Sedona Weekend Trip, Brochure Re-Creation, & Junkyard Visit to Desert Valley Auto Parts

Odometer (ILX):  218,802

Trip Distance:  291 Miles

I have a few fun features to share today.  Mom planned a trip down from southern Utah in her new (to her) 2016 Acura RLX.  We met up in one of Arizona’s red-rock gems, the town of Sedona.  It was about a 2 hour drive for me on Saturday morning.  We enjoyed the seclusion and solitude of an Airbnb room about 5 miles up Oak Creek Canyon from the hustle and bustle of the town’s shopping plazas.  Saturday evening, we dined at Javelina Cantina and then enjoyed the sunset from atop the Airport Mesa.

On Saturday, after breakfast at Indian Garden (I highly recommend the “ranchero bowl”), we went to Slide Rock State Park, a recreation area just a few miles up Highway 89A from where we were staying.  The place gets its name from the slippery nature of the Oak Creek’s bed – after years and years of erosion making the surfaces smooth, coupled with mossy deposits, there is some great slipperiness to be enjoyed.  We saw a few people tumble to a very wet riverbed in what looked to be painful experiences!

The rocks were nice and warm, but the water was chilly!

The last stop on our weekend tour of the region was a quick jaunt out Highway 260 toward the small town of Pine, where we were anticipating the arrival of a friend who was running a 100-mile (!) race.  Unfortunately, as the day went on our timelines were crunched and mom had to head back to Utah, and I had to return to Phoenix.  I’m happy to report that our crazy friend did complete his event though.

ILX + RLX at the Airbnb

Shopping at “Tlaquepaque.”  We love saying that one.

I decided to have a little fun bright and early on a Sunday morning and stage my cars in “brochure” fashion like a photo that might have appeared in a 1991 through 1993 full-line pamphlet from Acura, since the 6 cars included there are the full 6 body styles that were available during those years.  Luckily I only had one neighbor drive by at 6:00 a.m. while I was on top of my step ladder looking like a goofball.

1992 Integra GS-R 251,000 Miles

1992 Integra GS Sedan 73,000 Miles

1994 Legend LS Coupe 566,000 Miles

1994 Legend GS Sedan 161,000 Miles

1994 Vigor GS 114,000 Miles

1992 NSX 115,000 Miles

Lastly, I took the chance to pay a visit to “DVAP” – better known as Desert Valley Auto Parts.  It’s a junkyard that was featured as part of a TV series called Desert Car Kings back in 2011.  I visited in 2018 with my friend Dane, and the video that I captured became quite popular, so I decided to go back and give it another whirl.  I filmed 20 minutes’ worth of banter and it received over 10,000 views in its first 10 days online.  A box office hit!

Have you ever heard of a Dodge Seneca?

Nice looking old pickup truck!

Some cool back ends on these next two Chrysler products.

This one looks pretty mean.

And some Chevy Bel Airs for good measure.

Guess what? The SLX got new leather.  Here’s a pic and video as the saga continues.

Thanks for reading, watching, and following, as always!  Have a great week!

18 Responses to “Sedona Weekend Trip, Brochure Re-Creation, & Junkyard Visit to Desert Valley Auto Parts”

  1. Such a delightful weekend! As always, when you show up, the party starts.

    The RLX handled like a dream on that ribbon highway between Jacob Lake and the great little town of Gap! It was 10 and 2 the entire distance so that I could keep it in between the lines on the road. That tailwind all the way home rendered me 37 MPG. I even blew past Jacob Lake Inn and the chance to get another cookie for the road. And I will forever be more aware when my ‘brights’ are on as oncoming traffic approaches, thanks to the trooper who gave me a scare out in the middle of nowhere….

  2. Very cool adventure with your Mom, and the landscapes that you visited were amazing – I have got to spend more time out west.

    The lineup shot was terrific, and I enjoyed the junkyard journey (so much American iron!), but the highlight for me was the seatwork – wow! Just wow! The shop you took the SLX to did an amazing job with the upholstery.

  3. Nice little weekend getaway. I always forget how nice slide rock is. The family photo tho… what the neighbors must think. I still can’t get over the SLX’s interior. Time to trade up my Hyundai for this premium beauty… and to think I never wanted to sit inside it again. LOL

  4. I agree Sedona is always a great destination though I do prefer to go in the fall when it’s a little less crowded & cooler. The fall foliage change is as good as it gets here in Arizona.

    DVAP is probably a Mecca for any collector who is looking for great condition parts due in no small part to our rotisserie environment. And yes I’m ashamed to admit I’m old enough to remember the Seneca…

    BTW the SLX interior is pretty amazing! Naro is a magician with leather…

    Lastly, at some point “someone” needs to acquire an 18-wheeler car transporter. Can you imagine being able to do your vintage cover shoot of your entire collection in Sedona!?

    Now who’s going to start the “go fund me” page?

    • I know, when originally thinking of locations for a staged shoot with the cars, I was seeking a large home with a circular driveway. But short of knocking on someone’s door (I had my eye on a house not too far away on Missouri) I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach the topic. Eventually I decided it would be more “meaningful” to have the cars parked right here at home. The next time I get up to DVAP I’ll have to let you know!

  5. Looks like a fun getaway to Sedona. Beautiful as always there and Tia’s RLX is looking classy as ever. Next time in PHX, I’ll have to check out DVAP. Those seats in the SLX…there are no words to describe the transformation! Were they able to keep the heating elements? Certainly Radwood worthy. Happy Tlaquepaque Tuesday! 😉

  6. Hey you found some water! 😀 Looks like a nice river to visit.

    I love the photo line up – they all look superb – a very cool idea no matter what the neighbours think 😀

    The new interior looks good in the SLX!

    • Thanks Stuart! And I’m looking forward to reading about your latest adventures. Have you found any new pathways to explore, flavors of square crisps to sample, castles to tour? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Thanks Tyson – alas not (yet), I’ve been doing a lot of work on the house over the summer so we’ve not been getting out much. The weekend after next we’ve got a trip planned which I’m really looking forward too.

  7. Wow. Great seat restoration on the SLX!

  8. The SLX loooks great! Looks like a fun trip. Loved the junk yard video. Great work.

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