or inconsistent.  Actually – the numbers this time were better than they were 2 years ago, for all 3 measures.  Go fig.

I needed to juggle some cars around so I parked the 2 ‘reds’ in the driveway for a few pictures on Sunday.  You’ll see more of the SLX in the coming months as it’s involved in a special project.

Similar gauge layout, vastly different driving experiences.

Do you prefer Formula Red or Radiant Red?

My buddy Chris from Maryland, who has the twin to my Legend GS sedan, knew that his recent trip to Florida would cause his car to surpass mine in mileage.  So we figured out a way to commemorate the milestone.  I took my car to Wendy’s and recorded the odometer after I parked it back in the garage.

The reading was 161,440 at the time.

So Chris, similarly, took his Legend to Wendy’s.

And he captured a picture at 161,440.  At this point, Chris’ car is likely to stay ahead of mine for the foreseeable future.

I took a scenic drive on Sunday in the RL out to Saguaro Lake in the Tonto National Forest.  I was scouting drive & lunch locations for a potential bid to host the 2020 NALM event here in Phoenix next fall.

More to come on that, but here’s a 3-minute preview video to the scenery & venues for consideration.

Have you been following any updates on the special Acura TLX PMC Edition?  It’s a TLX built at the NSX factory in Marysville, Ohio, and they’re only making 360 units.  The first one I saw in person was #026, on 7/26/2019 at Acura North Scottsdale.

And since that one was behind velvet ropes, the first one I actually sat in was #146 on 9/26/2019 at Acura of Tempe.

I’ve yet to get behind the wheel but it’s a pretty cool car because it blends Advance and A-Spec packages which historically have been mutually exclusive.  Have a good week!

18 Responses to “Company from CA, SLX + NSX Pics, Legend Matching Odometers, & Other Car Updates”

  1. I think Acura North Orlando had a really low numbered TLX PMC, but cant remember exactly.

    I like Milano red the best, that’d make an amazing group shot with the SLX and NSX.

  2. That Acura Vigor looking really nice. 🙂 So it is like the BMW straight six engine minus one cylinder? Straight five?

    • It’s a straight five with 176 horsepower. At the time, it was touted as having optimal weight distribution and balance for the vehicle. The Vigor does have great handling!

  3. Awesome. I never thought that a straight five or straight six would have better handing than a V6. Makes sense. BMWs have been known for great handling for a long time. They also have been making the straight six for a long time.

  4. You could say my Acura TSX has a straight four. It handles great! 😉

    But then again, I cannot think of any car or engine having four cylinders that does not have a straight line configuration. Can you? I like the simplicity of the engines. Straight four or straight five. No turbos and no intercoolers.

  5. That prospective drive for NALM looks fantastic – I enjoyed the video ride along. What a great cruise to a scenic lunch spot!

    Very cool updates on the fleet – it’s funny that the emissions data is better than the last time the coupe went through inspection. And speaking of the fleet, how is the ILX holding up?

    • It seems to be just fine! I did have to top off tire pressures this past weekend because it’s that time of year when cooler temps cause those warnings to go off!

  6. A few observations regarding this post: That route back from the lake seems to be the perfect descent for a PR marathon course. Are you telling me that NALM 2020 will be in your backyard… ish? The timing of your mileage at Wendy’s with your pal’s is really fantastic. And, finally, I am happy to see that the orphan car (white Legend) saw some action. It could easily come up here for me to mother it a while. Wink.

  7. Oh Formula Red without question, but that’s not to say the SLX doesn’t look nice as well.

    why is the white Legend homeless? 😀

  8. Hmm. I say Formula Red… on the NSX and Radiant Red… on the SLX. Need the right color for the right vehicle! 😀

    • Haha. And the Radiant is not-so-Radiant, in real life. It has 23 years worth of fading evident and plenty of rock chips. But for the project it started out as, it’s good enough for a few miles and a few laughs / looks.

  9. Wesley Adams Says:

    So many beautiful cars here!

    I love the 2G TL TypeS wheels on the white Legend.

    I must say how mice the new TLX PMC looks! Didn’t know they were only making 360 of them, though. While I’m on the topic!

    The TLX-S release is getting closer!!!

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