The Legend Rolls 550,000 Miles on a Christmas Trip to Utah

Odometer (Legend):  550,085


It took me 5 years to go from 500,000 to 550,000, but I finally got there last night.  I made a Christmas 800-mile round-trip to southern Utah this weekend and celebrated the milestone on my way home, along Highway 93 just north of Wickenburg, Arizona.


Mechanically, it was smooth sailing aside from adding a little power steering fluid and getting a check-engine light.  As a matter of fact, somehow I achieved 29.7 miles per gallon on the way up Friday night.  I guess that’s partly thanks to the fact that my speeds were usually between 65 and 70 miles per hour.  They still haven’t paved an interstate between Phoenix and Las Vegas so it’s mostly back roads for that 4.5-hour stretch.


Fittingly, my return trip took me through “Santa Claus, Arizona” – a now-abandoned tourist trap that in the 1930s was a gas station, gift shop, and restaurant.  Vandals have destroyed what’s left of it, but the map still clearly confirms its existence and I stopped for a few pictures at Saint Nick’s run-down residence.


The place can be yours, if the price is right!


Snow-capped peaks in the background – it was chilly out there, for Arizona standards anyway.


Here’s the roll-over video and a few scenes from Santa Claus.

A few other photos from recent events.  Allie from Acura mailed me a “Nouvelle Blue Pearl” 2017 NSX model car.  I told her it’ll go nicely in my garage!


Fueling up in Wickenburg on Friday afternoon


Sunset when rolling through Las Vegas, Nevada


Visiting mom, and also a visit from our friend Jack


Re-creation of a 20-year old photo (top) taken in 1997 with mom’s Legend.


My brother’s 1993 Legend LS 6-speed (139,000 mi) next to mine.


The ILX getting snowed on in Holden, Utah.  Jack – from a few pics above – borrowed the car this weekend and put it to good use.


My uncle Dande picked up a 2013 ILX too.  “Polished Metal Metallic” automatic.


Family photo of mom’s side of the family.


A few other videos for your viewing pleasure today.

ILX in snow – thanks Jack for the clip:

Link to Xtreme Coupe YouTube channel – my brother’s page.  Watch his Lexus IS300 project updates:

Link to interesting video on the evolution of automotive design:

Link to Hagerty Engine Rebuild Video of a Chrysler motor.  Pretty fascinating stuff:

Have a great week!

28 Responses to “The Legend Rolls 550,000 Miles on a Christmas Trip to Utah”

  1. Nice pics and videos Tyson. Good looking family there too! Nice milestone on the legend- glad to see your trip was mostly uneventful other than some cool pit stops. Your brother’s car looks like it is pretty sick.
    On the Hemi..check out one of Jay Lenos recent videos on a 66 Dodge Polara Hemi. Pretty cool.

    • Thanks Marc! I’ll check out that video for the 66 Hemi. Hope you and the family had a nice Thanksgiving. The coupe received its much needed bath tonight and is now tucked away until the next adventure. Hope yours gets some use every now and then this winter too 🙂

  2. Brandon K Hall Says:

    Great Milestone Ty!!!! Such clean Acuras!

  3. Congrats on the 550k miles!

    Video is indeed interesting… 😉

    • Haha, of course. I ripped that video off your blog! Good stuff. As a matter of fact, I showed my family the rebuild video after Christmas dinner on Saturday night! They loved it. (My brothers and dad are all gearheads).

  4. Congratulations Tyson that you got hit 550,000 miles on your Legend coupe!! 🙂

  5. It was nonstop Christmas cheer this weekend! That’s the way it should be…. and as always, you’re the hub. Thanks for making the trek, and we’ll see you in a few!

  6. Merry Christmas Tyson & congratulations on ticking off a big milestone for the year! Guessing the biggie for 2017 will be 250,000 miles in the ILX, huh?

    • Thank you Adam! It’s likely the ILX will hit 200,000 in the springtime, but 250k will probably not be until 2018. I was doing some math the other day and my annual mileage is about 50,000 but I’m splitting it over 6 vehicles. I think the ILX only got about 38,000 this year, and 8,000 of that was the Alaska trip alone!

      • Tyson, congratulations on the 550k milestone! I have close to 267k on my 08 Civic Coupe. Happy New Year!

  7. Congratulations on the milestone! So glad to see the Legend getting some exercise. Did you figure out what is tripping the CEL?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Hi Tim, yes, this is a recurring one. Even though I’ve gone through and replaced everything in the EGR system it’s still tripping a “Code 12,” but only on extended highway drives. I can drive the car around town for hours and it’ll never illuminate. Something to add to the checklist of things to try and fix the next time I get the car in for service.

  8. Greetings Tyson,

    Merry Post-Christmas,happy Pre-New Year & Greetings from La-la Land…

    So you finally made it to 550k, a truly auspicious occasion to be sure and one of much deserved admiration! A fitting year end event…

    Here’s hoping your ONE MILLION MILE Milestone (notice the alliteration) goes as smoothly and arrives more quickly 🙂

    I love your remark “It took me 5 years to go from 500,000 to 550,000…”

    Since it’s taken me over 23 years to get to 129k on the 93SE I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much. There are far too few of us mere mortals who can ever come close to your accomplishments!!

    Happy New Year, stay healthy and hope to see you soon…

    All I can say is ladies & gentlemen we’re in the presence of greatness and we’re not worthy! (What do you think, too over the top?) 😉

    • Ha, you crack me up! You’re right though, it felt like a nice close to the year to be able to get that milestone behind me. At this rate I’ll roll 600,000 maybe by 2021 when I’m 40. Yikes. That sounds old! Hope you and Linda had a nice Christmas. I’m back to the grind here but the office is a ghost town and probably will be that way until the 2nd week of January or so…

  9. 30 miles to the gallon – dang! Not bad for a 23 year old car.


  11. Brad Heffran Says:

    Onward to 600k! Since cars don’t rust there, this could be a really, really long journey to that million mile celebration. Maybe you and the coupe could retire at the same time? 🙂

    • Sheesh, yeah. Simple math – I’m 450,000 miles away from a million. If I’m now averaging 10,000 miles per year in that car, it would take me 45 years. I’ll be 80 years old when it hits a million. Let’s hope I even have a license. I’d better 🙂

  12. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Hey, Tyson… Glad to see your doing well… I like the adventure you recently had… So many vehicles…

    Congradulations on 550,000 miles…. I can’t wait for 555,555!!!

    I hit 190,000 on the RDX yesterday!!!

    We went for a ride through Jackson, MS, and all through the local area for 10 hours, equaling to about 300, or so, miles!!!

    Nothing else going on much!!! Happy New Year!!!

    • Thank you Wes! And congratulations on your 190,000 milestone in the RDX. Happy New Year to you as well. Any big plans?

      • Midnight Mystery Says:

        No plans, other than to get on through the day like any old regular day….

        I just saw about Santa Cluse, AZ…. Never had heard of that before…

        Well, Happy New Year everyone…

  13. Congratulations on reaching 550,000 miles Tyson. Also, that engine rebuild video is incredible. Wow. So much work.

    • Hi Carlos, thanks for the congrats! And I know – my brothers and I watched a couple of those rebuild videos and were amazed at how well their time-lapse skills came together. Lots of attention to detail. Hope you have a great New Year!

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