Tribute to Million Mile Joe, Home Improvements, & Car Updates

Odometer (Legend):  544,118


Odometer (Vigor):  105,807


Only in Arizona could a church use this as an advertising ploy!  I’m tempted to convert.


First, a tribute to a man who inspired many.  “Million Mile” Joe LoCicero of Maine became a hero of mine when he and his 1990 Accord reached a million miles back in the fall of 2011. Coincidentally, that was right around the same timeframe when my Legend reached half that distance.  Unfortunately, Joe recently passed away but he will be missed.  As Jason of Driven for Drives put it, “That was a good run.”  Joe, we salute you!


I was able to track down the VIN to Joe’s Accord, and (nerd that I am) I couldn’t resist running a Carfax report just to see what it looks like when a car’s 6-digit odometer effectively resets itself to zero.


As expected, the title history shows ‘branded’ since the odometer mechanically can’t even show a 7th digit.  (Reminds me of my 1986 Celebrity which only had FIVE digits on the odo).


The Accord was in for service in April 2011 at Berlin Honda in Portland, Maine at 970,333 miles.  The next time we saw an odometer reading, it was almost two years later, at Auburn Motor Sales when the readout was 2,707 miles.  Mileage Inconsistency, says Carfax.  Well, duh!


The most recent Carfax entry on Joe’s old Accord was in December of last year, at 3,341 miles, when the car was purchased by someone in Jefferson, South Carolina.  I’m not sure where the car is today nor who’s driving it, but I hope it’s still getting some time on the open road and not mothballed to a museum where it will dry up and deteriorate.

On the subject of Carfax, I was glad to see that my recent Integra’s emissions pass now shows up, so it’s no longer tarnished by that failure when I brought the car to Arizona earlier this year.


My apologies for sporadic blog posts in recent weeks as I’m still underwater with home and career activities.  It seems the road tripping has taken a back burner.  My home in Scottsdale, Arizona is on the market and I’ve taught myself how to do some basic repairs.

ABC--FILE PHOTO--HOME IMPROVEMENT-- Starring in the ABC Televison Network's hit comedy series, HOME IMPROVEMENT, are (top to bottom) Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Zachary Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Smith.

I was quite proud of some drywall repair results, and I spent an entire evening doing a repaint on my guest bedroom which turned out pretty flawlessly.  Here a friend captured me attempting some bathroom updates whilst multi-tasking with my work laptop.


I ended up with more paint on my hands and shorts than on the wall, I’m pretty sure.


It’s yet TBD if I’ll be getting the “dream house” I have my sights set on, but I’m crossing fingers and hoping so.  It would be great news from a car-parking perspective as it has lots of garage space.


I had an electrician at my home correcting a few small things on Friday afternoon.  I was in the kitchen and he was in the other room working on a light switch.  “All those cars outside yours?” he asked.  “Yeah, I have six cars.”  He responded, “What’s that, you fix cars?”  “Uhh, yeah, that’s right,” I said.  Sometimes I’d just rather not explain the car-collecting craziness.

This week I visited my friend Mirel at his new shop where he’s started a used car dealership.  On site were 3 Legend coupes and a 1992 Dodge Stealth (I’ve always liked those).


Cool plate!


All these Legends are 6-speed manuals.  Mirel has the right idea!


My friend Chris in Maryland has a “twin” car to my Legend sedan.  Awhile back we both decided to go out for a special treat in our own way.  Though separated by 2,009 miles, I enjoyed my iced caramel macchiato and Chris enjoyed his strawberry shake.  My photo on top, his on the bottom.  It’s interesting how the lighting conditions can change the color so much.  In person, they’re identical “Desert Mist Metallic” paint codes.


I extend THANKS to a couple of my friends and readers!  Jason recently had this awesome canvas print made up from my photo at the Arctic Circle back in May.


And Tim mailed me these sweet posters from a Honda museum in Ohio capturing the race team.  Looks like I have plenty of art to adorn my garage now!


The Legend is getting ready for its trip to Atlanta this September.  I’ll be gone for a full week.


And the ILX is in the hands of a couple of friends this weekend in Boise, Idaho.


Green with envy.  These ones want a road trip, too.


The NSX is still in southern Utah and my brother had his friend Grant from Renu Auto do a full detail on it.  The paint is finished off with an “Optimum Gloss Coat” paint coating.  Results speak for themselves!


Looking forward to bringing this one back to AZ later this fall.


Lastly, you all know I have my “Spy Shot Roundup” posts on a regular basis.  In all my years of collecting spy shots from people, I’ve had the same car submitted by multiple people before.  Like twice.  But in recent weeks, FOUR DIFFERENT SPIES have sent me this 1992 Legend L sedan wearing Wisconsin plates!  The owner has to be wondering by now why she’s being followed by such a skilled group of paparazzi!

From Beau, July 16th, 2016


From Jack, July 20th, 2016


From Matt, July 21st, 2016


From Kyle, August 1, 2016


Unreal!  I’m bound to run into this one eventually!

Check out our wacky late-summer “monsoon” weather.  This 17-second video shows a courtyard at my office on Friday.  First, getting torrential rains, and later – within a couple of hours – with blue skies and sunshine.  Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

15 Responses to “Tribute to Million Mile Joe, Home Improvements, & Car Updates”

  1. Grant did an amazing job detailing the NSX. Looking sharp!

    • I know! In my 5 years of ownership, it had never been detailed by a professional. There were a lot of issues to be addressed: swirls, hard water spots, scratches, etc. Grant says it was a real beast with all its issues, but the results were worth the effort. Anxious to read up on how you’re enjoying the new ST!

  2. That is really sad about Million Mile Joe – didn’t you get the opportunity to meet him?

    • No, unfortunately I never got to meet Joe! For one thing he’s based in the far northeast and I’ve never even been to Maine. But I did try reaching out via multiple avenues before. I remember even somehow locating his daughter on FB and messaging her to try and get his contact information. It would have been great to interview him for the blog. Oh well.

  3. Brad Heffran Says:

    RIP Joe 😦

    • Agreed. He will be missed! (Even though he was now putting miles on a NEW blue Accord that Honda gave him a few years ago). His dedication to his car was inspirational.

  4. I also had a 1990 Honda Accord LX. Burgundy in color. Drove great. What I remember about it was the great steering feel and fantastic visibility while sitting in the driver’s seat. It was like a glass bubble. I really love this video of million mile joe. Wow.

  5. Sorry to hear about Million Mile Joe… my sister h owned a ’90 Accord EX for over 16 years. Can’t beat those CB7s for longevity.

    So, looks like your deep into on home repairs. Welcome to the club! Swing by sometime so I can show you true domicile destruction 😉

    • Ha – I know! Kind of proud of myself for how my few small projects have turned out, but you won’t see me doing any large-scale kitchen & bath remodels (like you’re doing) any time soon! I expect an invitation to the Grand Opening of the HIP Estate when it’s all completed.

  6. RIP, Joe. Sad we never got to meet you. Yay for home improvement projects! Never ending, right? Let’s just hope you can find the right spot for that canvas in your NEW home! 😉

  7. Midnight Mystery Says:

    I was so shocked to hear about Joe…

    I found his obituary, he passed away July 27 in Jefferson, SC at the age of 58…

    My condolences to his family…

    I assume a friend or family member took title of the Accord there…

    On the other hand, im glad you shared the Lengend spy shots…

    Really, four people took pictures of one guys Legend? Dang!!!

    So I hope you get the new house!!!

    I saw that Phoenix got a bad dust storm last week…

    The Lengend meet up is in Atlanta next month? I guess you’re getting everything straight on the ole’ girl!!!

    • Midnight Mystery Says:

      I was finally able to see the spy-shot pictures…

      Tyson, I sent you one of those a few months ago…

      The Legend is still sitting on the lot, but it’s been removed from the website!!!

      It hasn’t been touched, however, or atleast as of last week!!!

      It’s a 1993, about 120,000 or 187,000 miles, I think, I can’t remember…. I think they were asking $3,700, it’s really clean, possibly the cleanest Legend I’ve seen in person!!!

      • Thanks for sending your spy shot contributions! And for researching Joe a little. I’m glad to hear that the Accord is likely in the hands of a family member. And yes, looking fwd to the Legend meet next month!

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