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Extreme Garage Makeover: My 1990’s Acura Showroom

Posted in House, ILX, Integra, Legend, NSX, Vigor on October 12, 2016 by tysonhugie

Descending order!

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  548,712


Odometer (Integra):  237,380


Odometer (ILX):  183,721


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,668


Odometer (Vigor):  106,293


Odometer (NSX):  106,150


Total Miles:  1,332,924.  1.3 million miles!

Time-travel back with me about a quarter-century to those glorious early 1990s.  I was only about 10 but I still remember them fondly.  You turn on your FM radio and it’s Ace of Base “The Sign.”  Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, and Toy Story are big hits at the box office.  And if you stroll down to your local Acura dealership, you might see vehicles like this:




The Acura brand, at the time only about 5 years old, was having a heyday.  The NSX debuted as a world-class supercar with uncanny reliability.  The second-generation Legend was selling like crazy – some 65,000 units in the 1991 model year alone.  The Vigor was a brand new model with the touring comfort of its larger Legend sibling but with nimble handling.  And the Integra GS-R boasted a 1.7 liter VTEC motor with more horsepower-per-liter than any other motor in the world.  Life was good.

Oh, and all those cars in the picture?  They’re stick shifts.  Did you know that there is no new Acura sold today that has a clutch pedal?  That in itself is one more reason why I hang onto the past like this.


Last weekend, I called upon the expert services of the most efficient, hard-working construction crew I’ve ever known:  My family.  Between my dad and my brother, there is no home or car repair task that can’t be completed (in record time).  When I bought my new Phoenix home in late August, the main selling factor was the fact that it had two garages.

For the last 5 years, I’d been renting storage units in different parts of town to accommodate all of my vehicles, so when the opportunity arose to pick up a home that could fit them all, I worked quickly and made it happen.  (For reference, back in March at an NSX meet I had been lusting after a local club member’s place which similarly had gargantuan parking possibilities).

There was still just one hurdle:  The largest garage was split into two separate 2-car units with a garage door at each end.  This was fine for the previous owner, Charlie, who used half the garage for his woodworking & welding, and the other half for his two vehicles.  But I had other plans for the space:  I wanted to knock out the separating wall and create one gigantic Acura automotive storage mecca.  And that I did!  Or rather, my dad, brother, and stepmom did.


Here’s a look at the progression taken from the south entrance in just 4 photos.

1 – Prior owner’s stuff:


2 – Space cleared out, wall still there:


3 – Wall removed, finish work underway:


4 – Garage completed, vehicles staged:


The Friday morning after a 12-hour drive from northern Utah, my garage makeover crew set to work on the task ahead.  Due to limited time-off at my new job, I had to go into the office.  After settling in to check emails, I decided to walk across the street to Starbucks.  At 7:32 a.m., my brother sent me 2 photos.  He and dad had already torn down the wall!  There were dangling wires and a few boards, but I couldn’t believe how much larger the space looked.  It made my day.


Friday afternoon I joined the work crew and assisted with masking and taping off so that my dad could spray the paint on (a much more efficient way to tackle a large surface area than using rollers).  The garage turned into a cloud of misty white air as dad applied two coats.  Smartly we shut the garage doors so that the cars in the backyard didn’t end up with overspray.


We installed 3 matching ceiling fans and hung up two banks of cabinets in the southeast corner for my detailing supplies and tools.  The final step was general clean-up and the hanging of a few banners and signs.  Dad sprayed the garage out with the hose to get rid of the dust and debris, and then we did a quick wipe-down of each of the 5 cars that would be going into the showroom.  Even my 4-year-old nephew Beckam gave us a hand for that chore.


I’d had months to think about how best to position the vehicles within the space, and I wanted to keep things symmetrical.  We ended up putting the two sedans at the north end, the two coupes at the south end, and the NSX centered in the middle at a 45-degree angle.  I even finally had a use for the aluminum display stand that my other brother, Payton, had built for me earlier this year.


I couldn’t be happier with the results.  When the 7 fluorescent light tubes kick on and gleam against our bright white ceiling & wall paint, it’s shocking.  Next on the list (but a ways down the road) will be a floor coating, which means I really ought to get some leaks addressed on the cars before I do that.  The Vigor is dropping oil, and the Legend coupe leaves a trail of power steering fluid virtually everywhere it goes.

My family members and I finished out the weekend by planting a couple of citrus trees in my backyard.  For 10 years I’ve been living in Arizona and my dad has been wanting to harvest oranges and grapefruits, so we are finally making it happen.  Below are the rest of the pics!


Edit 10/15/16:  Just confirmed for kicks that I can get 6 cars in the main garage pretty comfortably.  Sweet.





Taking a look at the plans


Before – south garage (prior owner)


Before – north garage (prior owner)


Before wall removal – north garage


Cars parked in the backyard awaiting their new home


Wall coming down


Dad working on wall removal


Getting ready for paint


Visit from friends Kyle and Matt


Out on the town with my brother Bentley, Lance, and Rob


Cars got rained on while they were ALL outside!


Nephew Beckam gives us a hand with weed removal


Cars parked in the back – with Beckam’s Power Wheels pickup


Taking a break


Getting closer!


Posters ready to go


Family dinner at Switch Restaurant on Central Ave


Final spray down of the floor


Posters getting put up


Vigor wash


Legend sedan wash


Tucked away


Dad and Beckam with the finished product






Artwork is ready to install, like this framed Legend coupe poster:


New NSX interior!  I don’t think I’d shown this yet.  Fresh leather.


And a bath for the ILX so it doesn’t feel forgotten in its separate garage.


Green Acura Photoshoot & July 2016 Diecast Model Car Update

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):  543,567


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,392


Odometer (Vigor):  105,648


Odometer (Integra):  236,457


If you’re color blind, I apologize, but we have to make a miniscule distinction here:

  • Arcadia Green Pearl:  BG-30P
  • Aztec Green Pearl:  BG-29P

They’re only off by one number!  And, when you get those two side by side, it’s easy to see why!



Teal green was such a 90’s thing, wasn’t it?  I remember that even the home my parents built back in 1994 had teal green carpet in it.  This is a picture of my youngest brother Payton, sometime in the mid-90’s.  Not so sure about the look on his face, but who who ever thought it was a good idea to wash down scrambled eggs with Diet Coke?  Bleh.


Anyway, I sort of miss seeing green on the roadways.  Maybe it’ll make a comeback?  I decided to pull my two green machines out for a few photographs in the afternoon heat just for the sake of comparing the two shades.  But first, a photo with Jack’s 2006 RSX which happened to be at my house at the time.  Separated by 14 years!


Integra is scheduled for new window tint on Tuesday.  I’ll go with 20% like the Vigor has.


I worked up a sweat running around to get these pics.


Some wear & tear on on the front end here (consistent with 236k miles) and I’m trying to track down the “plugs” that cover up the holes where the license plate used to bolt in.


The neighbors don’t care about me blocking the road.  I’ve done it dozens of times before.


Blinded by the light.


I was asked a week or so ago by a loyal blog follower if I could provide an update on my “other” cars:  The ones that reside on my rooftop.  So, here are current pictures of the fleet of diecast 1:18 scale models that have been living on my chimney since around 2009.  The purpose of this exercise, at least initially, was to regularly monitor the wear & tear that each vehicle experienced due to being exposed to the weather.  I was good about taking photos every 6 months for a couple of years, but lately I forget the cars are even up there unless someone reminds me.

As it turns out, Mother Nature hasn’t been too friendly to them.  Take, for example, the current condition of my BMW 3-series convertible.








The car that’s weathered the (literal) storms the best has definitely been my black 1957 Ford Thunderbird.  Aside from a little bit of chipping on the nose, the paint is all intact (though oxidized).  And since this car is parked on the west-facing side of the chimney, it receives more daily Arizona sunlight than most of the others.


The plastics have discolored but I bet the paint would buff out with a wax job.  Should I try some on the trunk?


I think this is a 312-cubic-inch V8 motor.  It might take some TLC to get it running again.


The Maserati 3200GT was red at one time.  Then it faded to pink, and now there is very little paint at all clinging to dear life.


Sorry, but Italian build quality is not impressing me right now!


The Mercedes-Benz 500SL is looking pretty rough as well.  The plastic grille slats have completely disintegrated.  Here in Arizona we receive about 300 days of sunshine per year.  So if this car’s been up there for 7 years, that’s 2,100 days of being beat on.



The Nomad is looking like a real restoration candidate.  It was well kept in the beginning.





Someone needs to do a full restoration on this thing now.


Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Back to the Routine: Car Washes, a Magazine Feature, and Racing NSXs

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):  543,280


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,380


There’s nothing like an inbox of 1,300 unread emails to come back to after being out of the office for 9 business days!  I spent Monday digging out from underneath all that nonsense that accumulated during my Alaska trip.

It’s always such an ordeal around here to get to a coin-op car wash.  I don’t have access to a pressure washer at home and I sure as heck wasn’t going to attempt the muddy ILX detail with my measly little garden hose in the driveway.  Luckily I had about $20 worth of tokens for the local car wash at Miller Rd & McDowell Rd in Scottsdale, so I cruised over there.  Here’s how that ended up going.

  • Dang, the car wash is now closed and has construction fence around it.  So much for that wasted $20 in tokens.
  • I guess I’ll google “car wash” and find others.
  • Drove to 2 more locations about a mile away.  Neither was self-serve.  Scratch that.
  • I know there’s one in Tempe at McClintock & Apache; I’ll just go down there.
  • Looks like it’s $1.75.  I’ll just blow the few quarters I have and see how far I get.
  • (Time ran out).  Definitely need more.  I’ll have to go get more change, but I don’t have cash.
  • I’ll google “Wells Fargo ATM.”
  • Went a mile away to the Wells Fargo branch, inside a Safeway store, at Rural & Broadway.
  • Well, now I have to break this $20.  There’s a Pei Wei in the parking lot and I’m kind of hungry.
  • (After eating and getting change) Alright, back to the car wash.
  • And finally, finished the job.  Then drove home.
  • And washed the car again in the driveway anyway.

Nothing irks me like wasted time and effort, but I did finally get the job done – an initial swing at it, anyway.  The whole back end of the car feels a bit like sandpaper because of the contaminants on the paint, and I may have given my new Hoover vac a workout with all the pebbles in the driver’s footwell.  I do not usually condone the use of a foam brush!  But in this case, heavy duty was absolutely required for the bugs on the front end!


I even took the high pressure spray to the door jambs with the doors OPEN!  Dirt was caked in there.


Finished result, not too shabby!


Today, as a matter of fact, marks the 4-year-anniversary of the day I got the ILX with 16 miles on its odometer.  It has a little more than 172,000 miles on it.  I don’t have an exact number because my friend Jack has the car in Las Vegas until tomorrow.  But that comes out to around 43,000 miles per year.

It was good to get the other cars awakened after a 2.5-week slumber.  The Legend coupe was reluctant to start – initially I got only a “click” but no “crank,” so I ended up rolling backwards down the driveway and doing a clutch start in reverse.  Now it runs fine after cruising around a little.  I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a battery issue or a starter issue.  The starter (aftermarket, Denso) was barely installed 3,000 miles ago, back in December by Hon-Man locally in Tempe.


I drove it to work on Friday.


My brother is up to his eyeballs in projects for my NSX which is at his place in southern Utah.  The passenger side window regulator went out on him, so he sent me this picture while tearing in to replace it.


Night shot, cruising around in the 1994 Vigor


And a night drive in the 1993 Legend sedan (Christmas tree of dash lights here!)


This one will be up for grabs (cheapo) soon.  I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of potentially interested parties.


On Saturday I buzzed over to Glendale and pulled the 1994 Legend GS out of storage for a bath.  The dust was bad!


At home with the 93.


I went and viewed a house in Central Phoenix I’ve been eyeballing.  It has a 5-car garage 🙂


Back to storage.


Later in the evening, stopped by the Scottsdale Pavilions weekly car show.  It seemed to be domestic car overload.  Camaros and Mustangs for days.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


The sunset was stunning last night.  Arizona always does them right.


I was pretty thrilled to get a few copies of the May-June issue of Arizona Driver magazine in the mail this week.  I’d recently submitted an article about a group drive some friends and I took to Chiricahua National Monument.




And finally:  Check out this hot ride:

Acura NSX Time Attack 2 Vehicle

This NSX will be tearing up the Colorado mountains in a couple of weeks at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  From Acura’s press release that was distributed on Thursday:

Acura will field a pair of 2017 Acura NSX supercars in the 100th Anniversary of the running of the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26, marking the North American racing debut of Acura’s next-generation NSX: the pinnacle expression of Acura Precision Crafted Performance and the only supercar made in America.

Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

Pikes Peak has been on my must-see list for some time now.  I would have driven it a couple of summers ago when I was in the area, but it was closed for a bicycle race and my friends and I drove Mount Evans instead.  It’s good to see the NSX making its way into the professional racing circuit and I’m anxious to see how it performs!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Visitors from Oklahoma & A Car Wash Party

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Odometer (Legend):  543,149


Odometer (ILX):  163,108



I love it when I can help people find their next vehicle.  Just in the last few weeks, I got my mom into a G35, my friend Jack into an RSX, and now my friend Michael picked up a Vigor.  Just call me the automotive matchmaker.

Several months ago, a guy named Michael from Tulsa commented on the key-handoff Instagram photo of my 1994 Vigor GS that I’d posted.  He mentioned that he wanted me to let me him know if I saw any similar cars/deals.


We corresponded via Direct Message a bit, eventually became text buddies, and then Facebook friends.  And finally this weekend, we became friends in real life.  All because of a 22-year-old Acura that we both have a soft spot for!  As it turns out, Michael’s first car was supposed to be a black Acura Vigor but his dad wouldn’t let it happen.  So now many years later, Michael bought one after all.  He says he’s going to park it in his dad’s driveway as a surprise.

The car Michael bought is this twin to mine that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  This Vigor will be a combination restoration project / daily driver / get-around toy.  Michael already has a Toyota Tacoma and Toyota MR2 in his fleet back home in Oklahoma.


Michael, his friend Chris, and I took the Legend coupe & the NSX to breakfast in Tempe, Arizona on a beautiful Saturday morning.  This was their first time visiting the state so I felt a duty and obligation to show them some decent food and sights during their very short (< 24 hour) visit to the state.  We had omelets at NCOUNTER, then cruised up to the Vigor seller’s house in North Scottsdale.


It took about 30 minutes to get through the purchase paperwork and get on the road in our tandem “Vigs.”  Michael was enough to share with me a spare set of “cognac”-colored floor mats since the car came with multiple sets.  The seller had also included boxes full of spare parts and a several quarts of Honda transmission fluid.  He’d done all his own maintenance over the years so he knew just about every nut and bolt of the car.  He kissed the hood just before Michael drove away.  That’s how you know someone took good care of their car and will miss it!


Michael sent me an update from the New Mexico state line as he was midway through his 1,025-mile drive home to Tulsa.  Here’s a short video documenting his purchase & send-off.

Photo pre-departure


Leaving AZ (for good!) and heading eastward.


I hosted several friends yesterday for a car wash.  Every once in awhile, I clear out the garage and driveway and invite people to come over and shine up their rides.  I don’t claim to be any sort of detailing expert, but the basics are a piece of cake.  We shined up Kevin’s Ford Escape, Ryan’s Lexus IS350, Jack’s RSX, Chandler’s Genesis, Michael’s Mini Cooper, and my ILX.  Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend an 85-degree day.

Oh, and Jack wanted a “douche bag” photo so we had to flex for one.


Here’s a video showing some of the moments.


Nice looking lineup!


Love the color on Kevin’s Escape.


James caught this picture of me at dinner last Tuesday.  Legend City!


Finally:  Check out this neat paperwork I came across.  I can’t remember where on the Internet I found it originally.  So the new 2017 Acura NSX is finally on sale, right?  I don’t think anyone has taken delivery yet, but the configurator online at is “live” and orders are being placed (supposedly).  But are people going to be paying OVER sticker price for the car due to high demand?  That’s what happened with the original NSX.  Look at the next 2 documents.  First one is the monroney sticker for a 1991 NSX.  $61,600.


But here’s where it gets interesting.  Look at the markup this dealership put on the car.  Last line item reads:  “ADJUSTED MARKET VALUE:  $30,000.”  Seriously!  And remember, this was 25 years ago!  A $30,000 markup in 1991 translates $53,032 markup in 2016 dollars.  Pretty wild.  But clearly they had no problem selling NSXs back then, even at a premium price.  Or did they?  Were any of my readers in the market back then to know?  Chime in.


Have a great week!

Legend Spy Shot Roundup #7

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Odometer (Legend):  543,106


Odometer (ILX):  160,842


Happy hump day.  The garden hose came out and the ILX got a much-needed bath on Sunday morning.


Later in the day I took the Legend to a neighborhood in Chandler, Arizona that has a street named Tyson.


It’s that time again for some spy shots!  Here are the previous roundups for your viewing pleasure.  These are all thanks to you, my loyal Legend hunters, who continue sending them to me on a daily basis.

Tim gets the grand prize of all Legend spotters for finding Ayrton Senna driving a 1991 “Twilight Blue Pearl” LS sedan for just a few seconds during a 51-minute video.  Tim, you’re a winner!  Look at 27:49 in this YouTube video.



We’ll kick this one off with a non-Legend photo.  My good friend Conor in New York spotted this fully A-Spec’d out TL!


And here we go with the Legends:




































































Seeing Double: Arcadia Green 1994 Acura Vigor GS Twins

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Odometer (Legend):  543,029


Odometer (ILX):  160,207


Odometer (Vigor):  105,500



Feast your eyes on some “BG-30P” code paint deliciousness!  This here is a double-dose of a color that we all saw back in the 90’s that has long since been replaced by today’s boring silvers, grays, charcoals, and…. yawn.

Several weeks ago I bought a new T-shirt on that says “Alive With Five.”  It felt appropriate that I wear the shirt to a meet-up on Monday night with newfound friend Chris in Scottsdale, Arizona who happens to be an old-school Acura 5-cylinder fan just like me.


My friend Ryan made a snide remark about how little I will probably wear the shirt.


Bridging the gap between the Integra and the Legend, the Vigor split the difference between 4 and 6 cylinders with its 2.5-liter, 176-horsepower inline-five-cylinder motor.  I shared some history about the model when I picked up my own Vigor last July in Denver.


This middle sibling was forever overshadowed by its larger, more popular, big brother the Legend.  The Vigor enthusiast network in general was just a lot smaller.  While the Legend community has been able to support enough interest to host an annual meet every year since 2005, the Vigor club members held regional meets until about the early 2000’s and then the fire died out.  Consider the fact that there were more than ten times as many Legends sold as Vigors.

  • Acura Legend sales, 1986 – 1995:  477,831 units
  • Acura Vigor sales, 1992 – 1994:  43,908 units

The Acura Vigor Club was an online community started in 1998-1999, right around the time that I was spending my teenage years browsing (still alive for archive purposes) and (long gone).  In January 1999, a “Yahoo!” group was founded for the Acura Vigor and Legend Club.


More and more members began joining the community at, with “Timely Topics” monthly DIY tutorials being posted by contributors and with meets being organized in select regions.  In 2005, the website hit its peak with about 100,000 total hits, including one specific day in March that had over 900 views.  Here is a (grainy, tiny, characteristic of those early days) photograph of a meet in Seattle in the early 2000s.



In the decade since, the website has become a ghost town.  Last updates were posted in 2007 but by then the Vigor model was already 13 years old and a good chunk of the Vigor fanbase had likely moved on to the wildly successful new Acuras being offered on the showroom floor, like the crowd favorite 3rd generation 2004-2008 TL.


“Chris” was one of the rare, few people who took interest in the Vigor model when it was near-new.  In 1996, he bought his car with around 25,000 miles on it.  Over the last 20 years, it’s gone from daily driver, to weekend cruiser, to pretty much sitting around all the time – now that he has 3 other vehicles and a motorcycle competing for his attention.  Thus the reason why he finally decided, at 200,400 miles on the odometer, he’s considering letting his pride and joy go to the next worthy owner.


I was impressed with the condition of his car from the moment I arrived.  It’s clearly been cared for.  A mechancial engineer by trade, he’s performed all of his own maintenance over the years – everything, in fact, except for the tire installations and balancing.  The timing belt was changed 20,000 miles (and 8 years) ago.  The radiator and battery are new, and he says he’d trust the car to drive across the country without thinking twice.


“Nice Vig,” was Chris’ comment when he saw my car.  And, I definitely return those sentiments.  We took his for a spin and it was interesting to get used to not kicking at a clutch pedal, but it idled, ran, drove, and braked as smoothly as could be – even with twice the miles that my car has on it.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos of his car that I captured during my visit.


Best angle!


My own Vigor in the background.


Front end is remarkably rock-chip-free for 200,000 miles


I need that spoiler!


The 2004 BMW in the driveway is one of Chris’ newer vehicles


Extra mats in the trunk!  I need!


Cognac-colored interior has held up well, minus the driver’s seat & console lid.


Rare finds in this kind of condition.


And I happened to be passed by a 1991-92 Legend sedan whilst on my way home!


A few other bits & pieces today to catch everyone up.  Cruise on by, and say hello to my friend Josh who is now only a mere 8,000 miles away from the big 500,000 milestone on his 2005 TSX!


I got my tires ordered for the ILX.  I ended up going with Michelin Primacy 215-45-17s for $725.  They’ll be installed in early May just before the Alaska departure.  Michelin has a $70 rebate going on right now so I figured the timing was right to go ahead and get them ordered.


Check out my new cologne from Nordstrom:


My friend Jason seems to think it should smell like leather & burlwood.  No such luck!


My mom flew in last night to get her G35.  Here’s a video she captured of me pulling up to the airport to pick her up!

And she delivered a diecast model car (Chevy Nova) to my nephew for me when she arrived home with her G35 this afternoon.  My brother sent me this pic.  Love that kid!


Catch ya later!

Weekly Updates & “Serial Number One” – 1967 Honda N600 Restoration Project

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Odometer (Legend coupe):  543,021


Odometer (Legend sedan):  150,233


Odometer (Vigor):   105,477


Odometer (ILX):  159,320


It was 39 years ago when Honda made its entrance into selling passenger cars in the United States.  The company’s first model, a simple (and teeny) “N600,” was cute and efficient.  Little did the world know that it marked the beginning of an automotive power-player that would sell over 123,000 units in the month of March 2016 alone.  Honda is big.

One special car – the first – is currently in the hands of “Merciless” Tim Mings, a southern California-based mechanic who is heralded as THE subject matter expert on Honda’s early cars like the N600, Z600, and S600 models which were the precursors to today’s Honda lineup.  Some of you may recall the special little Z600 that I test-drove last year from my friend Scott’s collection in Palm Springs.

I’ll be following this restoration project very closely and hope you’ll do the same!

I have an assortment of updates from the last week or so to share today.  It should come as no surprise that I’ve been playing with cars as much as time allows, so I’ll let the photos tell the story and keep this week’s blog entry short and sweet.

My friend Armando and his pup Sable visited from California.  We took the NSX to breakfast.


Armando is the proud owner of two Subaru SVXs, a Mazda, RX-8 and a Mazda RX-4


My family members from Utah visited and soaked up the sun for a few days.


My friend Jeremy visited from Utah as well for a few days and picked up a ‘new’ BMW X5 diesel here.


I made an attempt at installing some spare “A-Spec” wheels on the ILX but found out they were the incorrect bolt pattern (5 x 120 instead of 5 x 114.3), which means they came off an Acura RL instead of a TL.  Shucks, no new wheels for me!


Night drive in the NSX


“Cars & Coffee” in Scottsdale, yesterday.  This huge event draws hundreds of high-end cars, every first Saturday of the month.


Quick pic with automotive spy photographer Brenda Briddy who was there


After C&C I took the ILX to explore a remote area called Rio Verde, northeast of town.


Most of Rio Verde’s population lives in the 55-and-older golf community.


I made a quick stop at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  It has over 80 miles of hiking trails so I’ll need to plan another visit back soon.


Stopped by “Legends” automotive repair shop.  (Notice the sign)


Fun fact:  This location at 2412 N Scottsdale Rd was once the Valley’s first Acura dealership, 30 years ago.


I have to wonder if the people who currently own & operate the business even know that history.


Mom’s G35 is still awaiting its new owner.  She’s flying down a week from Wednesday to pick it up.


I went and grabbed the Vigor.  This car will probably go in for a timing belt change in the next few weeks.


At the grocery store, I happened to park next to a 1992-93 Honda Accord in my same paint color, code BG-30P “Arcadia Green.”




That’s it for now.  Have a great week everyone.